Rumour: Wii U Won’t Receive Rockstar Mature Games, GTA V or WWE 14

+2 to cautious skepticism.

Posted By | On 10th, May. 2013 Under News

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Prepare to handle this rumour with a sizeable amount of salt. Word currently doing the rounds on 4Chan about certain games heading (or not) to the Wii U, including Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V and Yukes’s WWE 14.

“There’s no plans to ever bring a WWE game to the Wii U anytime in the distant future. I know this information because a 3D Animator on the project. I am working directly with people like Jeff Godfrey who is the art director on the project. Visual Concepts and 2K Sports is working with Yukes on the project.

“You may remember that Wii U never received WWE ’13 at launch while 360/PS3 did. Yukes has no interest in Wii U when they were working with THQ, and they still don’t now that they’re working with 2K Sports.

“Also word around the offices is that Take Two and Rockstar have no plans to bring Grand Theft Auto or any of Rockstar’s major M rated games to the Wii U.”

We’ll have to wait and see to be sure, but there certainly isn’t any evidence that debunks the report, now is there?

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  • BOSS of the BOSSLESS

    all hope for this console is lost.
    no gta, no madden this year, no battlefield, just the nintendo first party titles.
    i think i am gona stick with me ps3 n get a ps4 or nextbox,

    • Samuel Esteban Marrero

      Let’s remember the Wii had no real Madden, Battlefield or GTA and was one of the best selling consoles ever. The Wii U doesn’t necessarily need those games (ports wouldn’t hurt) as long as Nintendo can produce a must-have game. Let’s wait till after E3 b4 we say there is no hope.

  • nigga

    that guy has low battery

  • jdge

    *cant sell games when mario always outsells my *whine whine** good lord… when will these devs shut up and make games for people… not vengence… effing nintendo, always outselling/scoring us with their games

  • NatT96™

    Wow, I hope this is not true. Too many games are skipping the Wii U. If it does not come to the Wii U, I will be dissapointed and they can forget about me buying the PC version. They should give the Wii U a chance at least. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  • booop

    Oh that’s too ba- wait a minute… “Word currently doing the rounds on 4Chan about”

    4Chan? Yeaaaahhhh, I’ll rather get REAL news/words from the developers/publishers instead.


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