Ratchet And Clank PS4 Gets Official Trailer, Gameplay Footage And New Info

New worlds, weapons and adventures are going to be in this new game.

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Ratchet & Clank

Sony is obviously pretty excited that Ratchet & Clank is getting its very own movie. The company is so excited, as a matter of fact that it is coming up with a brand new game, which is based on that movie. This has created the very real and very odd phenomenon of a game being based on a movie, based on a game. In true Ratchet & Clank style, the company is fulling embracing this and poking fun at itself in the process.

This new game, the first for the PS4 was actually originally supposed to be hitting in 2015 but as the trailer reveals, it will now get a “Spring 2016” release date. The unveiling of the trailer has also brought a bit of new information about the game, including the fact that those visiting E3 next week will get their hands on a playable demo. Sony and Insomniac Games have long talked about this title not just being an upres of the original PS2 series but a standalone game that pays homage to what made the series so beloved.

The companies say when the smoke had cleared from this redesign they ended up with “several new planets, new and updated gameplay segments, all-new Clank gameplay, all new boss fights, new flight sequences,” and more. There are also some new weapons that have never been seen before as well as one weapon that will be available on launch day if gamers preorder the title. Check out the video below and get ready for a spate of info about Ratchet & Clank’s game based on the movie, based on the game.

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  • You Are Flat Out Wrong

    A cinematic look at a cinematic 24 FPS it seems



      This frustrated guy is a joke, he need to say that sort of thing to feel good with his choice!!

      But don’t worry kid, you will play it in 1080p/60fps on YouTube!! =P

  • Starman

    Corny ….you guys aren’t tired of the same old same old ,, with a face lift ..lol

  • Mark

    Man the graphics r sick! Sony’s def gonna have a nasty first half 2016.

  • bardock5151

    I see so many people calling this game a system seller, funny thing is that the game has never sold all that well. Its definitely fun, still got the first one for my PS2, but hardly a system seller like some would like to claim, kinda like Conker, fun but hardly popular in the real world.

    • XbotMK1

      How do you know? You haven’t played it. It could be a lot better than the older ones. These games sold very well on the PS2 and why are you so concerned with sales?

      What exactly is a system seller? You were the same jackass who was hyping up Sunset Overdrive.

    • bardock5151

      I hope it’s better or atleast as good as the original, it’ll give me a reason to play it.
      What’s SSOD got to do with this game?
      Same developer?
      Are you upset that a developer made a game for the system you don’t like?
      I know facts and you don’t mix too well, especially when they shoot down your pathetic fanboy opinion, but you really should stop getting so emotional over a piece of plastic.
      Talking of sales, if this actually sells well, then maybe it’ll convince Microsoft to bring back Conker.

    • bardock5151

      It’s too easy to push your buttons little guy, and if you need me to list the system sellers, then you obviously value trolling gaming sites more than gaming. Truly pathetic.

      Not to mention you’ve been informed countless times before.
      If you haven’t caught up yet, then you never will.

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