Seven things FFXIII-2 needs to accomplish to avoid meeting FFXIII’s fate

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The Final Fantasy franchise, once a timeless pillar in gaming and the Role Playing genre and one of the most revered and respected names in the industry, has now sunk to an all time low. Never before has Square Enix’s franchise seen such bad days. First, Final Fantasy XIII got released. While the game was not all bad, and had a lot of great qualities to boast of, it definitely wasn’t the kind of game that hardcore Final Fantasy fans were looking forward to, and was, by and large, a disappointment. Final Fantasy XIV… well, the less I say, the better. Bottomline: it sucked big time.

Final Fantasy XIII-2, though, looks all set to improve all the mistakes of Final Fantasy XIII. Square Enix has promised that they will be fixing everything that was wrong in XIII with XIII-2. But what do you people think should be the most important changes of all?

Given below are five changes we think must be made in Final Fantasy XIII-2 for it to hold any meaning in our hearts, and for the Final Fantasy brand name to be revived to its former glory. Enjoy the article, and don’t forget to leave your comments behind!

No spoon-feeding

There was a shitload of tutorials in Final Fantasy XIII.

 There were a lot of tutorials in Final Fantasy XIII. The game went on for hours and hours, and never did the tutorials stop coming. It held our hands and spoon-fed us like amateur gamers, telling us how to do everything in excruciating detail. Not only did that hamper the pace of the game, it was also extremely frustrating and irritating. Square Enix has to improve on this in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Maybe they will have to cut back on the unnecessary complexities, or not explain everything to us in such detail, or just let some simple things be and not explain them at all. Either way, Square needs to cut back on the tutorials in FFXIII-2.

No irritating characters, please

I. Hate. Vanille.

What was it that people hated most about Final Fantasy, apart from the extremely linear dungeon design and zero focus on exploration? Vanille, of course. The bafflingly happy, carefree girl with the chirpy voice who was always jumping around must have been designed for the purpose of connecting with the audience with a cute and lovable character. Vanille was anything but. She was irritating, and she got on everybody’s nerves everytime she spoke, move, or was as much as shown on the screen. Where are the days when Final Fantasy used to cast characters like Cecil or Cloud or Kain? Bring back those good old days, Square, and give us some characters that are actually likeable, and, you know, “cool”.

More exploration, better level design 

Move forward. Battle enemies. Defeat boss. Watch cutscene. Repeat several times. Game over.

All dungeons and environments in Final Fantasy XIII sure looked expansive and grand in scope, but they were extremely linear, so much so that you would never ever see a branching path. The most you would see would be a tiny little sub path, like an offshoot, which would end a few steps later with a treasure chest. So basically, all the dungeons were the same, with just differently plastered environments. The level design was bland, levels were straightforward, and in general, it was what pissed of Final Fantasy and RPG fans the most. Yes, the game opened up about 25 hours into the adventure, and gave you this huge world to explore, but most sane people had lost their patience by then, since the game didn’t even have something as simple as towns. Final Fantasy XIII-2 needs to improve on that- heavily. Bring back the level design and dungeons from the days of Final Fantasy IX or X, or even XII for that matter. Give us vast fields to explore, huge cities to wander and countless NPCs to talk to- from the very beginning of the game. After all, this is what defines an RPG, eh?

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  • Kartik Mudgal

    The writing in FFXIII was pretty poor, although, I just want them to get the pacing right.

  • The story is bad and the battle was just pressing x to win. Most of the time, what is the point of choosing your own actions in battle while selecting auto battle does the same thing and a lot faster? It’s a fail battle system. What were they thinking?

  • Joe

    Yea, I will most definitely not buy FFXIII-2. Horrible idea to bring a game back most everyone was disappointed with. What is Square thinking…? I think that it is time to say goodbye to Final Fantasy for good. 🙁

  • How critical and fanatic people are regarding FF. XIII was different but so is every Final Fantasy. There will be trial and error when seeking innovation. There is no pleasing you. If FF stuck with the same formula since FFIV, people would say its mundane and worn. They seek to bring a story where your characters are being persecuted as they battle against the clock of their own fate. And now saying FF is done for good? Its not Squares fault but your own for loosing faith in this franchise. They seek redemption with FFXIII-2 and allow us a chance to go deeper into the lore this games as offered. Not the best FF but it still is. If I were you, I would look forward to this. Who knows what mysteries lurk in Pulse and the aftermath in Cocoon.

    • I think you are forgetting about the Dragon Quest series and how its almost a re-cycle every game and those people that just lap them up one after another.

    • Mikey

      Oh and WTF is with all this DLC that you have to pay for? If I went to the car lot and purchased a car only to find out that the tires are not included what do you think my reaction is going to be? Again, this is all part of the CASH GRAB.
      Why do customers (loyal fans) put up with this bullshit? If you make a product it should be complete, it should be quality work for the hard earned money you’ve paid. People stop putting up with this bullshit. Boycott any company that charges you for DLC. Would you buy a house that didn’t include windows? Only if they’re going to give you a huge discount. Imagine going for urgent heart surgery and you find out that you have to pay more for clean sharp tools. WTF!!!! Or imagine buying a box of KD only to find that you have to buy a different box for the cheese. WTF!!!! Cash GraB and fight against this practice because it’s bullshit.

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  • i love ff13, the story are very good and perfect graphic, althought the battle is bad but i think ff 13 2 gonna improve, i believe in square and looking forward to ff 13 2

  • Mikey

    I’ve been playing FF since ’88 and have been a fan since right up to now.
    I bought this game thinking that all the reviews I read would lead me in the right direction. I was wrong, in fact I believe that all those reviews were written by Square Staff in an attempt to save their jobs.
    Square Enix obviously did not read this, nor did they pay any attention to their fans, nor does it seem that they even cared. This game is such a huge disappointment, I can’t even bare to finish the game.
    The graphics are great, the story line isn’t too bad but everything else SUCKS! I hate the annoying Moogle. All the interesting characters from the first game are not playable. The constant extreme loading sceens that you have to jump hoops through is just enough to make you want to throw the disk across the street. WTF were they thinking when they recycled crap and then attempted to force feed us that it’s all new. Did I mention the level where it’s battle after battle, I mean you can hardly take a step without battle. It’s not the battles that bother me, but the poor writing as to why there are soo many battles. Not only do you have to jump through this hoop once but multiple times.
    There is no innovation with this game, poor character development, recycled crap. 13 was at least innovative and creative attempt to provide something new to their fans, whereas this is just a lame excuse of a cash grab.
    I will not easily be coming back to anything that Square does unless it’s EPIC. Major FAILURE!


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