Skyrim Remastered Details On New Creation Kit, Ton of Effort Going Into Remastering

Plus, no new batch of DLC planned to coincide with the launch of the remaster.

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skyrim special edition

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Special Edition has been one of the most requested remasters ever, so it was great to see Bethesda finally announce it at E3 this year. The remaster looks great, and like one of the most thorough and extensive ones that we have seen yet- which is something Bethesda reiterated on Twitter recently, when Pete Hines pointed out that a ton of effort goes into remastering a game of this size and scope so thoroughly for new hardware.

Hines also confirmed something that we have already known for a while- that while Skyrim Special Edition will launch with all the DLC that was already released for the original Skyrim, there will be no new DLC for the game. Which is fine, because the inclusion of mods, now available to console players for the first time, should hopefully keep a steady stream of new content coming.

As for those mods, Hines has confirmed that there is discussion ongoing to make the Creation Kit for the new game available before the game itself launches, but that nothing has been decided yet. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Special Edition will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC this October.

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  • leanton31

    If you already own a heavily modded Skyrim do not install the new version because of incompatibility issues. If you just got Skyrim do yourself a favor, do not install the new version prefer the mods!

    • Scrysis

      From other sources, it sounds like the remastered version of Skyrim will be a game independent of the original. That means that while the mods may or may not work with the new version, it should not affect your original Skyrim installation.

    • leanton31

      Many mods change Skyrims’ map, graphics and mechanics, some times dramatically (SkyUI, quest mods, unofficial patches etc) because of SKSE. So if we have two separate installations okay, but if your Skyrim remastered in installed above your current installation boy you are in for some problems!

    • Jeremy Alexander

      But like he just wrote, you won’t have any problems because it will show up as a separate product both in Steam and NMM. So you’re whining about a nonexistent problem.

    • leanton31

      First he never said he was sure (“sources… sounds like…”). Read his post again. You seem pretty sure on the other hand, and i believe you. Kudos to Bethesda for the new version, but the modded Skyrim overall is a much better experience thank you very much. So, as i said, If you just bought Skyrim do yourself a favor, do not install the new version prefer the modded one!

    • Scrysis

      True. I cannot link my sources (and I don’t remember how I got there, to be honest), which is why I am unsure and post it as such. But I do remember them mentioning that it will be a separate installation.

      There will be a new creation kit to go with the new remastered version of Skyrim.

      As a counter-argument to your suggestion that one not get the new version, many of the effects that the mods bring will be incorporated into the new official version, so there will be less difficulty and conflicts with getting them configured. Second, and more importantly, old skyrim runs on a 32-bit executable. New skyrim runs on a 64-bit executable, and will have a lot more ram to play with.

      I’m a crazy person and will happily play Skyrim all over again (for like the 5th time), but I do sincerely hope that SkyUI, Convenient Horses, and Deadly dragons get ported over. Okay, and maybe that flaming horse mod, because that thing is just cool.

    • leanton31

      Frankly, i don’t see you getting compatible versions of Falskaar, Moonpath To Elsweyr, Helgen Reborn etc etc etc anytime soon. Those people have moved on. As did i, after a 1000 hours of playtime in Skyrim. Instead of replaying Skyrim i highly suggest playing The Witcher 3 (with both expansions) which is even better!

    • NR Taylor

      The 64bit Remastered Version CAN’T operate overtop of the original Skyrim. It is its own program, 100%!

    • Ryiah

      Current indication is that the “special edition” is little more than a 64-bit compile and some new shaders. Porting the mods may very well be no more effort than opening them and saving them again with the Creation Kit.

      Chances are the hardest part will be the script extender.

    • Ryiah
    • leanton31

      Yeah, yeah got it separate game. Still i insist in my other points.


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