Sony Charging Money For PS2 Games Emulation On PS4 Makes Sense – Developer

Astraea developer believes “the more games on a platform, the better.”

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Though it’s still pretty early, Sony has a very interesting opportunity with its PlayStation 2 emulator for the PS4. With the abnormally large catalogue of PS2 releases, some considered classics despite their age, the emulator could be a great compliment to services like PlayStation Now. The question is – should Sony really be charging money for these old PS2 games?

GamingBolt spoke to Norwind Interactive’s Brandyn Engbrecht, who is currently working on the sandbox title Astraea for the PS4, about his take on PS2 emulation and whether it would be a success even with Sony charging money for digital PS2 games.

He stated that, “I am thrilled that the PS4 will be able to emulate PS2 games! I believe that the more games on a platform, the better. I’m sure Sony had to pay it’s developers to make the emulation software work – so charging money only makes sense. I hope it’s a success!”

Though comparisons could be made to the Xbox 360 emulator on Xbox One, it’s hard to really draw parallels since the former is one generation behind while the PS2 is two generations behind. Also, Microsoft is offering the opportunity for old Xbox 360 games to work on the Xbox One though it needs to build in support for said games with the help of developers.

What are your thoughts on PS2 emulator for PS4? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Northern Tech

    I think it’s hilarious that were expected to pay for games again. I spend £5 on a scart switcher now I switch my ps2 on and play whatever games I want! THANKS SONY!
    *also pissed at them for the faulty thumbsticks and the “ultimate gamer edition” 1tb ps4*

    • Gamez Rule

      Still got some of my old consoles, PC, etc set up in my games room to. The kids love it in there lol

    • Meaux Szyslack

      No Dreamcast? 🙁

    • Gamez Rule

      That console with other old consoles like the Nintendos etc are all packed away safe and sound lol

    • Mark

      Dam son, nice collection

    • Gamez Rule

      Only a few of many mate, but these are the ones that get used the most by kids and people that still want to use camera games, like the PS-Move ones etc.The other consoles are packed away.

      The PC next to the consoles is old but has a 750Ti 2GB GPU in it and a 3.8Ghz processor which allows the kids to play most new games at good quality, but funny enough the PC gets used for older games like unreal tournament, etc

    • Terminator

      I want to original Xbox again!

    • Gamez Rule

      I have a crystal look XBOX to but that’s never been out the box. I have a few consoles that’s not been out the box as well as games.

      I have so many games for the older consoles it’s unreal, but keeps people happy I guess☺

      Here’s just some of the PS-0ne games

    • DarthDiggler


      Those game boxes look so HUGE and BULKY. 🙂

    • Gamez Rule

      Yep, cases are different sized depending on what games ☺

    • DarthDiggler


      I forgot how big they are. I don’t think I have many of my PS1 games left over, I do have tons of PS2 games though.

    • Gamez Rule

      I have loads of all the games on all platforms too

    • DarthDiggler


      Never heard of the crystal Xbox.

      Kind of neat.

    • DarthDiggler


      I doubt you feel the same way about the controller unless you have super sized hands. 🙂

    • Terminator

      Was never a problem the first time I had it in my hand…and my hands where small at that time.

      Regardless I’m not going to get one because I’m not really a collector and I’m not going to spend money on something I wont use. It was nostalgia that made me want one, heck after seeing that pic I went to eBay to get one but then I thought of it twice.

    • DarthDiggler


      What is this thing? Nice little console museum you have there! 🙂

    • Gamez Rule

      That’s my old console game room, when i get new gen consoles the older gen consoles go into the room.

    • DarthDiggler


      But what is the box that I attached the pic for? See attached image.

    • Gamez Rule

      My old 1TB sky box lol.. It was before wireless ☺

    • DarthDiggler


      Who is expecting you to pay for games again?

      You do not make your up your mind on what games you purchase?

      Just because someone is selling something that doesn’t mean they expect you to buy. Just because these games do not suit your needs doesn’t mean someone else will not find value in them.

  • Gamez Rule

    Should Sony charge for PS2 games on PS4 ( IF people didn’t buy them from PS-Store from PS3 days. That’s then fair enough ) It’s gamers choice IF they want to play those games set at them prices.

    BUT if people have bought PS2 games from PS-Store in PS3 days ( then no they shouldn’t be charged whatsoever to play the games they paid for once already ) on their PS4 system

    In my opinion Sony are taking the ( you know what ). Making people that already bought the PS2 games from Sony’s online digital store only to be charged again to use them on PS4 from the same PS-Store which people used back in PS3 days?

    And at stupid prices too.

    • Mark

      Agreed bro. Of course if u never bought the game on PS2 then you should be paying for the emulated copy. But if u bought it already….well yeah. I think they’re lookin at this as a choice thing, rather than a fan service thing. I say they should leave out the upres in pixels and frame rates, and just not charge for it.

    • Gamez Rule

      Or if Sony really needs to make money back on PS2 games due to being upgraded with trophey support etc, why not charge a £1 per game?

      You will sell more games and allow more gamers to experience them games that way than asking for high prices? Either way something needs to be done about it.

    • DarthDiggler


      LOL Sony is a business not a charity. If you want to play your PS1 and PS2 catalog, you can still get PS1 and PS2 consoles new, like new or used.

      That being said I think they missed an opportunity to offer basic backwards compatibility, but likely they know it’s not a hugely popular feature so why should they waste cycles on it if it won’t result in revenues?

    • Gamez Rule

      As you know I have all Sony consoles IF I wanted to play older games, but there is no reason why digital versions from PS-Store bought in PS3 days cannot work on PS4 for FREE when gamers have already bought them.

      This is just a money spin from Sony on allowing people to pay stupid money for really old games that are in shops from £1 each.

      At least MS is allowing people to use their older games on Xbone for free which Sony could allow via D-Download ( IF they bought the games already from PS-Store )

    • DarthDiggler


      Backwards compatibility isn’t the salient feature people want out of next gen systems. Sony focused on delivering a good system for the cost and last generation having backwards compatibility didn’t deliver mass users to PS3.

      There is a cost to having backwards compatibility. If there is something wrong with the emulation, that has to be addressed. Likely on a title by title basis. So offering that feature for free would add cost on Sony’s side (the amount of cost is certainly debatable).

      IMHO I think they should charge something for features (backwards compatibility, etc). While this method of doing it may not please all, if they maintain the program as-is it will be hard to argue that it isn’t successful for them. It would be hard to argue that people didn’t find value in it.

      This whole discussion seems like PS Now all over again. Everyone said it was too expensive wouldn’t be successful, etc. Fact is PS Now is still around and while I haven’t used it obviously someone is paying for it. If you were an Xbox 360 gamer last generation PS Now is likely an incredible value.

    • Gamez Rule

      I see what you’re saying, and some I agree with, but also look at it this way..

      An old PS2 game ( Digital Copy for one platform ) costing more than £10?

      What would sell more..the above same game for £1 or £10?

      I believe that by selling the PS2 games for £1 each would get more money back for Sony due to selling more copies?

    • drd7of14

      You do realize that in order to to make £10,000,000 they’d have to sell just as many units of 10,000,000 instead of 1,000,000. Thats a huge difference in how much money they’d potentially make. The fact is, even for a £1, people aren’t going to buy those said games. Better to make them £10/15 for business purposes and have sales or free Plus copies in the future.

      Your way may be more consumer friendly, but it isn’t nearly as potentially profitable.

    • Gamez Rule

      “Charging PS4 gamers for backward compatibility” = BS! Plain and simple.

      Please explain on how Sony are charging for backward comp= when PS-Now can be used on just a TV made by Samsung ( with no console at all ) to play all types of games?

    • drd7of14

      PSNOW isn’t charging for backwards compatibility. It is charging for the ability to stream select titles of games. That’s all it does. Cool, but certainly not B/C.

      The PS4/XBOX One do not support native B/C, as most consoles do not out of the box. Games must be individually patched, as to not have weird glitches/issues. This “patching” process, takes time and costs money.

      Now…That being said, I don’t think they should be charging twice for games purchased on the digital platform, regardless. If I buy Bounter Hunter (PS2) for PS3 as a PS2 Classic, I expect to receive Bounty Hunter (PS2), if ever available as a PS2 Classic, on PS4 for free. That license agreement is pretty clear on that point. Plus, the precedent was set with PS1 games on PSP, PS3, and then PSVITA. You were not required to rebuy on any of the platforms, those said ‘Digitally purchased’ games tied to your PSN ID.

      If you don’t own said games, then yeah, of course the should be charging for backwards compatibility. You never owned it in the first place. I just don’t agree with the pricing structure. As far as selling them for dirt cheap, again, they aren’t free-to-patch, so I understand.

      The counter-argument that arises, is that games such as ‘Oddworld New N’ Tasty’ had Just Add Water spending months getting the game to work properly on the VITA. It released on PS4 in 2014, PS3 in 2015, and now PSV in 2016. If you bought it, or got it from PLUS, those future versions were included with the license as CROSS-BUY titles. That is just nuts!

      I argue that if they can do it, PS2 Classics should remain crossbuy, even if the superior versions with trophies/Framerate buffs, come through later. It’s not as if many of the PS2 Classic versions on PS3 were much cheaper. They ranged from $10-$15 as well. It should really be just $15 for both versions, if they exist. I don’t find that unreasonable.

    • Gamez Rule

      You missed the point in what i meant by posting this.

      “Please explain on how Sony are charging for backward comp= when PS-Now
      can be used on just a TV made by Samsung ( with no console at all ) to
      play all types of games?”

      I will explain… IF a game from the PS-Store going through PS-Now can run on a TV ( no console needed ) then that shows that ANY game can be streamed to a device.

      Now with the PS2 games that people own there is nothing from stopping Sony allowing a PS4 gamer to play that PS2 game from the PS-Store onto the gamers PS4 console.

      It’s Sony taking the *you know what* by trying to charge gamers EACH time a new console comes out when wanting a digital game bought from PS-Store on that new console.

    • drd7of14

      There is a “console” needed. The PS3 OS is being used to run these games on SONY’s PS NOW server farms. It isn’t running natively on any device they wish. That is just the software used to connect to their individual servers.

      Technically speaking, they should allow your PS3 to connect to the PS4, and play games on the PS4 through that method. But that isn’t plausible, as the PS3 is not a specialized dedicated server version, but a home console version.

      As for PS2 games, on PS3, we own digitally, of course there is nothing technically stopping the games from being streamed. However, it is also a license agreement between publishers. They can’t just allow games to be streamed, that were never agreed to have anything more than downloaded digitally. That lies outside of the agreement.

      Obviously, the PS2 games must be patched to first work on PS3, and likewise PS4, but that doesn’t mean they own the license and can do as they please with sharing game, making money off of it.

      Just doesn’t work that way. It’s more complicated than what they can do.

      Also, on your last point…Which I will quote.

      “It’s Sony taking the *you know what* by trying to charge gamers EACH time a new console comes out when wanting a digital game bought from PS-Store on that new console.”

      …This is literally the first time they have done this with the PS4 and PS2 Classics. Every other device that has the software emulator for PS1/PSP/Mini games, which is the only other case, on other platforms, has been licenced for all compatible devices with very few exception. Otherwise, said games do not run at all. This is again not capability, as with PSP games on VITA. This is all publisher/license agreements that stop those games from being offered.
      …This is all to say, these game liceneses have never had to be digitally repurchased on PSN until PS2 games on PS3 to PS4 with the addition of trophies. Everything else, boosted framerate, resolution, shareplay, remote play, gameplay recording, etc is all software-related features.

      The only added feature, which is not fair to add a re-purchase over, as it is outside the element of the game, which remains unchanged, is trophy support. It is also against SONY’s license agreement to not offer game licenses on all future platforms that offer availability/support for said games.

    • Gamez Rule

      You are still missing the point I made…… ALL games from PS-Store could be used on a device ( like a TV ) without the need of a console. IF Sony and devs/publishers allowed it.

      Sony etc could allow PS4 gamers that have bought PS2 / PS3 games from the online-store ( held in their download list ) to be played on the PS4.. But Sony wants to charge PS4 users to play PS2 games

      Sony is doing it again with PS2 games because ( like the newer PS3 consoles that couldn’t play PS2 games from disc, those gamers that owned those PS2 disc had to rebuy the same PS2 game from the PS-Store to play PS2 games they owned already on their PS3 )

      Sony are taking the …. and I stand by that 100%

    • drd7of14

      I do understand your point. But do realize that these games are being run remotely. It is no different to a PSV remote playing to a PS4. It doesn’t mean the VITA plays PS4 games anymore than it would mean a TV plays PS1/2/3/4/P/V games. There is a physical compatible gaming specific device that is processing said game.

      Of those devices compatbile, not all games work. That’s just the way it is. There was a software B/C PS3 after SONY removed the PS2 Emotion Chip from the PS3 original model, but it had huge issues with most games. So they cut that support in future models, on a firmware level.

      Games must be individually patched to run properly. That is will all technology. Programs have very specific specs that they are compatbile for running.

      Is it physically possible to have all PS2 games streamed to TVs for no cost to a consumer against the game they purchased digitally/physically?
      -Yeah, of course…If money is of no consequence. But since it is, and you are talking about a business, that makes no poopin’ sense.

      It is an added expense that was not part of the original cost of the game.

      As far as PS2 games on PS4 digitally, not internet data-used streaming, those we paid for digitally on PS3, should still work as is protected under the PS software license user agreements.

    • Gamez Rule

      So after everything you posted….. Xbone gamers uses the online store to download games people already owned ( for free ) so what is stopping Sony from doing the same deal?….Answer = nothing. Sony is jusy making money from gamers that have already made Sony money from buying that said game they have to rebuy to play on PS4/

    • drd7of14

      As I said before, this is only allowed for games they have patched support for from 360 to X1. If you don’t understand why PS3 games are not, and cannot be, supported on PS4, then go look it up.

      My entire point about PS2 games being repurchased is exactly what I said…The problem here. BUT, PS1/PSP/MINI’s on PSP Store ate compatible on those platforms the games are available on for free. SONY did it first. This is the only time it hasn’t been done. End of conversation. I do not understand why I have to repeat this over and over, and why you fail to understand them.

      It’s great that MS has allowed digitally purchased titles to be free, when supported, but they weren’t first. They also have to make good with the community cause, they are in the losing position. Competition brings the best out of people.

      The point is, PS2 games should be CrossBuy on PS3/PS4, that’s all.

    • Blake Good

      Wii U Virtual Console games (NES, SNES, and N64) have discounts as well as added features like restore points, custom controller mapping, and Miiverse. If bought off the Wii Shop Channel on the Wii and transferred via Wii Mode; Select NES games are only $1, SNES games are only $1.50, and N64 games are only $2. I really wish Sony would do the same with their PS1 and PS2 Classics, as well as add save states and other stuff.

    • SuperRecoome

      I think it’s a more popular feature than you realize. I have a PS1 and PS2, but having to have them hooked up in my living room taking up space and looking unsightly, and running through composite to play old games that will look terrible on a modern TV isn’t ideal. I love playing classic games, and having them all in one place on my PS4 would be great. I’d be Okay with paying a fee to convert the discs I already have though. There are some I’d love to play again that may never come to the PSN or at least not soon. (Like my Mega Man X collection)

  • Starman

    Wow …. the hypocrisy …. lol , now it’s good to pay twice for a game …. old games at that .. oh wait ! … it’s Sony , so it’s all good. lol

    • Gamez Rule

      MS done the same thing with Xbox 360 with the XBOX games on XBL-Store ☺☺☺ IF you wanted to play a digital copy you had to buy it ( IF you had the disc it would play them just like my PS3 did with PS2 games )

    • Starman

      They didn’t claim “back-compat” …and neither Sony’s disc or digital will play , you have to pay for all…..

    • Gamez Rule


      360 did claim B-Compat with XBOX games, but still sold the XBOX games on XBL for silly prices too.

      PS3 did play PS2 games for free IF you had the disc but still charged people for PS2 games from PSN.

    • DarthDiggler


      How did these “silly prices” compare with the retail pricing of the game?

      When people make remarks about pricing being too high they seem to forget that a comparison statement requires a comparison to be accurate. Just saying the pricing is silly high really doesn’t say anything intelligible.

    • Gamez Rule

      Ok, as you know PS2 games are no longer sold new in shops, so the prices people paying in shops that do sell the PS2 games are very cheap due to second hand pricing.

      So as an example.

      PS2 Medal of Honor Frontline is 0.75P in shops

      PS2 Hitman 2 is 0.75p in shops

      PS2 Gran Turismo 3 is 0.75p in shops

      PS2 Grand Theft Auto 3 is £1.50p in shops

      PS2 Grand Theft Auto Vice City is £1.50 in shops

      See what I mean, the PS2 games are so cheap how can people think that paying £10-£20 for Digital Copies from PS-Store is good, hence why I stated, *Silly Prices*

  • Lordjax Jax

    More practical anti consumer Sony, after a lot of Ramster the ps3 and the lack of investment in PSN and 3 years full of Multi and play with much hype and weak, now these absurd to pay dearly for PS2 games.

    and the Dev say this: “”I am thrilled that the PS4 will be able to emulate PS2 games!””

    surely the Sony “helped” his wallet.

    But that does not matter to the fanboys that comes from the “perfect Goddess Sony” which never did, nor does anything wrong.


    • DarthDiggler


      Could you be any more biased and any less informed? 🙂

      Do you really think that people who buy Xbox One and PS4 buy the systems to play their older games? If backwards compatibility was this huge feature that will make or break a company why hasn’t it turned the tables for the Xbox One?

      Because Backwards Compatibility is a feature that is NICE TO HAVE, but doesn’t really get used a ton.

      When I was in line for PS4 on launch night, I heard no one complaining that they wouldn’t be able to finish some past generation game on their brand new PS4.

      Sony offering enhanced versions of PS2 games for a fee isn’t a big deal. It would be nice if they provided basic emulation to those of us who own the old discs (and I own many).

      This industry isn’t a charity event. Video games aren’t a right.

  • Jason Mounce

    Similarly, I want to buy Turok 1 on Steam 🙁 but it’s $21.99….

    • DarthDiggler


      That’s a steal compared to the value on the N64 version. 🙂 Looks like Steam lowered the price to $19.99.

    • Jason Mounce

      I own the original Turok 1,2,3 on N64. I’d ‘re-get it’ for Nostalgia, Mouse/Keyboard controls, better detail and ‘somewhat better’ draw distance/reduced fog of war and Achievements.

      Also, $21.99 it still is, for I am Canadian, and our dollar is crap.

  • Orko

    Its just with digital PS1 classics being cross buy on every PlayStation system capable of connecting to PSN (PSP, Vita, PS3) EXCEPT the newest most powerful PS4, i was really hoping those and digital ps2 classics were finally coming to ps4 cross buy as well 🙁

    • Dr.Ghettoblaster

      Same here. I don’t need trophy support or up-resing, really just wanted the basics with cross buy support just like digital PSOne classics

    • Kelly Hackbarth

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    • DarthDiggler


      Creating cash on your PC in your free time is against the law. It’s called counterfeiting. 🙂

    • How much do you know about Counterfeiting ? How do I get the proper printer & how do you insert the check bars ?

    • Blake Good

      Those are scams. I did do a survey years ago and got a $10 PSN code so they’re not all bogus, just a large majority of them are.

  • Orionsangel

    Do people honestly still care about achievements and trophies in gaming in the year 2016? That so last early on in the last generation. I think most people are over it. The hype train for it peaked years ago.

    • Mike

      A lot of people still do, I never really have cared, otherwise I may have completed more than 5 of the 90+ games on my ps4. Makes me sad when I think about it

    • DarthDiggler


      I am ashamed at my PS4 backlog. Still need to finish MGS5, I got so sidetracked on building up my base, and now I hear they just added a 4th FOB. LOL

    • Mike

      I almost bought it and stopped myself. I played Witcher 3, dragon age, Fallout4 and pretty much every other big game that released for a couple days and haven’t gone back to them after a new game releases. Forcing myself back to fallout 4 until uncharted 4 releases, gotta at least play through it once.

    • DarthDiggler


      I used to be a bit of a Trophy Hunter but put up my Safari Cap for the most part. I still like the utility that trophies provide. You can get a snap shot of how far through a game your friends are.

      Also the fact is Developers and Publishers would be keeping these kinds of tabs on us anyways so Trophies at least provide some user level benefits to that data mining.

  • Truthhurts24

    Charging Awaits

  • Yeah… Umm,no thanks. I still own my original PSX and PS2 discs. I’m not about to buy them again just to play them on my PS4.

  • JonTheGod

    If Sony want to make money off the PS2 emulation, how about they unlock the emulator to play ALL PS2 games – but add a premium layer of say £2-3 which adds the special stuff – such as trophies, SharePlay, streaming, etc.

    That way, everybody is happy. Gamers get all their old PS2 games compatible with PS4. Sony gets revenue from all those who want trophies.

    THIS is the way for Sony to bring backwards compatibility to PS2, whilst making both Gamers and Shareholders happy.

  • OC Guy

    I thought MS was supposed to be the greedy one. Just goes to show you that this is big business and Sony is only on the side of Sony…Just like MS looks out for MS first and so on.

    • DarthDiggler


      Is MS offering enhanced versions of the older games? Sony is offering some value with these PS2 Classics.

      I would like to see a basic emulator come to PS4 but it’s not a high priority for me. I think most gamers buy PS4 to play PS4 games. The rate at which the PS4 software sells is a testament to that.

  • No it doesn’t make sense to DOUBLE CHARGE your customers to keep them happy.

  • The age of the console is at an end, the age of PC Gaming has just begun.

  • Sony should go back to making good PCs to beat Dell & HP on the market.

    • Tech junkie

      Pretty sure Sony sold its PC division

    • Bad Idea. Many people loved them, I build customs so I don’t subscribe, but they had features others did not and if smart, they could’ve continued the Alienware legacy by buying out MSI laptop division that is out today.

  • Gamez Rule

    Tech junkie you posted “Still Here lol”…..Erm no you’re not as you been BANNED!

    It was shown that Tech junkie was a puppet account for Psionicinversion, and was found out by mods☺ LMAO!

  • Blake Good

    You still have to pay for NES and SNES games on the 3DS, so this is no surprise, while on the Wii U, you have to pay $1-2 for NES, SNES, and N64 games bought the Wii Shop Channel via Wii Mode.

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