RUMOR: Final Fantasy XII HD May Be Announced At E3

Heavens be praised!

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Final Fantasy

Arguably one of the best Final Fantasy games of all time, Final Fantasy XII has never gotten the love that it truly deserved, for multiple reasons- the game launched in 2006 after a protracted development cycle and by then, all attention had already shifted to the PlayStation 3 and the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII. The game’s radical changes to the series formula polarized fans, and it took the release of Final Fantasy XIII, and its absolute mucking up of series conventions for Final Fantasy XII to be viewed in a favorable light.

When Final Fantasy X was announced for an HD re-release (an excellent remaster that released earlier this year for the PS3 and PS Vita), there were fans that held out in the hope that the same treatment would be extended to Final Fantasy XII, aided by Square Enix’s own sly promises that an HD remaster for Final Fantasy XII was coming up. And now, it seems like the game may be due for an E3 announcement.

GameSkinny is citing an anonymous tipster who believes Square Enix is readying up an FF12 HD announcement within the next month, if not at E3 outright. Apparently, the source has a good track record, as among many other things, he confirmed that Final Fantasy Versus XIII would be renamed Final Fantasy XV.

Square Enix would be remiss to not capitalize on XII’s cult popularity, especially given how successful a venture FFX HD seems to have been for them. Whether or not they do that, however, remains to be seen.

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I rather get a FFVII HD Remaster instead.

    • Lukasz Bajda

      True mate, FF VII that is a game where i left my heart

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Indeed. An indelible mark on the soul of every gamer who experiences it and the industry as a whole.

    • Krijn van Alten

      Stop hoping, they already said they are not going to make it.
      And personally I think that’s the best for SE, the should focus on the future.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      People always change their minds. Don’t be so sure of yourself. I could also use a remake for FFVIII and FVIX.

    • William Parcell

      They never said they weren’t going to remake it. They said they were afraid to because they weren’t sure how to properly transfer FFVII world into an fully 3D version. Sure we saw pieces of it get the treatment in Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core, but it would be very difficult to do the whole world. I think a remake will be made eventually but it will be a while.

    • Konabochi

      you’re miss quoting them…they said they’ll do a FFVII remake if another FF title sells as well or is as popular

    • Nicholas Semrau

      I don’t want a 7 remake. No matter how amazing the remaster could be, it wouldn’t have the magic that the original had.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Okay then what FF remake do YOU personally want to happen?

    • Nicholas Semrau

      I really enjoyed the ds remakes of 3 and 4 and hoped they would get to 5 and 6. I would love to see 6 redone for the 3ds and have it be like bravely default in a way.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      I’ve heard some say FF 6 is better than FF 7 or that 7 was a let down from 6. Is that true?

    • Nicholas Semrau

      I would say no. Both games have great characters and an amazing story with the top 2 villains in all of final fantasy. As for my favorite between the two it’s 7 as it was the first rpg game I ever played when I was 9.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      The first game you play is always the most special.

    • Sora96

      VII has already been remastered in HD.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      On what system?

    • Sora96

      PC (Steam).

      All the PlayStation consoles have the PSOne Classic so they don’t need it.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Tbh I rather play remakes on the same family of systems they were born or raised on so playing in on PC honestly just wouldn’t do it for me unless I had PS controller support for it to go with it being in HD. I thought the PC versions were just the classic version like on PS3 so thanks for clearing that up for me.

    • xxmodnaRxx

      It is not remastered on PC. It is the same old game. FFVII has never been remade in HD and yes you could use a controller on the PC version if you set everything up correctly.

      There is a “bootleg” version for PC though where you apply mods. There are mods for better character models, battle field textures, orchestrated music, translation fixing, and a whole bunch of others. This still doesn’t make it look anywhere near HD, but it does look nicer.

      You can see what it looks like with some of the mods in this video:

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Well I meant remastered in general but okay. I’d rather play the original thing which I’m playing through atm on PS3. How bad is the translation. Like for example in just did the part where Cloud and Tifa fell into the Life stream and I found out what really happened, what details did they omit from all that dialogue that’s in other localizations of the game? Why is the English localization criticized so much?

    • xxmodnaRxx

      The English localization had a very few instances of “Engrish” or grammar mistakes. Like, in Midgar near the beginning of the game if you visit the guy in the tunnel/pipe with Aerith she’ll say “He are sick” or something like that. It’s not really that bad and as far as I know you’re not missing anything.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Oh yeah I noticed that. And ok. I’m guessing the localization is better for VIII and IX?

    • xxmodnaRxx

      Well the localization isn’t that bad in VII. There might be a few mistakes in VIII and IX as well, but I’m not sure.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Alright. Also I’m almost done with VII. All I have to do is go fight Sephiroth and I’m leveling up everyone right now, you know grinding since I don’t wanna have to fight him too many times before I see the end.

    • xxmodnaRxx

      Yeah. I haven’t played the game in about 5 years maybe so my memory of it is hazy, but I would say look into getting these materia: Mime Command, Knights of the Round Summon, Enemy Skill (Learn Big-Guard), Pheonix Summon, Final Attack, W-Summon, Quad Magic. You should be able to get big guard at least really easily and it’s really helpful.

      Also try and get the 3rd/4th limit breaks of Cloud, Yuffie, Cid, and Barret.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      I haven’t found Mime at all and still need to get KOTR. How do I learn big guard I didn’t come across that even once? I have Phoenix and those other 3 I don’t even know where to get. I already have the 4th limit break for Cloud, Tifa, and Vincent. I’m just leveling them up and then will do the other characters. Actually Cloud I’m struggling to get Omni Slash because the Battle Square mini game is ridiculous. One round I earn 10000 and then another I’m barely making 1000. Is there a pattern so I can earn more battle points?

    • xxmodnaRxx

      I remember when your doing the Battle Square minigame you can keep pressing Square to slow down the reels or something I think. That might help.

      Knights of the Round is probably the most time consuming materia to get besides Master materia since you need to raise a Gold Chocobo.

      Yeah, most people don’t come across some really good magic because they don’t know how to use the Enemy Skill materia or just don’t pay attention to it. There are a lot of Enemy skills you can learn, not just Big Guard, though Big Guard is one of the most useful (It casts Haste, Protect, and Shell on all party members). Here’s a decent guide for the Enemy Skill materia.

      Mime and Quadra Magic are hidden similary like Knights of the Round. You’re going to need to breed special Chocobos to get them.

      Final Attack is really good when paired with Pheonix Summon. You need to get W-Summon and Omnislash from the Battle Arena and beat Ultimate Weapon. After you do all that you’ll be offered a “special” battle from the lady at the desk or something like that. If you defeat all the enemies in the special battle you’ll get Final Attack.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Ok. I don’t know how to raise them but I guess when I go do it someone will give me a tutorial. Yeah I don’t have even half the enemy skills. Looks like I’ll be maxing out 99:99 put into the game haha. And ok guess I gotta really prepare for that one. How hard is Sephiroth compared to all other bosses in the game as I found Hojo pretty difficult?

    • xxmodnaRxx

      Hm… Sephiroth is pretty difficult. Also, he has an attack that has an annoyingly long animation. That he uses over and over again… He’s nothing compared to the Ruby and Emerald weapons though. Of course, with the right strategy and gear you can beat everything in this game pretty easily. If you just get everything I said besides Mime, Quadra Magic, and Knights of the Round, you’ll probably still do really good (and be decently leveled, maybe the 60’s at least?). And don’t worry about getting all the Enemy Skills, some of them are outclassed by other magic or just gimicky. And you can find very detailed guides for Chocobo breeding on I recommend anything by Absolute Steve.

      Don’t forget to use HP+ materia too to max your HP. You can kill cactuars to get good money to buy more (I think you buy them from Mideel). It’ll be a good idea to have All-Revive, All-Cure, stuff like that too.

      Good luck.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Ok that gives me some relief because I tried fighting Emerald Weapon and he got me in one feel swoop I didn’t stand a chance. Yeah with RPG’s, especially JRPG’s, the right inventory can make all the difference between life and death. I’m currently at level 68 for my party but I plan to replace Vincent with Barret. I think what I’ll do is use Barret, Tifa, and Cloud in my first few attempts against Sephiroth and then if I fail then I’ll level up the rest of them. Almost everything on Vincent is maxed so I just gotta switch all my Materia on him to Barret. Speaking of Barret is Midgar the only time I can get his ultimate weapon Missing Score? And good to know. Actually I’ve been using this guide throughout my play through but not from the very beginning to get this far since I got lost a few times and it actually made it easier. and yes I’m definitely leveling up my HP+. I have 5 on Cloud but will just leave maybe two once they’re maxed out and already have 2 on Tifa and am gonna leave 2 on Barret. I’ve been going to Ancient Forest actually to grind. Where are the cactuars? And I can also get them from Cosmo Canyon. I don’t know where to get All Revive or All Cure. And is it worth maxing 2X Cut or Slash All? And thanks I hope I do well when the time comes.

    • xxmodnaRxx

      When I said all-revive, all-cure i meant to pair All materia with Cure/Revive materia. The rest I don’t really remember.

      You can beat Sephiroth without Knights of the Round or any high level Limit Breaks. Normally people don’t even go for that stuff on their first time through the game. You could use elixirs/megalixirs for the fight with Sephiroth if you really think you’ll need it.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Oh. And ok. Are FF VIII and IX of a similar or higher difficulty?

    • xxmodnaRxx

      From my experience the difficulty seems to be around the same for Final Fantasy titles.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Ok that’s a relief. Also I know each game has a different variation of ATB. Will it by a learning curve jumping from one game to the next?

  • Khouli1989

    I am one of the those who disliked FF12 back when it launched, never beat it and moved on hoping FF13 would far surpass it (HA). Then after playing FF13 , I realized what a freaking master-piece FF12 was. That massive world, huge amount of things to do, good story and presentation etc. Man I just can’t believe how **** FF13 is. FF12 HD would be amazing, I would get a second chance to beat this game.

  • Skyfarron

    I hope it’s less half-assed than the FFX remake.

    • Philip Albert Jackway

      ffx was not a remake it was a re-release with hd graphics.

  • Johnnyboy

    FF12 was amazing compared to FFXIII. The open world battle system was better and it wasn’t linear like FFXIII.

    • mtduong96

      Imo, I think FFXII was a great great game. Many people don’t find the storyline interesting. Well, that’s probably true. I find it a little bit boring compared to FFVIII or FFX (probably because Ashe was hot and she didn’t get any boyfriend). However, the f***ing awesome combat system made up for it (yeah, many people also don’t really like the new combat system too ==). Still, a great game 😀

    • William Parcell

      Agreed, FFXII is the most underrated game in the series. Sure, it didn’t have the best story, but it had great graphics for PS2 game, great gameplay and a great world.

    • Goo

      My wet sock was amazing compared to FFXIII lol

    • *PC

      FF12 was in my opinion best in serie .

  • mire7

    I’ve been waiting for a remastered version of FXII all this time. It has the best soundtrack. I also hope they make a port for it on Vita.

  • Nicholas Semrau

    I couldn’t disagree with you more. 13 only had a sense of direction because there was only one direction to go. This is your opinion and I respect that but 13 was awful.

    • Ader Bez Fontana

      The guy has only absolutely no idea what he’s talking..

  • Final Fantasy XII was my first FF game and it got me into the series. That said, I have a blind love for it. You could bring up the facts on how it sucked and I’d disagree and keep playing.

  • Distantsmoke

    Great idea. Better idea – FFVII.

  • RenegadeVictim

    Having started the FF series with X, I don’t really see the blind love people have for 7. I didn’t get a ps3 until at least 6 years after the release of FF12, so I was one of the few with a ps2 at the time. I played 12 and enjoyed it almost as much as I enjoyed 10. Sure, the story was bland but this was the first open-world game for Console that I had ever seen. The graphics were amazing and I loved the combat system. I finished 12 and still had so much left to do. I have also played 13, which has very little on 12 aside from more well-developed characters. Except Lightning, who’s as bland a character as you can get. 13 seemed open-world, but in reality, it wasn’t until you got to Gran pulse that the game began to open up.


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