Sniper Elite 3 Aiming For Full 60FPS And 1080p On PS4 And Xbox One

Rebellion Games targeting full parity on both machines.

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sniper elite 3

Update: The headline has been amended to better reflect the developer’s point of view.

Unless you are living under a rock, you must be aware that a lot of multiplatform games seem to run at better frame rates and resolutions compared to their respective Xbox One versions. Games like Call of Duty Ghosts, Assassins Creed IV Black Flag and Tomb Raider seem to be perform better on the PS4 compared to the Xbox One. In that regard, how will Sniper Elite 3 perform on both the consoles?

In a recent Sniper Elite 3 event, GamingBolt was able to get in touch with Jean-Baptiste Bolcato who is the Senior Producer at Rebellion Games. According to him, the PS4 version of Sniper Elite 3 will be closer to 60 frames per second but it “may” be a bit slower on the Xbox One. But regardless, they will be pushing the game for parity on both the consoles.

Well as close as possible to 60 frames per second on both the systems, it will probably be closer to 60 on the PS4 but it drops to around 40 and 50, but you won’t really feel or notice it. It may be a little bit slower on Xbox One but we are hoping to have full parity between the two machines. The only thing the Xbox One won’t have is stereoscopic 3D as they do not support it yet,” Jean said to us.

Rebellion Games have been working closely with Sony and Microsoft to take advantage of the new systems’ capabilities and it will be interesting to see how the game shapes up in the coming months and whether they are able to achieve a consistent 60 frames per second on both the consoles.  Stay tuned to GamingBolt for our extended coverage of Sniper Elite 3. For more on the game check out its hub page here or our impressions here.

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  • Johnny

    Says everything I suspected the drivers are not complete on xone.

    • Goodacre

      drivers cant make up for a 40% lack of power in the hardware.

    • Johnny

      Go fanboy elsewhere.

    • Greg Skies

      it’s the truth bro

    • Mikesims Sims

      Yes they’ll turn on the stereo drivers and activate the hidden dGPU underneath the main SoC. Back to misterxmedia with you.

    • Johnny

      Troll much?

    • Mikesims Sims

      Delusional much? Drivers, lol.

    • Greg Skies

      good come back bro

    • Johnny

      Did you read the article? The xbox has the chip but is currently not supported? What does that say? There are to massive updates coming for the xbox as well. I didn’t state anything that you posted above about stacked chips hidden gpu or anything of the sort or some kind of sauce that was going to make the xbox the most powerful gaming machine known to man. So I will tell you the same thing I told the other guy go fanboy elsewhere.

    • Mikesims Sims

      Stereoscopic 3D has nothing to do with the hardware differences, no chips were mentioned. Dumb as a brick.

    • Johnny

      Wow it takes two days to come up with that? Did we forget about how chips and software go hand in hand and the other is completely useless with out the other? Did we forget about the audio chip in the xone that is designed to handle these tasks? Hmmmm did we forget to eat our vegetables yesterday as well and caused you to come up with such a stupid statement? As I said go fanboy elsewhere! PS. Please stop wasting my time with more fanboy drivel.

    • Mikeherp Derp

      LOL. Mental illness straw grasping combined with stupidity and ignorance, perfect misterx recipient. AUDIO CHIP WILL SAVE TEH XBONE. The fact that PS4’s hardware is significantly more powerful must drive you insane, if you weren’t insane to begin with.

    • Johnny

      No because im looking at a PS4 and playing kzsf ha haha hahaha now shove along there Sony employee.

    • Andre Gouvea

      You seem butt hurt!

    • jdbeveans

      I cant wait til they start using the flux capicitor

    • Arnold Stallone

      ps4 drivers aren’t finished yet. current drivers maybe use 20-30% of the ps4 capabilities. they aren’t even touching the gpgpu programming yet, they aren’t using the 64 ACU (buses where data, fonctions,etc pass by, computers only had 2 until now, and the xbox one has 2×8= 16 of these acu vs 8×8=64 on ps4), they are still waiting for the final AMD drivers to give access to all the custom built components for the ps4, they still not using the pool of 5-6-7 gb of gddr5, as they want, right now, they only access it the “old” way, like on the ps3. once they can access the full 8gb path, it’s gonna be crazy. and there’s the mantle layer amd still must give access to, optimize, etc, so ps4 devs can go deeper on the metal.

      so, not even there are still tons of untapped power on the ps4, but before that, devs can’t even access all the ps4 hardware, yet. most fonctions and stuff are still locked, waiting for amd to deliver “final” drivers.

      when we see uncharted 1, and uncharted 3, it’s day and night. but it could be 2 times better, if devs didn’t spend most of their time using an ultra complicated hardware and cpu like the ps3 one.

      i believe the ps4, with x86 architecture and +30 years old knowledge and trilions of lines of code, devs will be able to do miracles. next killzone shadow fall game, it won’t look 2 times better, but probably 3 or 4 times.

      for the first wave of games, ps4 devs certainly used “raw” code, without even trying to unleach the hidden ps4 power. they used it the way they would do, on the ps3. but a killzone shadow fall 2, the game could just look 3-4 times better. a much huge bigger difference in quality than what we had between uncharted 1 and 2.

      when i see infamous graphics like this :, the level of detail is just insane.

      this is almost life-like, and this is the first games :

      i am sure, in 2015, with killzone shadow fall 2, infamous ss 2, uncharted 4, and hundreds of other games, the level of detail could be like 3-4 times better than these 2 infamous ss screenshots. it’s just insane.

      so yeah, the xbox one drivers may evolve, and give better perfs on future games.
      but the ps4 will evolve as well, but much much faster and better.
      and all studios will always use the ps4 as reference and leading system, and xbox one games will be ports from the ps4. we know what happened last gen, when the xbox 360 was the leading system, and devs spent 70% of the time on that version : the ps3 version always ended up being slighly inferior.thankfully, the ps3 had lots of power, and albeit getting less attention and love from devs, its extra power was enough to make versions of games almost 100% identical to the x360 ones.

      but this time aroud… that craap is over.
      devs are happy coding on the ps4, with tons of power and ultra fast ram, and the xbox one, not only has less power, but will get less attention from devs. and it shows. the current games, differences are already huge. tomb raider, at 60fps on ps4, would require 2 xbox ones, to have enough power to run the game at 60 fps as well, instead of 30.
      next games, specially in 2015, the gap will be bigger and bigger.

      how can a gamer, even a die hard fanboy, buy the xbox one version of a game, knowing the ps4 version looks much better, and has twice the framerate? pride is one thing, but being stupid is another. and people , gamers, at a moment, just stop thinking about loyalty towards a brand, and only thinks about the best looking version.
      doing a few things with voice or changing tv channels may be cool the first months. but after that, gamers want only one thing. the best looking games. that’s why there are tons of xbox ones on shops, stores, internet, and barely nobody grabs them. there are 20-30 million ultra huge xbox fans. therefore, the xbox one should be flying out of the shelves, and at least 10 million xbox fans should have already bought one. but no.
      they’re clearly waiting for something; an available ps4, somewhere, in the local store.
      ps4 launch in japan may be just huge. in europe, it’s sold out everywhere, and that really means sold out, not the “sold out” version from microsoft press, when there are millions of xbox one waiting in stores or amazon, etc. i may be wrong, but i think almost all people in north america that wanted an xbox one, already have one. like the wii u fans. and there won’t be a sudden sales pick. titanfall may drive 200-300 thousand xbox one sales. but if it disapoints or fails, there are barely no new aaa exclusive games for the xbox one. the gap in sales will just grow.

      this is a big comment, yeah. but bookmark it, and come here in 6-9 months.

      outside north america, nobody cares about the extra features on the xbox one, like tv, etc. not only all that doesn’t work, but gamers want games, not snap this snap only games. and people have/will have them, the best ones, on the ps4, for the next 5-8 years.

      thanks for reading, sorry TLDR 🙂

    • Johnny

      Cool story bro a little long and had nothing to do with my comment was about but cool. You don’t work for Sony by chance? LOL

    • Mikesims Sims

      Source on PS4 driver claims? PS4 is more powerful and software can be optimized, but that sounds like wishful thinking. Infamous is already using GPGPU pretty heavily.

      1.84TF is good mid-range but won’t perform miracles even with GPGPU, and unified memory.

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  • Dakan45

    I the last one with 100fps on pc, it is very optimized, i find hard to believe xbone cant keep 60 fps on that, then again it cant do it on titanfall with 720p.

    • Andre Gouvea

      792p at 60 FPS, dumbass!

  • Mikesims Sims

    Another game with PS4 50-55 FPS average and Xbox 30 average? Expect this the entire generation.

    • Laza Amafirin

      Where does it say 30 fps average on this article? How about you PS4 fanboys get some games before you talk trash.

    • Mikesims Sims

      It says it in your dreams every night, when you wake up crying.

    • Laza Amafirin

      Nice childish rebuttal. You remind me of most Sony fanboys. Go outside.

    • Mikesims Sims

      See you in the “Sniper Elite 3 confirmed 30 FPS Xbox, 60 FPS PS4” article, spinning like an idiot. Stay delusional. lol

    • Laza Amafirin

      Again, another childish rebuttal.You’re only proving my point. I was led here by a reddit post. Get off the the computer and get some sun, guy.

    • Mikesims Sims

      Again, you are staggeringly stupid and delusional on anything to do with tech and refuse to admit the obvious facts.

    • Laza Amafirin

      I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry. If my superior intelligence irks you that much, why not take a break from your computer? I’ve suggested it before, but you seem to be the ‘slow’ type. It’s okay, I’ll say it again. GO OUTSIDE. Got it? Good boy.

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Brainless, ignorant, and demented.

    • Andre Gouvea

      Someones mad, hahaha!! Typical PS fanboy!

    • Greg Smith

      Right. Because I want to play the drivel that’s on xbox. Get real.

    • GamingBolt

      The developers are aiming for full parity on both machines, so hopefully it will be 60fps at 1080p =)

    • Mikesims Sims

      “full parity” won’t happen unless the PS4 version is gimped.

  • John D

    This game looks like crap.

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  • Peeteegee

    … have full priority between the two machines …

    This is mentioned at least twice, what on earth does “full priority between two machines” mean? Should it not be “Full parity between the two machines”?

    • GamingBolt

      Corrected. Thanks for pointing that out.


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