Sony Comments On PS3 Exclusives Selling Less Than Xbox 360 Exclusives

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Ever since the inception of this generation, Microsoft has the advantage of selling more Xbox 360 exclusives compared to its long time rival, the Sony PlayStation 3.

In an interesting interview with GameInformer, the president of Sony’s Worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida has shed more light on this case. When asked why does a single Xbox 360 exclusive like Gears of War 3 outsells many of the PlayStation 3 exclusives combined, he had the following to say:

It’s a combination of many things. First, we have to be very honest about our games’ quality as well. We love our games, but we can point out many issues when you look at the titles individually.

Another thing is focus. When you have ten games coming out in a year compared to two or three, how much focus you get from our business and marketing side is very hard. From a portfolio side, we were very excited about the games we had last year, but we probably diluted support for each title

There are several PlayStation 3 exclusives scheduled for 2012, so it seems that they may not be following the above mentioned strategy for now. But it will be interesting to see whether Sony changes it game development strategy for next generation, that is the PlayStation 4.

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  • ME

    Simply put, some games become “flavor of the gen” Gears is that flovor. Halo too has a huge follow. The two are both heavily multiplayer centric which feeds those tarded little competitive teens who cant get enuff of that shit (exactly why COD does so well). Had Sony out with some kind of whored out multiplayer beast, you’d see the same thing there.

    I actually like that games like uncharted and many other sony exclusives actually produce good single player portions and dont try to whore themselves out to the teen shooter crowd.

  • ^ Agreed. I actually bought a PS3 over the XBOX because of the PS3 exclusives. I’d rather play Uncharted and Infamous over Halo/Gears of War any day.

  • So he basically said. We sold less individual exclusives, because we had more exclusives out there.

    He’s got a reasonable point. People only have so much money & time on their hands.

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  • charles2029

    True, they did have quite a few more exclusives, so I guess the push for each was a little less.


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