Skyrim Remaster And Fallout 4 Mods: Bethesda Further Clarifies How They’re Going To Work

The restrictions don’t sound *that* bad.

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Fallout 4 Nuka World

After a lot of wrangling, mod support for the PS4 versions of The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Special Edition and Fallout 4 was finally confirmed. However, Bethesda had confirmed that there would be restrictions on how mods work on PS4 compared to how they will work on Xbox One or PC. In a recent bunch of tweets, Bethesda’s Pete Hines clarified exactly what these restrictions will entail.

He confirmed that fans will be able to mod the game using any and all assets that are found the games or their DLC- but anything that is not found in the games code cannot be used for mods on PS4. He also confirmed that actually making mods that work on PS4 will require fans to purchase a PS4 copy of the game in question- if they want to make mods using assets found in the DLC, they will need to purchase a copy of that DLC too. Mods will be downloaded via a BNet account from a main menu option.

No mods will come preinstalled on, say, retail copies of The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Special Edition, since mods are entirely handled by users, from creation to uploading to downloading and activating. On the whole, while this sounds a whole lot more restrictive than it would be on the Xbox One and PC, at least PS4 users are getting something. I suppose there’s that, at least.

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  • theblackgecko

    Seems like a reasonable restriction. Granted, it makes more fantastical (or pornographic) mods impossible, but considering that players have access to all the game assets, there’s plenty to work with.

    • d0x360

      It’s pretty unreasonable actually. It removes the ability to make all but basic mods.

    • manofredearth

      Settlement builders have been squeezing every drop of unintended use out of workshop pieces. It’s artful. I believe the same crafty manipulation will be applied again. I see a new wave of desirable, novel mods born out of a limited palette wielded by unending creativity.

    • d0x360

      Yes they have and especially on pc where they have mods that allow them to do things they normally couldn’t. Mods that won’t work on ps4 because they generally contain original content

      There is a huge difference between settlements built with and without mods. I’ve never been impressed by a non modded settlement.

    • manofredearth

      I would honestly have to suppose that you haven’t looked hard enough.

      You missed my point, or I misunderstood your reply: Players with no access to mods have made absolutely brilliant settlements by squeezing every ounce of creative juice out of the system. We’ll see the same with PS4 modders, to be certain, regardless of outside assets.

      With native textures, sounds, and materials, we’ll see PS4 modders emulating many mods with obvious differences but still creative & functional – Many miss r use outside resources because they can, even though perfectly suitable native substitutes already exist. And, by the same process, we’ll see a ton of completely new mods with native elements just because so many others are quick to incorporate outside resources before seeing if native resources would fit the bill.

      The current mod scene is a “tyranny of choice” – not actually bad in and of itself, but completely open to producing just about anything with whatever they can find. But a limited palette can produce just add much creativity when every native element is put to use in every way possible – the very thing current modders skip out on when outside resources are readily available.

      For example, want some Star Wars in PS4 Fallout? It’ll happen: lightsabers from neon lighting on texture-modified melee weapons with distorted/modified sound, stormtrooper armor from texture-modified armors & other gear, force effects from weapon effects modified for unarmed combat… How about environmental effects? Place-anywhere trees & vegetation, weather manipulation, scrap anything, texture-swap natural elements…

      Anyway, it’s not about being limited, it’s about achieving greatness through creativity with a limited yet expansive palette. YMMV.

    • d0x360

      I got your point. We just have a disagreement over what constitutes impressive and that’s fine. You are allowed to think something is impressive and I’m allowed to think something is impressive and those things don’t have to be the same.

      When you are used to mods that have original content in them being used to build complex and original settlements that look fantastic it kind of detracts from something that might be equally complex in design but not as varied in style.

      Even with that said there are 100% original tools that have been made for pc and Xbox one that will NOT be allowed on ps4 that makes base building easier and fundamentally better even with the original art assets and pieces given to us by Bethesda…

      It isn’t just about visuals there are so many things that Sony is blocking with this no original content rule.

      As a ps4 owner and gamer I find it pretty disturbing that one platform is allowing something while the other is putting odd restrictions on them. It makes no sense and it means if I were to be the owner of the ps4 version of either game I’d have a version that’s not as feature rich as the other 2 versions.

      That’s pretty stupid and again it should make anyone planning to buy either game pretty miffed at sony.

      The implications are bigger than Bethesda. There are plenty of games that can have mods that will now be gimped on a sony platform but not on the others. The same thing goes for cross platform play. Sony has oddly said no while Microsoft has said yes. So now on a Microsoft console I could play with friends who are on pc but in that same game on a sony platform I can only play with others on a sony platform. It’s stupid and It’s antiquated.

      Allow me to simplify…

      Me – I hate restrictions especially when they make no sense.

      You- I will justify these pointless restrictions somehow.

    • manofredearth

      Your original claim: “It’s pretty unreasonable actually. It removes the ability to make all but basic mods.”

      My reply addressed this sufficiently.

      Your follow up error: “…there are 100% original tools that have been made for pc and Xbox one that will NOT be allowed on ps4 that makes base building easier and fundamentally better even with the original art assets and pieces given to us by Bethesda”


      1a. The “100% original” tools for PC/XBone…
      R: Vague. What are the tools? Be detailed and double check that they use none of the assets in the game, none a single thing at all from Bethesda, to assure that they are “100% original”.

      1b. “…makes base building easier and fundamentally better…”
      R: Fundamental Attribution Error. Your experience does not equal my experience as far as enjoyment & ease is concerned, nor does your experience currently have experiential knowledge of how PS4 mods will be developed and employed by the community.

      2. The entirety of remaining text between, “”It isn’t just about visuals there are so many things that Sony is blocking with this no original content rule” and “It’s stupid and It’s antiquated.”
      R: Red Herring – I never said anything about “just visuals”. And you completely ceased to discuss our issue. My response was to the claim, “It’s pretty unreasonable actually. It removes the ability to make all but basic mods.” Nothing about our shared dismay over the PS4 modding situation has anything to do with whether or not people will be creating amazing mods. Instead of arguing your view on whether or not PS4 mods can be great, you wrote extensively of how much you think the situation sucks. The fact that things will be blocked is not our argument, it’s the foundation to the premise “PS4 mods can be amazing despite limited resources”.

      Honestly, we’re agreeing on more than not, but the fact that Sony screwed us on the PS4 (oh man, for SO much more than just FO4) was not the issue at hand in any way, but it’s almost all you wrote about, before closing with a very weak Straw Man.

      I’ve adjusted it appropriately.

      You: “I hate restrictions especially when they make no sense” yet are restricted by something in some way every moment of your life (you can’t pick your birthday, your parents, your point of origin, the actions of others, the weather, the passage of time, the speed of light, the laws of physics, the identity of another object or being, whether or not a website provides what you demand, whether or not you can use extraordinary abilities such as flight or invisibility… and yet I doubt you are as miserable as you suggest you would be if your statement was truthful.

      Me: Restrictions can suck, but creative people will produce creative products regardless of the available palette.

    • d0x360

      The foundation of it sucking is the very basis of everything. People creating cool settlement areas has nothing to do with it and your list of “fallacies” isn’t a list of fallacies at all since everything I said is true regardless of where I went after addressing your initial statement about settlements.

      My entire argument is based on the fact that BETTER everything can be made with mods that contain original content. That’s why they EXIST.

      Skyui exists because it’s better. It exists on Xbox and PC but never on ps4. Endreral or however you spell it can’t exist on ps4 but it can on Xbox one, that awesome new horror quest line in Skyrim that’s like 10 hours can exist on Xbox one but it CAN’T on ps4.

      It goes well beyond visuals. Instead of using words incorrectly maybe you should look into subtext.

    • manofredearth

      Subtext is an underlying theme occurring throughout a text. One subtext of your writing is that you wish others to take your unsupported and emotional opinions as hard fact. When you do not understand the meaning of words nor put in the effort to look up what you do not know (logical fallacies), you are incapable of crafting, let alone defending, an argument (making a claim and supporting it).

      Your opinion is valid to you, and your subtext is clear that you are not interested in an actual discussion. My argument is valid and uncontested by your opinions. Great mods will be made for the PS4 regardless of great mods on other systems.

      Continue trolling/gaslighting to your heart’s (native) content.


    • d0x360

      Oh for the love of God guy stop talking like you think you are some kind of super genius. Its obnoxious and anyone who understands what you are saying can see it’s not only obnoxious but WRONG.

      You are defending a horrible decision by Sony. There is no logic there aside from fanboy logic wrapped up in pretty big words.

      You might fool the common jackass with that crap but you aren’t fooling anyone over the age of 16 with it.

      My response to sony isn’t emotional because I’ll be playing the remaster for free in 4k 60fps on PC with all the mods I want so it doesn’t effect me at all.

      I’m telling people who only own sony consoles to get emotional because they should but you can’t seem to read between the know subtext where I infer certain things without needing to actually say them. Something you clearly don’t understand since you keep going back to the same nonsense fanboy argument.

      It’s not ok that Sony is shafting their user base. It just isn’t and trying to justify it makes you look…sad

    • manofredearth

      Hating intelligence is the mark of the ignorant. And all you do is dodge & shift in every reply. Come back when you’re less emotional and more prepared for intelligent conversation devoid of your rampant fallacies.

  • This just killed any interest I may have had in purchasing a PS4. I was under the impression that the console makers wanted to convince us that their systems meet and exceed the gaming experience you might get from a PC.

    This does not do that; rather the opposite.

    • E3

      Yep, this is why I got a pc and I’ll stay with PC as much as possible!

  • Chasebot

    I’m surprised nobody is seeing that. The mod support is a joke, 90% of the mods won’t even work on this so called “mod support”. Bethesda effectively lost the battle with Sony about the mods and gave in. They had to give in to save the sales for Skyrim Remastered on Ps4. Everyone is celebrating this mod support, which is nothing but placebo. We will see once this “mod support” has gone live and you sit there with like three mods to choose from.


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