Skara Using Xbox One SDK Update To Improve LOD And Character Details, Dev Extremely Happy

Commercial Director of Skara: The Blade Remains, Cesar Ortega on using the SDK update.

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Skara: The Blade Remains is an upcoming fps style hand to hand combat game due for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It is also one of the few titles that will be using the Xbox One SDK update in order to improve the performance.

“The first tests we made were with the June SDK, so our initial impression is that we are extremely happy with that 10% extra GPU :)” Commercial Director, Cesar Ortega said to GamingBolt. “The new SDK gives more resources to developers, and that´s always a good thing. We still haven’t decided where to use that extra 10 percent from the CPU, but probably not in effects. We are creating our effects to run similarly on both systems, no matter if it’s a PC or a console.

But expect great things in our LOD´s system, with a more polished view of the characters and scenarios even from the far.”

Stay tuned for more coverage on Skara: The Blade Remains in the coming days.

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  • Wargreymon559 .

    So they were able to an extra pixel with the update??xD

    • Guest

      What are you taking about man, everybody knows that 10% more on x1 makes it a beast capable of 1080p on everything, while PS4 still being over 50% more powerful aint dookie! 50% on the PS4 doesnt amount to much while 10% on X1 is magical. I so love MS and the X1. It is the most awesomemess awesome of all awesomes.

    • Cigi

      Then please show me the pooowar of the PS4. All the Coming new games are 1080p and there now seems to be parity between the two when you look at the actual games. – like COD AW, the division, destiny. Sony platforms are as always very un- balanced and the gddr3 bandwith is not as you World expect, as there is a difference between cpu and gpu. And the system is severely cpu bottlenecked.

    • demfax

      Wrong, some Xbox games are still coming at 900p.

      We don’t know CoD Advanced Warfare’s resolution on PS4. Xbox One footage seems to be dynamic scaling between 800-900p, with framerate drops to 30 during the single player campaign.

      The Division res is not confirmed but appears to be running sub-1080p on Xbox One based on E3 footage.

      Destiny is a cross-gen game where devs specifically said they wanted parity (aka not taking advantage of PS4’s stronger hardware).

      PS4 is more balanced and more powerful, and easier to code for.

  • Vious

    wait….so they got 10% gpu + 10% cpu also?

    • jaskdavis

      I Have heard about the 5% CPU but not 10%…? New to me

    • Guest

      Probably just a mistake.

    • Probably.

    • If so, I’m surprised “Snap” still works…

    • Guest

      Its probably just a mess up, cuz the other dev said 5% CPU, now this one is saying 10%, and Wardell called the PS4’s GDDR5 “DDR5”. These guys dont even know what they are talking about. Its just 10% GPU, bringing it back to 1.31TF from 1.18TF, still a far cry from 1.843TF though, if you ask me. Both of which are weak in my book.

    • jent

      The SDK opened up the 10% reserve for the GPU but it also introduced more efficiency in other ways. For example the developer of Sniper elite commented about changes he saw coming to the SDK months before the decision was made to remove the requirement for the Kinect skeletal tracking. It is just a better SDK in addition to the reduction of the GPU reserve.

    • Top notch damage control.

    • Bugdiecat


    • Michael Norris

      That does make sense about the Cpu,the benchmark that was done showed that the Xone cpu was about 10% weaker than the Ps4 cpu.I would really like to see MS confirm the 5-10% Cpu increase,as of right now they only said the Gpu got the 10%.

    • Bugdiecat

      good job 10 + 10 = ?

  • things are getting wild!

    • Guest

      Yeah, wooo, a whole 10% WOOOO!!!, Thats still 40% less than the PS4’s 1.843TF, that’s even wilder! WOOOOHHH!!!!
      Fanboys are such clowns.Pathetic really.

    • You’re sure cheeky tonight.

    • jent

      I agree fanboys can be clowns.

    • Vious

      I don’t think the percentages scales like you think they do.
      40-50% is a theoretical number. not an absolute
      in practice it could’ve actually been just 13% difference.

    • Guest

      I know that it doesnt scale quite like that but then why is 10% on X1 so impressive and the scaling not questioned and going to do so much for the X1 but the 40-50% GPU difference on the PS4 so questionable? Seems to me like some serious subjective sidetaking/believing going on here.

    • Vious

      nothing subjective about it. you keep talking about a theoretical 40-50% difference.
      anyway, the 10% gives the impression of being “impressive” because just 10% seems to make that 40-50% difference you love to talk about nonexistent in practice.

    • Bugdiecat

      yawn…. boring…

    • Vious

      I guess for you the truth isn’t as exciting as when you’re lied to huh?
      by the way I have a question: do you remember when sony said the ps3 was 1.8 – 2TF, does that mean the ps3 is more powerful than the ps4?

    • Bugdiecat

      you’re wrong again, as usual.


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