Redout Will Be 4K and 60fps Checkerboarded on PS4 Pro; 4K and 60FPS with Higher Settings on Xbox One X

Which makes sense, given the power difference between the two systems.

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Redout: Lightspeed Edition, the new futuristic racer, is out now on PS4 and Xbox One- and it will also support the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X, the superpowered upgrades to their respective consoles by Sony and Microsoft.

While both consoles are a fair bit more powerful than the original versions, the PS4 Pro is a more conservative upgrade, and generally incapable of running most games in native 4K; the Xbox One X is a far more radical overhaul, and can run more titles in 4K. This will also be reflected with Redout, which will run in Checkerboarded 4K at 60fps on the PS4 Pro, but native 4K and 60fps on Xbox One X, with higher visual settings, to boot.

This information was confirmed by CEO Valerio Di Donato of Italian studio 34BigThings in an exclusive interview with WCCFTechRedout is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, as well as PC.

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  • LifeOnMars

    On a fast action racer checkerboard 4k will not be noticed 60fps is more important.
    It’s not like you are going to freeze frame,magnify and study the differences . WipeOut will be keep me entertained for a good few months/years.

    If you are looking for comparisons I would be more interested on how the Xbox One and PS4 compare.

    • StarkyLuv

      You mean freeze frame, magnify and study the differences like it’s been done for years to show the slight differences between the PS4 and XB1?

      It was just fine to do that the past 3 1/2 years now suddenly it’s not necessary? I wonder what change. Oh, and not just resolution, but higher graphical settings on top of that.

    • LifeOnMars

      Sorry but for the last 3 years 10 months years I have be playing the best AAA exclusives, the better graphics and less expensive console were just a bonus.

    • Omar

      Why u lying about playing the best AAA exclusives for that length of time? PS4 barely had exclusives compared to Xbox for almost 3 years straight, the best of which was Bloodborne. Not until UC4 came out early last year did they start getting some really high quality exclusives. Only now are they on top in that category. Any PS fan knows have to wait on Sony exclusives but they’ll be worth it.

    • LifeOnMars

      Get back to your 2 exclusives troll

    • Omar

      I’m a troll cause I hit u with truth. LOL. I own all 3 systems so nothing is exclusive to me. Ur a lame who only has one and chooses to hate people’s choice. Get some money and a brain, then u can have them all too.

    • LifeOnMars

      I have more than enough money,but I won’t throw it away on a lost cause like Xbox One. I will give it 6 months before I make any decision on Xbox One X.
      We all know how Xbox One flopped.

    • Omar

      So Xbox One is a flop and a lost cause but u still need to make a decision on buying the 1X? Come on man, who u fooling except urself? Just because PS4 has double the sales doesn’t make XB1 a flop. 30 million in 3.5 years is not a bad number. It’s on par with what they did last gen and nobody said it was terrible. U just sound foolish.

    • jopamine

      It’s the tired, old, one-way discussion. PSforeheads just don’t understand where the industry is moving, nor the strategy Microsoft has with it’s Xbox brand.

      There’s just no discussing with some people on the internet, and with the way LifeOnMars has been replying, they fit into that population on this particular topic.

    • LifeOnMars

      There are hardly any exclusives on Xbox One as most are on PC

    • Omar

      I’m tired of this dumb argument. Do u game on PC as well? If not, it’s an exclusive to u. So many PS fanboys who don’t game on PC love saying there are no more exclusives on Xbox but they have no other way to play those games so why do u say it? And even if u did, u’d buy it on an MS platform (Windows 10) and probably play through Xbox Live so u still sound hella dumb.

    • LifeOnMars

      I have 3 PCs that are more than capable of playing games (1 Windows 10 & 2 Windows 7).

    • Poseidon team

      Why are you afraid of comparisons between X1X and Pro? You got used to be have PS4 on top and don’t like the change, right?

      Well, get ready for 3-4 years of Digital Foundry telling you again and again that your mid-cycle console refresh is inferior. The days when PS4 family of consoles had the best graphics are ending soon. Get over it.

    • LifeOnMars

      Sorry but for the last 3 years 10 months years I have be playing the best AAA exclusives,

    • Psionicinversion

      Damage control. Why not own both to get the best multiplats unless your one of them losers that some how thinks your trophies actually mean anything in life

    • LifeOnMars

      I have always owned all three until Microsoft launched the pathetic Xbox One.
      The next console I will buy will be in six monthes time and will be Nintendo Switch when more games become available.

      If Xbox One X gets a £100 drop and some AAA exclusives I will buy one.

    • Poseidon team

      What best AAA games are you talking about? Do you mean these boring and endless collection of single player games, full of quick time events and sharing the same mechanisms created 10 years ago by Naughty Dog? Those that sell normally a million or less meaning that less than 1-2% of PS4 fan base actually care about them?

      No Thanks! I already played (and enjoyed) The Last of Us once and I’m not interested in replaying that with a Drake & Aloy re-skin or [INSERT NEXT HERO HERE] over and over. The only exclusive that got interested on PS4 is Spiderman, which hopefully won’t be an interactive cutscene like The Order.

      Neither I’m interested in re-buying the same games I had on PS1, PS2 and PS3 because Sony is making more money re-selling them again as remasters instead of implementing backwards compatibility.

      Hum… maybe you mean those “exclusives” that are also on PC, right? Like No Man’s Sky or Lawbreakers… two massive flops. Wait? but when Xbox does the same is not an exclusive anymore… Sony fan boys logic.

      PS: I own all three consoles and I choose buy a Switch or the PS4 Pro because it’s a small improvement over the base PS4. Every Digital Foundry has presented us that the Pro uses the same 1080p textures upscaled to 1440p/1800p. No wonder why DF must magnify 400-500% frames between PS4 and Pro to barely show any difference.

    • Makoto Yuki

      You’re dumb.

    • Henri Le Rennet

      Exactly. They used PS4 v X1, and Pro vs X1s to prove their point, but now that it’s Pro vs X1X, they’d rather compare X1X to PC to prove that PS4 is better. Insane, right? It’s the same method of deceving and deflecting that CNN uses with their coverage of Trump.

    • zcar_driver

      Wow dude. Sometimes it’s just best not to say anything.

    • Smart guy

      Seriously, some live just to say stupid s**t


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