Skyrim: List of Technical Issues You Should Know About

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Skyrim is finally here, and the review scores are off the charts. So here’s what you need to know. The Elder Scrolls games always had a history of bugs, glitches and other technical issues. It’s no different here. One thing to keep in mind is that the PC version will be eventually fixed by the modders, but the console version?

This would require Bethesda’s intervention. The game is getting perfect scores but you also need to know that there are some technical problems which were usually insignificant compared to the full experience offered.

Here they are below. Some of them are from the reviews.

We have been receiving reports that the PS3 version has been freezing a lot, but is actually the superior version out of the two, due to better textures. Yes that’s right, if you have bought the PS3 version, you can be satisfied at the fact that it is indeed really well optimized when it comes to textures.

PS3 version crashes as this has been the primary complaint so far. One of the complaints said, “Hi everyone, just a quick question. I’ve been playing Skyrim on PS3. It’ a great game but it keeps freezing on me forcing me to eject the disc and reboot the ps3. 

“Weird thing is that the first 10 hours went by without a single problem but now it freezes every 10 to 15 minutes. It’s not the fact that I’ve been playing long, just started playing about an hour ago and had 3 freezes.”

These are hard freezes as well, so if you’re a console gamer, be careful as this can happen on the 360 as well.

Here’s an another complaint, “My game locked up five or six times, though I didn’t lose any progress thanks to the game’s frequent automatic saves. I also experienced a handful of weird animation glitches and conversation errors — nothing major or game-breaking, but worth noting.”

Note: Day 1 patch for the game already up.

  • Dead bodies jittering.
  • Wall clipping
  • Your hands may disappear
  • Wearing a mask may turn you invisible
  • Mammoths may find it difficult to stay on the ground
  • Quests may be bugged (you know what happens then)
  • Game crashes

Have you encountered any problems? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • i have the ps3 version of the game and so far im having the notorius freezing,mostly when im giving arrows to my follower, in a point where i have to switch off the ps and start it over….plus the cam in 3rd person view zoom in ,after im exiting a dungeon, so close tha the tv is spliited in half..on the left there is my character and on the right the rest of the game!!
    it may not sound so terrible but the only reason i bought the game is of the 3rd person option,didnt enjoy oblivion that much from 1st person,so its a big deal for me…i had to start 2 times over!!!!….tha s..ks big time!!!

  • Ben

    The house in Whiterun the bookshelfs are not activating and also the weapons rack within the house isnt allowing any activation at all.

  • playing it on PC and works just fine even thought my PC dosent have nearly as much RAM that is required, little laggy but fine for me.

  • Kenneth Matthew

    This is what you do to prevent freezing,first try holding LB and RB and X whilest it’s loading this may work but ,it hasn’t for me this will work load your last save create a new save not a new game just a new save from the last load and delete the last load this will bypass the freezing also turn off your auto saves even though it will make it more difficult to play it on hard.

  • Guy

    Ive got the Ps3 version, lately my game freezes and locks up my machine when ever I walk into water, Eventually I have to just switch of my machine. Really annoying not being able to go in water, I can walk in shallow water, but as soon as I totally submerge that’s when it freezes.

  • david

    my complaint is that every time i go or attempt to go into water, my ps3 will freeze( hard freeze). its so annoying, but its a great game and im trying not to let it get to me as much,but if it dont get fixed soon i will probally be done with the elder scrolls altogether.

    • randy

      ya mine dos the same thing w the water and im where u have to git in the water its so not kool any more 🙁

    • randy

      im see if this works so fare ppl r saying its dos so im try ill late ya know k

      Delete Update File is what ppl r saying to do

    • randy

      Delete Update File

      than re do the 1.05 update and ur good to go 🙂 worked for me

  • Ahryn

    I’ve encountered two glitches that have prevented me from completing certain quests. I have the PS3 version. The first quest is HIred Muscle. They named Faendal of Riverwood as he who is causing trouble. Well ironically he died when a dragon attacked before I aquired the quest and was dead upon arrival. The second quest on my husband’s profile Waking Nightmare has a similar problem. It directs you to follow Erandur but upon entering the Nightcaller Temple he is missing, although the arrow shows on the map bar that he is right in front of you. Now both quests are unable to continue.

  • dan

    yes my skirim freezes also i see a lot of comments about the game freezing but is their a fix for the problem. i’ve started over 2 times it works fine for a fiew hours and when i get into the higher levels it freezes up every 10 min please let me know of a fix for the problem, thanks.

  • Evil_Gods

    On the PS3 version of skyrim, every time i go into water my game freezes and crashes. It sucks because i can’t do any quests that involve water.

  • Mr Saxophone

    I have the pc version and my hands are invisible anytime I draw a weapon. I can still see the weapon or the spell but no hands are there

  • Snowskeeper

    There’s also a glitch which happened after the completion of the Dawnguard vampire storyline for me. When I fire a bow, the game freezes.

  • Magnus

    There is a glitch… after you ran away from the silver mines of markarth with forsaken you visit the jarl and he said sorry for putting you in jail but if you encounter a guard he will try to arrest you and say”halt you have committed crime…blah blah blah and no matter what option you choose except for fight he just stare for a sec then walk a bit and then again come after you and its all over again…eventually you have to fight and kill him and become a convict in markarth…which is bad as you have to do many missions the easiest way to conquer this glitch is… if you have not gone to the peace treaty yet and not have won enemy cities.. then go to peace treaty and and exchange markarth for any other city and all you crime records from markarth are vanished…

  • help

    Mine is really glitches if some one can help that would be great like it won’t even let me in whiterun


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