Sony confirms end of PS Vita support, officially labels it ‘legacy platform’

Unless you live in Japan or Asia, that is.

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It seems that the Vita will live as Andrew House’s were only meant for older versions of the handheld. “What Andy mentioned as ‘legacy platform’ was a part of the write-off the PS Vita component for the first generation of PS Vita, which is no longer available in the market. And he did not directly mean the current PS Vita and PS TV models, which are available in the market. Our portable business will be continued, and many users are now enjoying PS4 remote play features as well as original PS Vita game titles on PS Vita and PS TV,” a Sony executive said to Gamesbeat.

Original Story:

The PS Vita is a tragic story of lost potential and almost seemingly deliberate sabotage, but on the whole, the platform has miraculously trudged on, in spite of Sony’s boneheaded policies that should have killed the system a long time ago.

That changes today- at an investor’s meeting, Sony Computer Entertainment’s Global Head and CEO confirmed that the company is officially retiring the handheld to ‘legacy status’ outside of Japan and Asia, and that it will receive no future support in those territories.

What does this mean? This means that while Sony will probably continue to repair the system, and sell it for as long as stocks last, and support PSN on it for a while, we cannot expect any new Sony projects on it. Period. The system, as far as Sony is concerned, falls in the same category as the PS2 or PSP now.

Some ten year lifetime for all your systems, huh, Sony? The blame for the Vita’s death lies squarely on Sony. They never gave it a chance, and never backed it the way they backed the PS3, the PS4, or even the PSP.

That said, the handheld has a ton of great games on it, so if you can find one for cheap, I recommend getting one. it’s worth it just for Persona 4 Golden and DanganRonpa.

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  • Romulo Cesar Maximiano

    “A ton of great games on it” ROFLMFAO

  • d0x360

    End of vita support? Did they ever even start supporting it? Its like they released it, talked a lot about using it as a second ps4 screen…then totally forgot about that then promised some other features that never happened and now here we are…end of support lol

  • Kevin Butler needs to make an ad for the Vita

  • Once the Vita becomes old and hacks are found, it will be like PSP where even though it’s no longer supported, lots of people buy one for modding purposes

  • Victor_Godinez

    in my litthe opinion, yeah lack of games and the no games no sales- no games spiral killed it…. however the second major factor was one that coulad have been avoided…
    who would wnat to buy a 32GB card for more than $100 whan a simple and FASTER micro SD card can be bought at what 25-30dlls?
    they could have used the same method as the PS#, a special format that only the vita could read, and if it detects a different card ask for formatting before use,
    different connections schemes etc, anything but the stupidly slow and over priced proprietary cards

  • TraceSkipper

    I still play my vita everyday and i got a huge library of games to play. I really didnt know any of this … haha.

  • Mikko Olmillo

    psh’ …. come on guys …. if they WILL localize the God Eater 2 and God Eater 2 Rage Burst and God Eater Resurrection, them PS VITA WILL BE ALIVE AGAIN … IT WILL RETURN FROM THE DEPTHS OF HADES MWUAHAHAHAHA

  • TomSir79

    So what, I already knew that the Vita wouldn’t be supported anymore. Didn’t stop me from purchasing a Vita 1000( looks badass) + there are still a Ton of Games i can buy.

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