Silent Hills May Not Be A PS4 Exclusive, Metal Gear Solid 5 Nearing Completion

Kojima also reveals how Fox Engine makes life easier for designers and programmers.

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During on going live stream from Konami at Tokyo Games Show, Hideo Kojima has revealed interesting new details about Silent Hills and Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. The stream was translated by JunkerHQNet in a series of tweets. Since the demo of P.T. was a PS4 exclusive there were reports that Silent Hills might be a PS4 exclusive, however during the stream Silent Hills’ writer mentioned that the technology of the PS4 and Xbox One let’s them do amazing things. So it’s a possibility that the game will come to Xbox One.

Moving on, Kojima met Norman Reedus in person and offered him the role as the lead character in the game as he likes his work. He believes that a lot of horror has become horror action now and he wanted to do more of an old school horror. Furthermore, they used Chico for the concept movie because the team was only 3 CG artists and the writer.

Kojima also spoke about the Fox Engine. Fox Engine editor lets the level designers do about 80% of their work by themselves and revealed that  MGS5 is now nearing completion after almost five years in development. With Fox Engine designers could do more removing their dependency on programmers and they can change the game’s environment much more easily. Due to the engine, the development costs have been reduced as well.  He also shared a presentation of what the Fox Engine is capable of.

Thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • supersungin


    • TGallembey3478

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    • John Doe

      I thought the shitbox had all these games?

      Xbox One is dogshit and Xbox fanboys are begging for games on the drybox180. lol

      2.5 billion on Minecraft but no new AAA lol

      Looks like Microsoft only cares about stealling top sellers instead of making new games.

      Rehashes of Halo, Fartza, Fable, and Queers of War are what Microsoft cares about.

      There is talk that SilentHills may be a Project Morpheus exclusive. If the game keeps showing up at Sony’s conferences and not Microsoft’s, I wonder why? lol

    • d0x360

      Good god man. Grow a brain. You sound like a drunk 8 year old.

    • John Doe

      Just dishing out the facts lol

    • d0x360

      Oh Yea? Sounds more like childish fanboy nonsense to me. Both platforms currently have a lack of strong titles. Both currently have a few good exclusives and both have plenty of great games coming out. The only real difference between the 2 are services and apps.

    • john doh

      Here’s a fact: Sony posting another silky smooth 2.3 billion dollar loss.

    • Ippoletta

      Ouch, Microsoft spends 2.5 billion on Minecraft like it’s nothing and sony losing 2.1 billion like it’s nothing. nothing out of the ordinary here.


    Saying that PS4 and Xbone allows to do greta stuff with Fox Engine doesn’t mean SILENT HILLS will be multiplats. The Fox Engine is multiplatform (even PES uses it). With states like that you cna make up any news you want to get hits. CLEAR confirmation = NEWS. Speculations News.

    • xbox1rules23

      it will not be a ps4 exclusive. deal with it


      It wasn’t confirmed to be on XBone and always played on PS4. Xbone can’t handle MGSV at 720p with Dynamic skybox and this is a cross-gen ttitle with no next-gen features, let alone a full fledged current-gen game like Silent Hills on PS4. Deal with it. Keep dreaming harder about your MGS Collection lol XDDDDDDDDDD

    • John Doe

      Xbox One is dogshit and Xbox fanboys are begging for games on the drybox180. lol

      2.5 billion on Minecraft but no new AAA.

      Tides have turned, huh Xbots? lol

    • Manoj Varughese

      Actually it doesn’t matter. What matters is what fails to come to PS4,

    • Psionicinversion

      every X1 exclusive hah

    • Andy Stephenson

      But. Xbox doesn’t have exclusives and from what i hear it will be a ps4 exclusive konami have always worked really closely with Sony so do the suprised if it never sees the Xbox one

  • demfax

    Silent Hills is probably multiplatform including PC, like most 3rd party AAAs going forward.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    So this and DD the dog is all I missed last night?

  • d0x360

    If silent hill is exclusive to Sony will all the sony fanboys cause a ****storm like they did about tomb raider? I doubt it.

    As for if this is exclusive, I doubt it. Silent hill isn’t a big seller especially not these days after 4 horrible games in a row. They need all the buyers they can get. P.T was a great idea but it was a simple test and a gift to fans. It wasn’t a message of exclusivity.

    Even if it is exclusive anyone who wants to play it can. You just buy the platform. They are both worth owning

    • Psionicinversion

      also MGS5 Phantom Pain is coming to PC so Silent Hill will to seeing as its built by the same guy

    • John Doe

      The real question is why did Xbots say that Sony’s gamescom conference sucked but now they’re begging for one of the games Sony showed at gamescom? LOL

    • d0x360

      I haven’t seen it yet but fanboys regardless of what platform they swear their illogical allegiance too act like idiots no matter what happens.
      What did Sony show in the conference? The only thing I saw about it was that it was boring from a major YouTube channel but I dont remember which. It was either destructoid, Eurogamer, ign or maybe screw attack. I can find it in my feed if you wanna watch. I haven’t seen it yet do I dunno what their complaint was but if i had to guess I’d imagine its because nothing new was unveiled.

      I dont know what people expect. Generally the only conference that isn’t boring is e3 since that’s when most of the new stuff is shown.

    • demfax

      Sony showed the following games at Gamescom 2014:

      Sony exclusives: The Tomorrow Children, Until Dawn, Tearaway Unfolded, Alienation, WiLD, Rime, DriveClub, The Order: 1886, Bloodborne, LittleBigPlanet 3

      Timed console exclusives: Dreamfall Chapters, HellBlade, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, Volume, HollowPoint, Runemaster, Nom Nom Galaxy, Pix the Cat, Papers Please, In Space We Brawl, Ether One, Qube 2, Snow, DayZ

      Multiplatform games: Silent Hills (P.T.), FarCry 4, Destiny, Shadow Of Mordor

      They showed 8 AAA games, indies that look near AAA quality (HellBlade, The Tomorrow Children, Until Dawn, Tearaway Unfolded, WiLD, Rime), and launched P.T. that turned out to be a big hit.

    • d0x360

      I wouldn’t call that lineup boring but neither of them are exciting either. that’s just a symptom of time of year. We don’t see big new stuff now and its like this every year so people shouldn’t be shocked over it.

    • Simon the Chicken

      The most games people play are AAA titles which is why they are called AAA titles. Indie games are a whole different ball park because they aren’t well a big corporation. Most indie games are made by a group of young people (friends) who come together to work on different aspects of a game before releasing it. Most indie games are either make it or break it and try again, corporations are a different story. So my point is more teenagers/kids who game on console are more likely to buy what’s hot now (AAA games) compared to indie games.

    • Ippoletta

      We’re not begging for anything so calm down. only a fool would think Silent hills was PS4 exclusive. i paid close attention to the moron executives at sony and none of them claimed that it was.

      before, they wouldn’t shut up when something was exclusive and all of a sudden they have nothing to say. i waiting for them to say it, but they didn’t even try lol.

      but sure lets use trickery and reveal the PT demo as exclusive and make people think the full game is Exclusive since they cant lie about that anymore like with Destiny or GTAV. that’s what sony does, lie about the exclusivity and hope you buy their console. of course kojima wouldn’t say no since he’s so buddy buddy with them. sony probably didn’t have to cough up much cash. since they’re so broke.

      the full game will be on Xbox One. and this just confirms it.

  • Venom Snake

    Now i just Hope Silent Hills is coming to PC as well along side the PS4 and X1, because the Majority of the Horror Video Gaming Fan-Base is on PC Gaming, we play more Horror Games then the Console owner…this could also be explained by the fact that there are more kids until 15 years playing on Consoles then on PC, so we deserve it as well, we contributed with Money to the Silent Hill Franchise as well trough Steam, so it should come to PC!


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