Skyrim: Pete Hines outraged about game’s piracy

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Some people have been getting their pre-ordered Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim copies days earlier than the official release date and have been streaming gameplay online, and apparently, Pete Hines is outraged. Though he isn’t screaming and shouting curse words like a fourteen year old, he’s showing his displeasure with cutting sarcasm.

“What are you expecting me to say?” he said in response to a fan’s question regarding the same. “Someone has a pirated copy of our game and is streaming it pre-launch. Um, I’m overjoyed.”

When another fan asked him if he was “mad” about the piracy, he said: “No, I’m completely nonplussed by people who pirate our games, whatever their defense/rationale.”

Seems like people should start messing with him before he loses his cool, eh?

He also confirmed that the game will be fully localized in Japanese and Italian, and maybe others, but he hasn’t confirmed about other languages just yet.

Oblivion has sold 4 million copies when Bethesda revealed the sales a few years ago, but it is certain that it must have sold over 5 million. Bethesda has nothing to worry about Skyrim’s sales, as the preorder reports from the US are terrific, which means we may see a huge opening for the game. As with other games, Skyrim will have huge legs, so it will steadily sell a lot of copies over time. Good games need to be rewarded, so we appeal to gamers to buy this game, as it is shaping up to be a fantastic RPG.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim releases on November 11 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Stay tuned for more info.

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  • us

    skyrim will sell much more then oblivion
    you have to remmember that many people had no idea what oblivion was, many got it used, others picked it up after they saw how great fallout 3 was.
    skyrim also has much better graphics which is probably the worst part of oblivion.

    • Lol, that’s quite hilarious saying the graphics were the worst part of Oblivion. Apart from the fact that is untrue, regardless of what you compare the graphics to, the graphics in Oblivion were brilliant when the game was released.

    • Yea I have to agree with Mael, when Oblivion was released it was next-level beautiful.

    • Upon its release… Oblivion was not comparable graphically to alot of games that year… but it was still quite good… the other elements of the game exceeded its graphics… maybe that’s his point?

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  • First off, let me be clear I am not a PC player. My only way to play PC games would be Boot Camp on a mac, so therefore I really only play PS3 and therefore never even thought of pirating (till now). I was stupid enough to buy the PS3 version of Skyrim a week after launch. Figured the Xbox360 reviews would pretty much match the PS3, and didn’t think much of the fact that Bethesda held off on giving PS3 versions to reviewers. The PS3 version is utterly broken. If a patch does not fix it soon, I am pretty sure Best Buy will not let me return an opened game, and can bet that Bethesda won’t be sending me a check for $60 either. If a patch fails to fix the PS3 version of game I’m going to trade in my PS3 version and pirate it for PC. With no doubt, no hesitation, and certainly no guilt. And I bet that version will be a buggy, laggy mess too. Flame me all you want, but the way I see it I got mugged. I don’t have an army of lawyers, or my lips on Microsoft’s ass. The better business bureau isn’t much on my side either, they’re just negotiators. But I can easily download a torrent. I’m totally down with being a beta-tester, Bethesda, but I won pay for it. If the patch doesn’t fix Skyrim, Boot-Camp, here I come.

  • The PC version is just as buggy… honestly, I believe that the people who bought the game should be given their money back and those whom pirated it should be paid as playtesters for this pile of crap…

  • Why do all these articles keep referring to pre-release games (which were purchased, for money… you know… bought) being let out the door a few days early “piracy?” Is this the new ooo-scary media buzzword for everything that mildly annoys a software company now?

    Though it’s good that he’s outraged about something. We’re still “outraged” about the ridiculous”Scrolls” lawsuit. I think I’m going to go pirate the game another three of four times just to get the torrent higher. (Editor’s Note: I mean the “download illegally” version of ‘pirate’, not the “pay money for a game in which I still have only limited usage rights for” version.)


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