Skyrim Remastered: Bethesda Defends $60 Price Tag, Pre-Load, And Language Support Detailed

Complaining about having to pay $60 for a remaster this extensive seems very odd to me.

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skyrim special edition

Overpricing older games reissued as remasters or re-releases is an unfortunately common occurrence and trend in the gaming industry- but the one time that I do not think that criticism applies at all is with the upcoming The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Special Edition, the remaster for Bethesda’s 2011 classic hit.

The remaster of Skyrim is very extensive, includes all the DLC ever released for the game (also remastered), and it introduces mod support for consoles too- in other words, this is the rare remaster that can get away with being full priced. So it’s good to see Bethesda defend the game against people decrying the price online. Bethesda’s Pete Hines took to his Twitter to point out just how extensively the game has been overhauled from the original.

Hines also shared some information on the languages the game will be supporting (the same as the original Skyrim), as well as information on pre-loads for digital pre-orders (should be available in the coming weeks). The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Special Edition is due out later this year on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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  • I don’t think I mind paying $60 for a lifetime of gameplay.

    • The Liberator

      I think you mean: $60 for a lifetime of gameplay that you already paid for*

      The game was already made, all Bethesda did was replace a few files. It’s not like they spent 3 years developing a whole new game. It literally took them 2 months tops to remaster the game.

      I play PC though, so I have nothing to worry about. Just saying, it’s a scam.

    • I’m on PS4 and it’s going to be great to have a remaster either way. I got Skyrim Legendary Edition pre-owned for $5 at Gamestop so i’m not getting ripped off. It’ll be fun replaying everything with a better game setup and improved graphics. The mere fact that I get to play one of the best games ever on my PS4 instead of Xbox 360 is good enough for me. I wouldn’t call it a scam because that’s a strong word. I’m calling it a distraction and diversion so they have more time to work on Elder Scrolls VI. Myself personalty am not getting ripped off because I got it for an awesome deal in the first place.

    • The_Manning_Era

      i never paid for my first game, it was a gift…

  • NR Taylor

    As for the PC users not having to pay the $60….seems pretty fair, actually. Considering that it is the PC users who make the mods console gamers will now get to enjoy……it’s kind of like Bethesday’s way of paying them for their time and effort.

    • Hvd

      pc gets it for free for 30 days off steam.then they have to buy it after.

    • slasaru

      They had a million chances to buy it for five bucks in Steam. It’s nowhere the console price. They could have left 60USD for new buyers and leave like 20USD for PS360 owners. They did it with Dishonored remaster, why not Skyrim.

    • because they know, that these mindless gamer’s will pay the $60.00 for this remaster,so easily. And most people won’t even have to blink. They will literally , throw there $$$$ at anything Skyrim. IF they made a home pregnancy test, people would buy it like that “snaps finger’s” there is this old saying and it goes something like this ” a fool and his money are soon parted”. People are “sheep” and they can’t think for themselves at all. Just look at the moron’s that but COD every single year or Madden or WWE ? It’s basically , the same game year after year. And these clueless masses will still buy it. So do like I am planning to do, wait until around Xmas and I’ll bet you the game will drop around price. Right around the holidays, and pick it up cheap.

    • BrianJ

      I mean the problem is that it really depends on how much work the developers have put in the remaster. It looks like it’s pretty much ported to the FO4 upgraded engine, and then most assets completely redone from scratch.

      If all of this is true i can see why they defend the $60 price tag. They’re BEING NICE for not making PC users not having to buy it for the first 30 days(If you claim it within those 30 days you’ll have it for free forever).

    • Hvd

      but like fallout 4 you can run some mods to make it look better even on console i use the flora improvement mods on xbox one and it looks great.

    • The Liberator

      Anyone who owns skyrim and all DLC on PC gets the remastered version for free forever. Not 30 days

    • Hvd

      i do remember seeing an article saying 30 days.

    • Tyler Watson

      I heard the SE will be in your Steam library automatically on release day. Only if you already own it with all DLC or Legendary Edition.

    • No not really, I think PC users should have to pay full price , like US console gamer’s. tsk tsk self-entitled.

    • Gez davis

      It would be difficult to get a pc player to buy a bunch of mods they have already owned for free for 5-6 years.
      Whilst simultaneously dropping the support for the other mods that aren’t supported in the remaster.
      Nah, they made a good decision.

    • Tyler Watson

      Todd even said it’ll be free for PC users who own it with all DLC or Legendary Edition because high end mods outdo everything the remaster offers. So if PC gamers were charged, they wouldn’t bother unless you’re a PC gamer who never uses mods. The real value in the remaster for PC users is it’ll be 64-bit unlike the original’s 32-bit. I hope X1 and PS4 versions are 64-bit too. I heard 64-bit makes the game more stable and it can allow more complex mods without destabilizing the game as much..

  • a p

    i dont mind paying full price for it it seems like they put effort into it mods updated graphics etc id like too see some gameplay though to see what it looks like in game

    • Yaygen Mills

      Key word “Seems Like” they put effort…guess your trying give yourself a valid reason to buy an old game huh. If i where I would double check if they actually put any effort in this new Skyrim. if PC has pulled it off years ago with mods and created there own remasted veesion do you really think Bethesda put that much effort in remastering this game to new gen consoles. Makes ya wonder huh?

  • Hvd

    a already remasterd skyrim for consoles with worry about the ps4 version if i owned a ps4 .all i can say is fallout is still struggling running mods and with far harbor as well.

  • Matt Alexander

    x64 bit engine is more than enough reason to switch. Try using the latest and greatest HQ packs on the nexus with the current x32 engine. *crash*

  • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

    Ill get it but in all honesty a $40 price would make so much more sense. It’s a remaster w all the DLC, yes. But it’s also 5 years old w not a giant difference in graphics. Noticeable difference but not so different that it’s like awe inspiring or anything. If they had to go back and redo the game from ground up then ya $60 but they didn’t have to do that so $40 should’ve been their target.

    • it’s a business and it’s about making $$$$ and they know that certain “stupid masses ” will pay the $60.00 easily.

    • Martyn Gray-Horwood

      Il get it but il wait for a sale as I’ve already completed the game once, I’m not paring £40 for pretty textures and not much else.

    • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

      I never played the expansions so I’ll get it for $40. I could get the PS3 version for $3 right now but it’s just hard to look at. It’s misty greys just look bad these days. I want a better color palette.

    • Martyn Gray-Horwood

      I don’t blame you. Going back to the xb360-ps3 versions would be eye breaking for me after seeing what Skyrim looks like on pc with a few mods.

    • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

      Ya I did try to go back to PS3 a few months ago and just couldn’t do it. I am however playing Dragons Dogma on PS3 without a problem. Some games just don’t age well.

    • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

      I meant I tried to go back to Skyrim on PS3 but couldn’t

    • Martyn Gray-Horwood

      Ah right. My mistake.

    • Anonymous

      what about Australians having to pay $80 AUD

  • Andre Andrade

    My favorite game! Ever! But $60 is absurd for this old game.
    Its not a true remaster anyway. No high polygon chars, no modern visual effects, no new quests.
    Is more like the “ultimate” same game.

    • stevemilwa

      People didnt seem to mind paying $60 for no mans sky, and that was atrocious. The price will drop, buy it in a few months.

    • Tyler Watson

      Likely due to the fact almost everything that was promised was not there on release. What was seen and confirmed pre-release is nowhere to be found post-release.

    • Tyler Watson

      Considering the fact Pete said they wanted to show it off one more time before release convinces me it’ll be more than just updated graphics and art. Also, consider what Pete said in an interview. He said they’re trying to make it as next gen as possible. But if it doesn’t live up to the $60, I’ll probably wait for a price drop. As a PS3 veteran, if there is any performance issues of any kind on PS4 and if it’s still very buggy, I’ll most likely pass on the game completely. They’ve earned my trust on FO4 on PS4 aside from Far Harbor (I can live without mods). So I expect the remastered Skyrim to perform flawlessly on PS4 even at high memory (for example, 100mb) in the save files. My FO4 performance didn’t worsen at all even at 50mb.

    • Knightice765

      Its free on PC. $60 on PS4 and Xbox one. If any game have a reason to charge 60 bucks, its Skyrim. Dont buy it or just wait for a sell.

  • I LOVE the fact that Pete Hines actually said this to a self-entitled loser and he quotes
    “a full game w/all the DLC and mod support and updated graphics running on two new consoles. If you don’t want that, don’t buy that” pure genius;)

  • LordCancer Kain

    while i am in favor of remasters the double standard giving it away free to a select customer base is the problem. if it is worth $60 charge pc gamers too. i myself have the 360 collectors edition and the goty on ps3/60. i would be more inclined to purchase the pc version if and when skywind is completed. it will be curious to see what mods are actually supported on console. it is also disappointing that the game won’t really run any better on consoles with a sad 30fps. when you consider the price and the targeted performance in my opinion this game is not worth $60, maybe $30, however i think this will be a wait and gamestop and only if updated to run 60fps on neo/scorpio. either way it is certainly a thing to consider with bethesda going forward as they clearly think less of console customers and are openly hostile towards anyone who would question the uneven price points.

    • BlacKJesu5

      But you can’t still play those games on your new console. …if you don’t like this play on pc. backwards compatibility

    • Brian Schaefer

      I think the real reason Skyrim Remastered is free for PC if you have all docs is because they want the mod creators. If it was $60 on PC the modders would not buy it and continue modding old Skyrim to still great effect and console players will not get as many mods. So they are attracting the mod creators to the new Skyrim so they start creating mods and porting their old mods over so PC and console players alike can enjoy them.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Ratchet & Clank, a game that most people got bored over the years and installments, showed to the world what a game can do financialy with a 40 euros/dollars price tag. Even people who hadn’t even played or knew anything about it before, got tempted by it’s price and bought it. So don’t tell me that this overpricing is justified, because at the end of it, it’s just like CoD Infinite Warfare. Why do I have to pay 70 bucks just to play Modern Warfare remastered? In Skyrim’s case, why do I have to pay full price for a 2011 game, just because they stuffed useless DLC in it?

    • Jack Smith

      Because Insomniac are just awesome?

  • Turn Into Liquid

    The Uncharted Collection was also $60, so what’s the big deal?

    Oh wait, that was three games…

    • Martyn Gray-Horwood

      To be fair, all 3 Uncharted games are shorter than Skyrim. All Uncharted games are shorter than Skyrim.
      I’m not defending the pricing because I think it’s too expensive but…

    • Turn Into Liquid

      But Skyrim came out in 2011 and cost $60, but then a year later Uncharted 3 came out and also cost $60. Regardless of either games’ lengths, they were still at the same price point. But the Uncharted Collection was a great deal, and I don’t think Bethesda should necessarily charge only $20 for Skyrim. $30-40 is far more reasonable. I realize it’s got even more content to it, but… eh. It’s a hard one to monetize. I just don’t think a 5 year old game is worth $60 anymore, no matter what’s included and how the company spins it.

    • Garnium

      I mean to be fair, I found the pricing for the Uncharted Collection to be too much. I mean, there were other collections before, and those were way cheaper. That’s why I didn’t buy the game until I was able to get it for $30 during that Naughty Dog sale.

  • Martyn Gray-Horwood

    The only problem I have with it is that I’ve already got well over 1000 hours into xb360 Skyrim. Without significant changes to the story I can’t find a reason to play the game again but I’ve never been the kind of person that can play the same over and over, my attention span is quite low when it comes to repetitive stories.

  • MG Sumner

    Pete Hines is a Royal PIA.

  • Rubix99

    What about the Re-remaster of Skyrim that’s going to be coming to Playstation Neo and Xbox Scorpio in Fall 2017? That’s going to run at 4K and 61 FPS. Might as well just wait for that.

  • Jack Smith

    I never had any of the DLC so it’s a win. Depends if you bought the DLC.

  • Martin Naranjo

    The issue is not the remaster … The thing is: Why should you buy a 60 dollars game that doesn’t fix ANY of the previous issues?!?
    Bug Fixing? Meshes Fixes? Higher Polygonal Count on Objects? NOTHING!

    Even worse is why should you buy this having the community doing the same thing FOR FREE?! The mod Community has already fix most of the bugs and graphical issues with the different versions of the Unofficial Patch, has given us new and crazy content AND insane new and better graphics! … again … for free!!
    (And better if you ask me[Skywind kicks this remasters out of the window on every single way)

    …. Also .. as a game developer myself … the attitude of Pete Hines is the worst! Jeez dude!

  • Yaygen Mills

    Let me put it in prospective its great that skyrim is remastered but as of now, no mod support for PS4 and as for the DLCs I rather pay for them separately, play the base game then add on as I see fit as Ive done before on PS3. You may as well as just buy Skyrim Legendary Edition for ps3 or offer it on ps4 for $20 becuase thats what your getting on the PS4 side of things. However the Xbox One price tag is fine all DLCs, Mod support and updated quality graphics. Microsoft Gaming consoles are known to not be up to par with gaming graphic so it greatly needed not only for Skyrim but for Fallout 4. But as for PS4 being left out of all great things that where stated to be coming with FallOut 4 and Skyrim SE a $60 is not worth it for half a game. I would rather buy Call of duty IW at least I get the content listed.


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