SCE Santa Monica’s Stig Asmussen Departs from Studio

The God of War 3 director is no longer with the developer.

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After the recent news that inFamous: Second Son lead designer Jaime Griesemer departed from Sucker Punch Productions, it’s now the turn of SCE Santa Monica’s Stig Asmussen. The man is most famous for having directed God of War 3, which released on the PlayStation 3.

There isn’t much information from Sony on why he left, except for a statement to IGN which states that, “SCEA can confirm that Stig Asmussen is no longer with Santa Monica Studio.”

SCE Santa Monica has been involved in a bit of a storm recently as several employees were laid off following the cancellation of a new sci-fi IP that was rumoured to be revealed at E3 2014. Asmussen was apparently part of the same project, working under Corey Balrog before subsequently leaving.

Stay tuned for more updates as to why Asmussen left the studio and how that will impact development going forward. But it seems the departures at SCE are yet to stop.

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  • Psionicinversion

    take that as a lesson Sony, stop copying other peoples work then you wont have to cancel the IP and lose some decent people, do you know where he’s going? Xbox game studio where they love there workers not cancel stuff chew them up and spit them out. That’s how ya treat good devs with respect shame on you Sony, shame on you!

    • BroJ

      LOL. What a waste of internet space. You are the reason freedom of speech needs destroyed.

    • wifey

      i agree with you.

    • Dakan45

      This game would play better then the crap staion on my coputer here. PC master Race unite.

    • Dakan45

      disquss will ban you for impersonation broj


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