Rockstar Will Probably Announce A New IP This Year, Red Dead Redemption 2 Not Happening Anytime Soon

Michael Pachter believes that a new IP and a sequel to Midnight Club will come before the next Red Dead.

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Rockstar have seen tremendous success with Grand Theft Auto V. The game has shipped 45 million units till date and with the PC launch happening next month, that number could very well surpass 50 million. Given the game’s massive success, it’s only obvious that Rockstar will follow up with Grand Theft Auto 6 or may be a sequel to Red Dead Redemption.

But Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter disagrees. He believes that Rockstar are motivated by developing experiences for the player and not by money. So instead of announcing a sequel, they will most likely announce a new IP.

“I don’t think the sequel to Red Dead Redemption is the next Rockstar game. Remember when I said there was some new IP that they’ve been working on since at least ‘09? I think that comes before Red Dead Revolution. I think a sequel to Midnight Club comes before Red Dead Revolution, and it wouldn’t shock me if a sequel to Manhunt came before Bully or Red Dead.”

“I think Rockstar has a really amazing number of great games and great IPs, and I don’t think that Rockstar are motivated by money. I think Rockstar are motivated by high quality game experiences. And I don’t think that they’re willing to abandon those other brands in order to generate higher sales for their parent company. I think that they want to keep all those brands alive. So I think before Red Dead Revolution you will get Midnight Club sequel and a new IP.”

“And remember, Rockstar has launched a game every single year since 2001, if you count Grand Theft Auto V on next gen as a game. I don’t know if we should count Grand Theft Auto V as a game or not on next gen. Otherwise they’ve missed one. They’re working on a lot of projects, they get one game a year out.”

“There is no chance that they would have gotten into February of ‘15 without announcing the next Red Dead. I mean, they announced the next Grand Theft Auto on November 1st, 2011. Remember? And it came out on  September 17th, 2013, so almost two years later. I think you’ll hear about Red Dead at least a year ahead of time. So if you hear about it this summer, it’s coming out next year. Maybe. But we haven’t heard about it yet. I think they could get away with not announcing Midnight Club, or Bully, on Manhunt 3 or whatever until E3, and I frankly think that the reason we haven’t heard about the new IP is because it’s a new IP.”

Michael Pachter predicts that Rockstar will announce the new IP closer to E3 in their own event to garner attention.

“I think that the brand new IP that Rockstar has been working on since ‘09 will be announced this year. Rockstar tends to not go to E3, so they’ll probably have their own event in May or something. Knowing them, they’ll probably have it during E3 in another city just to draw attention. But I think it’s a new IP this year. I don’t think it’s Red Dead, so no, I think that’s naive of people to believe that the Rockstar are going to follow the success of GTA V with more GTA.”

Given that Rockstar’s major game for 2015 seems to be Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC, I’d say there is a fair chance that we may see Rockstar announce a new game later this year. Personally, I would take a sequel to Red Dead Redemption anytime but a new IP by by Rockstar sounds intriguing.

We will make sure to keep you update on what Rockstar is up to as the year rolls out.

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  • tplarkin7

    I don’t think Rockstar should make RDR2.

  • While I don’t put much weight on anything Michael Pachter predicts lately, I sure would be interested in seeing whatever Rockstar is up to next. Of all these options I think a Bully reboot/sequel would be the best move, but we shall see…

  • HalfBlackCanuck


    • RjK420jR

      I thought this too

  • nate

    “And with the PC launch happening next month” Oooo too soon.

    I don’t think they will announce anything this year. Maybe tease, but no firm announcement.

  • Allen

    It’s a good thing Pachter is an idiot. Rockstar have already said that they consider Red Dead Redemption one of their core franchises and that they plan on making a new one.

    I would be happy with a new IP though, not that interested in a new Midnight Club at this time.

    • RjK420jR

      I agee, the racing game is sort of flooded but by games i want it to be flooded with… if they do midnight club they have some pretty tough competition out there in turn 10, playground games, grand turismo and which ever developer does it.. sorry can’t think of it off hand but you know what i mean… its a tough field and demands the highest quality and innovation.

  • XanderZane41

    We know a new Red Dead Redemption is coming eventually. Rockstar has already said this. What might come before it is anyones guess. I would love to see a Bully 2. If they make that happen, I’ll be happy.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    Pachter makes a lot of predictions about the gaming industry most of which are wrong in terms of what companies plan to do. What he does seem to get right is the economic aspects of where to invest. In this case however I think he is probably right about a new IP. We will see maybe even at E3.

  • RjK420jR

    The people at Rockstar love games, and are gamers. They let their work speak for itself! Who else could pull of table tennis? Their backlog and ability to release quality games is unprecedented. They are one of the if not the best developer in the game.. Thank god take-two allows them that. I could also see them hating announcing games early and too early if at all possible. No matter what, if they make an announcement it will garner the attention it deserves. I trust them to innovate and keep showing others how to re-do and change without killing the quality and depth… Thanks guys for the read

  • James Dunham

    Unless they get the Hacker situation controlled .. it doesn’t matter.

    Red Dead is currently ‘broken’ (Unplayable) Online because of a malicious Attack by a Group of Modders/Glitchers… It has been this way for months now.. and it is the 3rd time in a Year and a Half that this has occurred.

    GTA V is Inundated with Modders… Just like GTA 4 was and is.

    We are talking about Malicious Modding here… Console Freezing Mods (Where the Target Player gets their Console Frozen and they have to restart it with a Power Cycle).

    If one goes to the Red Dead Section at Rockstar Support they can see all the Complaints.. With virtually no.. or even worse Useless responses by Rockstar Support.

    It has been Horrific.. And quite frankly ALOT of the fanbase of Red Dead Redemption has now moved on… to other Gaming Companies and their Products.

    YOU the Media should be reporting on this Massive Attack on Red Dead Redemption.. But you are not. WHY?

    Every Red Dead Fanatic knows who is responsible and what Group they belong to… Why are you not reporting it?


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