RESOGUN Uses Only 50 Percent of PS4 CPU, “8 GB GDDR5 RAM And Unified Architecture Necessary”

“We are using more memory than PS3 has in total just for the flying cubes!”

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RESOGUN was one of the biggest surprises of Gamescom. Featuring rich visuals and engaging gameplay mechanics, Housemarque is set to cement their legacy when it launches on the PlayStation 4. We recently got in touch with various individuals over at Housemarque  – with answers compiled by Harry Krueger, Lead Programmer of RESOGUN.

We asked him how the 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and unified architecture of the PS4 is helping the game to run at a slick sixty frames per second and glorious 1080P resolution, to which he replied:

“It is not just helping, it is necessary. With unified architecture we can easily split up our memory usage the way we want and still have fast GPU access to the bits written by CPU. We are using more memory than PS3 has in total just for the flying cubes! The GPU and compute shaders are also being heavily utilized for a lot of things.

“For example, all of the geometry generation (for the cubes and levels), the physics and collisions for the cubes, the particle mayhem you unleash with your Overdrive or Bomb; all of that is being done in compute shaders. There is still plenty of CPU power left over (currently we’re cruising at around 50% CPU usage during gameplay), but with the GPU and compute shaders doing all the fireworks, we do not really even need it,” he added.

We also asked him what kind of crazy weapons we can expect and whether the the number of levels has been finalized.

“We’re planning on having 3 different selectable ships in the game, and each one will sport a different weapon type. Like Stardust HD, the traditional boost and smart bombs will also make a comeback, and this time we’ve also given the player an Overdrive ability. Basically, by collecting green ‘energy’ cubes the enemies drop, the player will be able to build up his Overdrive bar and – once full – ultimately activate it to unleash a super-powerful beam attack.

“We’re planning to have 5 levels available in the main game, and each will have its unique own style, enemy encounters, and geometry for the player to break apart,” he said.

RESOGUN will be available on day one of the PlayStation 4’s launch and will support remote play with the PlayStation Vita.

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  • smapty

    Wow that games uses so much memory and 50 % CPU power and still looks like a plain indie game .these people do not know how to use that ps4’s power proberly this game is not something to talk about lol

    • peniscolada

      you should watch gameplay before talking bullshit 🙂

    • RandomUser2yr29387

      I smell a butthurt Xbox fanboy.

    • devwalar

      That’s the worst kind of nasal assault.

    • WayofDragon

      You are a complete and utter imbecile. First of all they never stated how much memory they were using. Have you seen how many voxels that thing is throwing around? All true geometry utilizing real time physics, collisions etc. The engine can handle around 500,000 voxel based cubes in real time and you’re saying they don’t know how to use the power? The fact that they are only using around 50% of the CPU is a testament to their optimization skills. Shut up until you know what you’re talking about.

    • Dakan45

      arghhh VOXELS, you do reallise that voxels are used in many indie games on pc and they are not demading at all? Have you seen the crysis barrel video? That has 10.000 exploding barrels with full physics? That was back in 2007 with a graphicall impressive game.

      This is an indie 2d game with voxels.

    • rupz007

      Dude, play the game and judge for yourself.. Its absolutely incredible and no, it’s actually full 3D with full 3D mesh Voxels, HDR lighting and all in Full 1080p/60fps not 2D The end level complete has so many pixels flying around it would make you think how is it able to process so much. Trust me.. play the game first.

    • snake8989

      You don’t understand physics .

    • Kamille

      that’s the reality that the delusional Sony fanboys don’t wan to admit.

    • cozomel

      What, reality? The delusional ones are you’s. And its blantantly obvious how ignorant all you xbots are

    • Kamille

      Xbot my ass. All I have are Playstation consoles since the PS1 but I’m not delusional like you guys.

    • cozomel

      Rght, right, and i own a 360 and have since nov 22, 05 and stayed out all night to get it. So whats your point? I aint delusional either.

    • kreator

      STFU P*SSY!

    • cozomel

      STFU P*SSY!
      Woah! I feel like a man now, I feel so mature

    • kreator


    • xiSpeedy

      you do realize that the ps3’s memory was only about 256 mb right

  • Darrell Kilpatrick

    This lookks like a game that’s on my andriod phone.

  • Calum Sutherland

    Only 5 levels!?

    That’s a little disappointing.

    • Verrayne

      SSHD had 5 levels..

    • Axe99

      Super Stardust HD ‘only’ had five planets, but it’s one of the best twin-stick shooters ever released. I wouldn’t consider it light-on until we’ve seen what the gameplay entails, Housemarque are all quality.

    • Calum Sutherland

      I have both HD and the one on the Vita… Both are pretty damn short! Don’t get me wrong – they are fantastic to play, but they don’t last very long.

    • Axe99

      Aye, but they’re arcade twin-stick shooters, they’re not really designed to be long, but intense. Just the nature of the game.

    • Calum Sutherland

      Fair enough haha

    • nitro_feen

      doesnt seem like much but they are challenging games and are very re-playable.

  • it uses 50% because it plays like a damn indie game. wtf!?

    6th gen sucked because of game installs.
    now 7th gen might suck because of indie game spamming:/

    • TristanPR77

      You sound like a desperate xbot fanboy who does not know what else to ssy to talk negative about PS4.

    • Truth

      You sound like a desperate pauper that can only defend it’s PauperStation because he can’t afford anything more.

    • J Peter

      Not wanting to spend more money on inferior hardware doesn’t make you a pauper. However, making that accusation when you’re willing to do just that makes you a moron.

    • Dakan45

      Well freaking said.

    • Axe99

      If you knew anything about Housemarque (or, indeed, this game), then you’d realise how silly your comment makes you look ;).

    • yes a good swedish studio that only makes indie like games:/
      and not sick games:P

    • Axe99

      Dead Nation was anything but an ‘indie like’ game, and both Dead Nation and SSHD were technologically advanced titles for their platforms.

  • PSorbisnews

    Most game developers have to draw more power to run their game and over time their skills with optimization their own games will get better and draw less CPU power needed.

    • Truth

      Doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s poorly coded garbage.

    • J Peter

      Running half a million physically rendered objects with full physics and collision systems doesn’t mean it’s poorly coded, it just means you’re ignorant and should probably shut your mouth until you actually know a little about the tech.

    • WayofDragon

      You don’t know anything. The fact that it is only using 50% means the optimisation is better not worse. It doesn’t make sense to throw extra power at something that doesn’t need it. It’s a lot more efficient to use as little power as possible on tasks because it means you can add more and more features in crunch time. You obviously know nothing about game development.

    • Dakan45

      50% for a 2d indie game?

      Get real son.

      Thats some piece of crap hardware righthere. Also bf4 on medium, what eslse you ned.

    • WayofDragon

      As opposed to BF4 running on PC at PAX you mean. And even then with only 8vs8 matches. X1 isn’t even running BF4 at all. Also the devs at DICE have also stated that the resolution will be higher than the Gamescom build in the final code. That fool Major Nelson was telling everyone that it would be 64 players at 60fps. Go buy your X1 with it’s gimped hardware. I’ve come across you before on VGleaks you were full of shit there as well. All the talk on the floor at Gamescom among the devs was that the PS4 is a lot more powerful and I know because I was there and heard it first hand.

    • Dakan45

      Ok lets see, are you stupid? When the game looks so far inferior than the demo it is OBVIOUS that a higher resolution is not gonna save it.

      Devs stated what exactly? that the ps4 is more powerfull? IT IS, we all know that. But have you seen a developer BASHING xbox 1? No because you dont bash something you work with.

      You are full of shit for believing that this game should use so much of the gpu.

  • Even better is the fact that PS+ members get it for free!

  • Jessenia Lopez

    r.i.p PC’s

    • Dakan45

      Yeh rip pcs that even macbooks can play this trash.

    • Josiah Grey

      No… just no… the PC will never die lol but this is an amazing feat for console gaming development. If anything though, this next gen will make PCs even better xD

  • WellWisher

    Doesn’t look any more impressive than NAN on the Wii U. That only used one core of the U’s CPU and everyone knows the Wii U isn’t nearly as powerful as the PS4. These types of games are awesome fun and I’m glad they’re making a comeback but come on, this game wouldn’t even push the Wii U….

    • cozomel

      You mean this game couldnt be done on the WiiU

    • Dakan45

      NO it can be done on wiiu just fine, it can be done on current consoles as well.

    • cozomel

      They are telling you they couldnt do this on PS3, yet you are gonna tell us otherwise. Man, people are something else. When has a game system ever used voxels, the whole game is comprised of cubes, everything you see is made of of cubes that rely on the physics being calculated by the CU’s. All while running at 1080/60fps. Wii U could not do this

    • Dakan45

      Many things couldnt be doen on ps3.

      Crysis couldnt be done on ps3 due to the low ram.

      Same here there is not enough ram for all those physics.

      Wiiu might be able to do it with less physics but xbox one definetly can, there is no excuse for this game to use 50% of the ps4 gpu.

    • cozomel

      I hear what you’re saying, but Crysis was done on the PS3/360 but just not up to the highest quality (the texture resolution wasnt as high). And it even had alot of new lighting and particle effects and in alot of areas new/better textures (im not talking higher res textures). And its a launch title and a indie level game so dont expect the epitome of programming efficiency.
      But it still its still a nice accomplishment, The physics are very impressive and smooth, and the amount of cubes made out of voxels is impressive and the whole game is smooth as butter running at 1080/60fps. You damn skippy a game with this much physics and objects is gone to take alot of cpu processing. And dont forget the cpu’s in these systems are not beasts, they are tablet cpu’s design for performance per watt running at low gigahertz. Most of the power in these new systems rest in their gpus

    • Dakan45

      The crysis 1 console version had a inferior engine with invisible walls. They removed the VTOL level becasue it was too big, it had ifnerior geometry, lighting, physics, infact even if you set it at the lower setting the korean soldiers dont have pixeleted camos and they still have a radio on their solder which is lacking on the consoles version.

      They didnt improve lighting, they used bloom and HDR techiniques to make it look better. Kinda how crysis 2 did it, obviously some thigns are better for optimization but it was a way to make it eat less resources not to improve it.

      Yup, the cpus are weak, but a decent quadcore should handle it. The cpus in next gen are dual cores with 4 threads each, they are not actual 8c core cpus.

    • cozomel

      Well said and hm, i did not know that, about the invisible walls and that being the reason they took out the VTOL level. But i know about the CPU’s being two 4 cores, which it wasnt the case, that way the could all see each others cache

    • Dakan45

      Amd cpus are not actual cores like intel’s they are threaded cpus. Those 8 core cpus have 2 cores with 4 threads each.

  • Kamille

    50% of the CPU for a game that looks like it could be running from a cellphone. Now we know the PS4’s weak.

    • cozomel

      yeah, cuz Forza, Titanfall and KI look so fvcking incredible! NOT! The first 2 look like nothing more than higher res current gen games and the KI looks like a XBLA game

    • Truth

      Yup, that’s what the PS4 is going to be, a junkyard full of badly coded garbage.

    • J Peter

      Then what is the One? 1.8 is still better than 1.3, correct?

    • Kamillesaidiot

      So your cellphone can run this?

      You have no clue about effects you idiot.

    • the particles effects? we already saw the demonstration of million particles effects in UE4 E3 video unveil.
      and that demonstration was not even using a huge horse power, it was running on a simple graphics card.

      These people need to do better than this!
      I want to hear stuff like God of War 4 using 99% of ps4 aka BEAST power:)

  • kreator


  • Truth

    What a piece of unoptimized GARBAGE! $0n¥ PauperStation 4 alright! Even badly coded garbage is allowed to propagate on it. It’s going to be a junkyard full of poorly coded garbage on the PoSN.

    • Zanten

      With regards to the whole Pauperstation bit… You do remember that the Xbox 360 was the cheaper option, especially at launch, right? I take it you are therefore conceding that the PS3 at launch was clearly superior to the 360? =P Because that does seem to be your line of thinking.

    • nitro_feen

      ow did this gets likes. YOu obviously dont know this developer. They make great games. Dead nation was a blast and stardust was a ton of fun too. They are a talented team that if you are not a ps4 owner I could totally understand one being jelious

  • Dakan45


    ONLY? Macbooks with intel cpus can play better looking games than this


    Watch crysis 10.000 barrels, that was in 2007 in a graphically impressive game.

    The physics are voxels, kind like cubeworld. The entire point is to be premade cubes that blow up and pop everywhere. Considering the levels in this game are tiny and its a 2d perspective game, it should be that demanding even for a joke.

  • Coloured nips

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