Ready At Dawn Announces It Shall Be Developing Games for Xbox, PC Going Forward

No longer PlayStation exclusive.

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Ready at Dawn, known most of all for their recent PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Order 1886, have announced that, going forward, they shall be self publishing their games. This also means that their IP will no longer be beholden to any one platform- essentially, Ready at Dawn will not be PlayStation exclusive anymore. Their games will now appear on all platforms.

To that end, they also have Blizzard’s Paul Sams as their new CEO.

“Words can’t describe how excited our team and I are to have Paul join the Ready At Dawn family,” said Ready at Dawn’s Ru Weerasuriya.

“He is not only one of the most accomplished, respected and experienced leaders in our industry, I am also fortunate to count him as a close friend. It is never easy finding someone to take over the reins of a company after this many years but I cannot think of anyone better suited to guide the team as we look to the future.

“In addition, this opportunity further fulfills a goal we had long sought. With Paul’s arrival, the entire team at our studio in Irvine will turn its attention solely on creative and game development, while Austin will become the focus of our business endeavors. Paul’s expertise will be essential in achieving some of our goals, including our desire to seek a strategic partner in helping us create and retain ownership of our own transmedia IPs.”

Ready at Dawn confirmed that it will be developing two new IPs, and that it is looking forward to working with the tech on Xbox and PC.

So on the whole, it appears as though The Order spectacularly bombed- clearly, it was not successful enough to fund a sequel, in spite of all of the hooks that were prevalent throughout the game. May their next title fare better.

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  • Terminator

    This is almost just like Ryse… both of these games where more of a show of how powerful each console where but sadly graphics isn’t everything and that’s what both of this games were mostly aiming for.

  • freekface

    Looks like Ready at Dawn like what MS are doing with the Xbox One/windows 10 integration and PC in the coming months.

    • XbotMK1

      What integration? Xbox has allways been integrated with Windows. Why would Ready at Dawn or anyone care?

    • freekface

      I understand that it must be difficult for you to take it all in.

      Can’t wait for Windows 10 integration.

    • SmarterThanAll

      Don’t sweat it too much XbotMK1 is a well known Sony fan boy it’s best to just ignore him or flag his posts that tends to scare him off.

    • XbotMK1

      Two Microsoft fanboys calling me a Sony fanboy. That is rich. LOL

    • XbotMK1

      Your stupidity is hard for anyone to take in. LOL

  • freekface

    Perfect except for PS4 getting bogged down to 20fps at points in the game, Sony need to look again at resolution being a greater priority than framerates.

    • SmarterThanAll

      Oh really? I played on Xbox One I didn’t have any fps issues.

  • XbotMK1

    This article is very pointless and missleading.

    Ready at Dawn was never a Sony owned developer. They have allways been seperate just like Quantic Dream and Remedy. The Order 1886 was exclusive because Ready at Dawn signed a contract with Sony for just that one game so that Sony would fund the development for them. Ready at Dawn has allways been free to develop games for whatever platform they want.

    Insomniac is a perfect example. Insomniac has held two contracts simultaneously, to develope two different games simultaneously, each exclusive to different platforms. Insomiac had a contract with Microsoft to create Sunset Overdrive exclusively for Xbox One. The other contract is with Sony to create Ratchet and Clank exclusively for the PS4.

    This does not mean Ready at Dawn won’t create more exclusives for PlayStation. This also does not mean Ready at Dawn doesn’t currently still have a partnership with Sony to create another installment for The Order 1886. All this means is that Ready at Dawn is looking for more partners. We can only go by what Ready at Dawn stated.

    You seriously need to work on your journalistic integrity and credibility with reporting.

    • freekface

      “No longer PlayStation exclusive”

      Wahhh ah Wahhhh.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      you my friend just got Comment of the Day

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      John Derp your credibility is nothing but a shill who denied The Odor was 5 hours long even after release and claimed the youtube video was a fake :^)


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