Sea of Thieves Cross Platform Play Being Tested

“It just feels right for this game.”

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Rare’s Sea of Thieves is an ambitious multiplayer action adventure game, set in a gorgeous pirate adventure setting, and with all the charm, with, and humor that once upon a time market the very best Rare games. And what with it being a Microsoft multiplayer game hitting the Xbox One and Windows 10, it sounds like Rare has finally started to test cross platform play for the game, to avoid splitting its community.

“As a game, Sea of Thieves is so suited, I believe, to crossplay as an experience. We’ve talked about this a lot, we’ve always said we want to test it, we want to feel it,” said Executive Producer Joe Nate the latest Tales from the Tavern Podcast. “That’s definitely something we want to be rolling out to the community to test. But I sent an email to the team saying how great it was, because it was just seamless. You wouldn’t even notice it – you’re just there, playing with people on PC and Xbox One and that just opens up so many possibilities. Honestly, it feels so right for our experience. It just knocks down barriers.”

“I think that last part is something we’re taking to heart through a lot of decisions we’re making across the game,” Rare’s Mike Chapman added. “Whether it’s progression, long-term, no barriers in place to play with friends, but also making friends in the game and platform is another barrier that shouldn’t exist.”

Sea of Thieves is due out on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs later this year. We should hopefully hear more about it at E3 next month.

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  • SalvagedXBot

    Cross play for a game as casual looking as this seems like a great thing. Doubt I’ll get it either way as not something I’m personally interested in but good news for those that Aarrrrre.

  • To me cross-play means xbox vs playstation.. not xbox vs. Pc (windows10). The pc is still an xbox.

    • Kerryjlape

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    • Fweds

      I know why Sony don’t want cross play , it’s because the PSN speed will be shown up and everyone will see how much slower it is in every way compared to Xbox Live other than matchmaking.

    • ‘Street Fighter V’ – PS4 vs. PC cross play works fine.

      ‘Paragon’ – PS4 vs. PC cross play works fine.

      I think there are other reasons why Sony doesn’t want cross play between PS and Xbox..

      If Sony and MS would do cross play they would both make sure that the network is equally good for both of them.

  • Mr Xrat

    Doubt this’ll do much to rescue it. Game will end up doing a Project Spark.

    • Fweds

      I’m not sure what scares you more, this game because it’s not available on your Laggy “pro” lol @ pro, or the release of Scorpio.

      Are you looking forward to the Scorpio vs Pro multi format side by side tests ?
      Scorpio is going to wipe the floor of the so called pro that no one is buying and the normal ps4 is so far behind they will have to compare that with Wii U games.

    • Mr Xrat

      Hahaha no one cares about Sea of Turds.

      Such a shame most people will be playing on the OG PS4 and Xgimps don’t buy multiplats.

  • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Crossplay. In other words, we’re going to need to leverage all the players we can possibly get for this crapfest in order for it to survive, or we’ll have to pull the plug in a year if the numbers logged into the servers start to get too low. FAIL.

    • Lol i love how MS hypes up their games in the hope it gains PS4 like traction with it’s own userbase.

      Problem is there is not enough xbox one’s out there to even have so many game sales. Another thing i have noticed is that xbox players mostly play shooters, racing and sports game. They don’t give a *bleep* about sea of thieves aka pirates of the carribean.

      Phil Spencer will provide the ammo Sony needs to counter the Scorpio at E3.. everytime he opens his mouth he helps Sony. Haven’t you noticed the silence around games from Phil?

      He already said scorpio wont get exclusive games.. smh.

      Basically the Scorpio is just a xbox one, which means all the same problems.

      Another thing i was thinking about is, if games are the problems for MS why havent they made games for the xbox one? My suspicion is that they want to re-sell/repackage old games into a 4k Scorpio version.

      The Scorpio really is just a 4k converter of xbox one games. Note: xbox360/xbox one games that have a locked resolution and frame rate will do absolutely nothing on the Scorpio.

      Yeah there may be some minor improvements which they will emphasize to death.. but people will see through their Scorpio scam when the experience stays the same as the xbox one.

      The last thing that will doom the scorpio is it’s so called “VR/MR (mixed reality)” features. Look..the base PS4 can already do VR, the base Xbox One can not do VR!

      So if the Scorpio can do VR and the base xbox one-s can not.. you do the math. Userbase split will occur or it will hold back investment or totally kill the xbox one, leaving MS with just 1 overpriced and overpowered console: the Scorpio.

      It’s too soon to release the Scorpio, they should have waited for the real next gen cycle to start in my opinion..

      The real reason the Scorpio is made, was not to make better games, it was just to be able to claim that they have the most powerfull console out there.

      They are spending millions just to have.. bragging rights. XD

    • Joe Cool

      So you aren’t interested in the scorpio? Awesome!

    • I am interested enough to not be interested in the Scorpio.

    • Fweds

      He is a multi of one of the other jealous Sony lapdogs who have posted above simply because they are worried about Scorpio, and get excited when they get a few last gen revamped weird JRPGs, that they will never actually buy.

      Notice they are steering well clear of mentioning multi format title’s because the Scorpio is going to make the ps4 version look terrible.

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      “Notice they are steering well clear of mentioning exclusive title’s
      because the Scorpio is going to make the ps4 look like it has all the exclusives”.

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Very astute observations! They’re setting themselves up for continued failure unless they announce some mind blowing games going forward, and I mean MIND BLOWING.

    • They are puss* when it comes to taking a risk in game development. So no, forget about 1st party single player games, not coming to the Scorpio.

      Yeah sure there will be mindblowing games on the Scorpio.. but they will also be on the PS4 Pro.

      Once developers really get a “Naughty dog” level understanding of programming with the PS4 Pro 4k checkerboard system.. games will look as good as native 4k on the Scorpio.

      MS can only sit there like a lame duck and watch the world pass them by.

      The only thing worse than the Scorpio hype is the xbox fanboys holding on to their 4k/60 fps dream. I am seeing scorpio fans totally dissing the cr*p out of xbox one owners. Smh..

      Scorpio and xbox one owners are battling it out now. MS is cannibalizing it’s own userbase.. it’s more split than a banana lol

    • zcar_driver

      That would make good business sense. don’t you think?

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      No. Cancelling the game would make good business sense. Cancelling games. Its what they do.

    • zcar_driver

      Depends on the time and money invested. If they make anything its a win. Only for the fact that’s its a Microsoft exclusive.

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