Shuehei Yoshida: The PS Vita Will Continue To Be A Great Platform To Play Games On

Yeah, right.

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sad PS Vita

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida believes that, in spite of Sony categorically dropping the Vita and ending all major support for it, to the extent that the handheld did not even get any time during Sony’s E3 presser this year, the system will continue to be a great place to play games.

“So today our focus as first-party is to work on PS4 titles,” Yoshida said to GameReactor, “but we’re offering digital games that works on PS4 and PS Vita, games that we release are this year like Helldivers, works really well on PS Vita as well.

“And there’s no shortage of great Vita games coming out from great indies, like Volume or Super Time Force Ultra, that come with [their] PS4 counterpart that people can purchase one game and get the game on both platforms, and you can play at home on PS4 and you can continue playing on your PS Vita.

Yoshida continued: “People love it. I love it, the way I can play the games on Vita on the go, because I travel a lot. I’ve been playing Shovel Knight, and that’s awesome, but I can continue my play at home on PS4 as well. So we continue to support these efforts, and some Japanese publishers are announcing new exciting titles as well, like you saw the World of Final Fantasy announced by Square-Enix, that will come on PS Vita as well.

“So I think PS Vita will continue to be a great platform to play games, and there will continue to be great games coming out on the system as well.”

You know, usually I am appreciative of what Yoshida has to say, but I have to call bullshit on this one. The Vita could have been a great handheld, but Sony sabotaged it at every turn, before dropping it for dead with little provocation. If at this point, the handheld continues to do well – which it won’t, it’s barely subsisting – then it won’t have anything to do with Sony, and more to do with indie developers.

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  • Martin

    It doesn’t really matter now what sony thinks of it, the vita’s got more games than any console, even if almost all of them are niche titles. I’m happy as long as there are games coming to the system.

    • kma99

      What happens when the fir3rd party devs stop making games for it just like the first party because they think its a waste of time? Then we get a dead handheld. 1

    • Martin

      While you do have a point, I can’t really see that happening, honestly. I mean, even the PSP is getting games in 2015, so why not the vita? Third party developer aren’t really going to stop making games for it any soon. Besides, the vita is a great success in Japan. The games localized from Japan are good enough to barely keep the system going even if no one makes games for it, but indies will keep popping out on the system, and while Sony has almost no support for it, they show no indication to abandon the platform.

    • kma99

      If thry feel that its not worth the time to make a vita game then how long will they support it. I would at lease want one 1st party studio game. What better way to show the fans your appreciation than to have a vita port of a new uncharted.

  • hiawa23

    The Vita is already dead for those of us who want games like Uncharted, Madden, and don’t like niche, indie games.

    • Nobodyouknow3

      Nah, quit trolling… It is obvious you do not own a vita… :/

    • hiawa23

      PSN ID is hiawa23, I have owned a Vita since launch 2012, as I have the PSP, and every other Sony console. Not trolling that is for kids, or immature adults, and I am too old for that nonsense, just calling it like I see it. For those like me who bought the Vita hoping for console style games like Uncharted, sports on the go games like Madden, or NBA, or more games like Ninja Gaiden 1 & 2, Resistance, and who don’t like Indie and phone style games, Sony has all but abandoned the Vita. This great technology has been reduced to this, but if you are happy with things, more power to you, keep it moving..

    • Rooker

      Show me where the PS Vita is a phone game and indie that are not multiplatform and are exclusives are keeping this system afloat as well as Japanese games. Do not like what Sony is doing? Blame you the consumer for not supporting it… Sony did not deliver. I other words blame BOTH…

      Business works both ways buddy, not.the other way around.

    • Demetrius Radford

      I agree… I wanted a handheld gta, 2k, new call of duty, infamous but we got nothing really so my vita’s long gone

  • Minecraft is available for it. That’s all I need.


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