Red Dead Redemption: 15 Things Players Hate About The Game

Let’s look at some of the more annoying features of a great game.

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Red Dead Redemption is a great game. It’s a massive step up from its prequel that many have long forgotten. But there’s no denying that there are some features and quirks not everyone is so in love with. Before we move ahead, we must make note that this is OUR opinion! So there is a good chance that many of you may not agree with this.

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Taking Care of the Farm and Ranch

Red Dead Redemption is full of all kind of tedious “missions.” In reality, they’re more like busy work in the form of odd jobs. Horse breaking, taking care of farms and ranches, slow stuff like that.Nightwatch missions are a little more interesting, but they still see you patrolling the same patch of dirt back and forth, over and over again. Then you have to go to town and buy and sell all kinds of seeds and food. It’s a great example of why video games shouldn’t always seek to replicate life 100%.

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  • Wicker

    1. All optional.

    2. That mission was for the story not the gameplay, so how does it affect the pacing?

    3. “He doesn’t shut up, and you feel the need to restrict yourself in some ways”

    Golly gee, it’s almost like they accurately represented having a kid! :O

    4. He thought he’d won, the idea was to become a rancher again, and he did. That’s something you do as a ranch owner. However, the crow mission still sucks.

    5. And guess what, you don’t lose honor for killing them. It isn’t a black and white moral choice at all, whether the criminal deserves to die or not is subjective, that doesn’t change what Marston and other characters see as the right thing to do. People don’t scold you for killing your bounties.

    6. That wasn’t the big ending, it was the epilogue. What do you want, for you and Edgar to climb into tanks and fight? He’d retired, he was pretty much a normal person, doing normal person things. He was only shown to hate criminals, not to be dishonorable, agreeing to a duel wasn’t out of character. And someone shows up for revenge, what else is going to happen other than one of them simply being shot to death?

    7. And yet you also complained when a story based mission interrupts the shooting. I won’t pretend to like the cattle missions, they were annoying, but there are only three or so in the whole game, and they aren’t that long.

    8. I never played multiplayer, so no clue.

    9. I recall his character being that he was foolish noble, leading a revolution against a tyrant, with his main flaws being that he was an elitist, and that he doesn’t seem to really care about people (proven by not remembering her name, and not caring when she died). Or that he never did anything but forget someone’s name, also a possiblity.

    10. I agree completely

    11. He *is* stupid. I don’t see what is wrong with the first example, is that line cliched or something? A couple of bad lines from person doesn’t exaclty equal bad dialogue. Dialogue implies at elast two people talking.

    12. The opening involves those things, but when does it do anything in a patronizing way? The main thing it teaches you is the dead eye system.

    13. “but what we go probably isn’t the best representation” What does this sentence even mean? But what we go?

    The dueling works as follows. You move the cursor over a vital point (heart or head). The crosshair is constantly changing sizes/color, the ideal moment to pull the trigger is when the crosshair is white, and at its smallest. When you pull the trigger, you mark the opponent, raising the your “duel bar”, whomever has the fullest duel bar wins, and shoots every point they marked. The story duels weren’t very hard, but some of the random duel opponents that show up can raise their duel bar extremely quickly.

    If you mark the opponent’s gun just once, it is an instant win, and you gain honor and additional fame for winning without killing. You can’t do this in story duels, but it is pretty OP against random people. If you were talking about that one feature, you’d be right.

    14. Offering no examples. What “static” cutscenes? This game is partly story based, sometimes you just can’t find a way to insert a random gun fight in the middle of scene, so sorry.

    15. I agree, there’s no real reason for this. I think it’s what broke my first xbox controller a button:I

    16. “That it spawned this awful list!” I agree again, very good point. This slot should have been “not on PC”. All well.

    • Denisejheck

      <<o. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bt860p:….,…

  • Plerpy

    This reads like it was written by a 12 year old.


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