Send Sony Your Suggestions If You Want Your Favorite PS2 Games on PS4

In case you want to pay for your favorite games again.

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ps2 emulation on ps4

For a change, Sony will apparently be listening to people when it comes to its PS2 Classics initiative on the PS4- they will be monitoring the #PS2PS4 hashtag on Twitter, so if you want Sony to know exactly what games you wish to see on the service, this is your way to let them know.

Currently, the service has games such as Rogue Galaxy, Dark Cloud, PaRappa The Rapper 2, and GTA: San Andreas. I’m pretty sure fans wouldn’t mind seeing some of the best PS2 games, such as Final Fantasy X, Devil May Cry 3, Resident Evil 4, Okami, and Persona 4, on the service.

Of course, if these games did come over, fans would still have to buy these games again, even if they already own them digitally- which in the case of games like Persona 4, they almost certainly do.

What a shame, really.

Still, I guess I’ll go ahead and let Sony know that the Persona games should be on the PS4.

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  • Hermione Granger

    i have my favorite ps2 games here on my shelves. i want to use my ps2 game disc on the ps4… I HAVE NO INTEREST IN REBUYING THINGS I ALREADY OWN FOR IDIOT PRICES. microsoft made free bc for their players, what do you do for your players sony??… NOTHING!.. maybe you should stop using slogans like “for the players” & “greatness awaits”.. sony are greedy, arrogant and a bunch of liars!… thats what they are.

    • legacy

      Sony knows that a lot of people don’t have ps2 games and where we suppose to buy these games ebay will charge more, gamestop sells super Nintendo games for 30 dollars imagine ps2 games so that’s a waste of time. 15 dollar’s and under is cool, i really hope kids are complaining about the price because if you grown you should be ashame of yourself.

    • Hermione Granger

      one of the worlds most sold consoles, the ps2… and people dont have the games??… you must be living under a rock, or have you fallen victim for sonys propaganda.

    • legacy

      Nobody living under a rock its call moving on, why im holding on to ps2 games for its time came and went, 15 bucks is chump change i can’t talk to people that think 15 dollar’s is a lot of money and i see you one them have a good one

    • Hermione Granger


  • saintfighteraqua

    Dark Cloud 2 and FFXII for starters.

  • kevin

    I love how everyone who comments has every ps2 game they ever owned still and complain about using them. I mean it made so much sense to get rid of a ps2 but keep the game’s just to sit there in case one day years and years later there might be a chance to use them. I’ve been gaming since I was 5 and ps2 is easily my favorite console ever but my system and games over the years have went who knows where so I have no problem getting a chance to experience ps2 classics on my ps4 especially since just adding trophies takes 1 to 2 months.

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  • GHz

    I love the idea, I just hate the implementation.

    I’d say do right by their customers and have a mechanism in place where you don’t have to repurchase games you already own if they insist on going forward with their streaming service. I understand that Sony needs the money, but customers need to be aware that there was never a need to create a separate business for this. PS+ & the PS store could’ve handled it all. Why ONLY stream when you could’ve simply have the game’s available for down load via PS+ also? PS+ was designed for this sort of thing where you have access to free games AS LONG as you remained a plus member. So what the difference? Raise the price of Plus if they have to, but charging a separate fee for Plus and a additional $15.00 per month for streaming is highway robbery. It should be PS + evolving outside of the PS3 & PS4 via streaming, where you don’t need the consoles to access the games, but just in case you love consoles, you have the option to download your games unto it. Sony will also be in a position to add value to Plus in a major way. A free PS 2/3 a month anyone?

    Well @ least Sony is now willing to listen to their customers. You guys should not be afraid to speak up on how you want this service to evolve for the better.

  • Michael

    Yep, they wanna know what games you suckers will pay for.

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