Sony Discusses Where DriveClub Went Wrong

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Even though at its core, DriveClub is actually a fairly great racing game, with an amazing driving model and gorgeous visuals, it became a bit of a running joke because of its messed up launch, which saw server issues and the game not functioning properly for months afterwards, and developer Evolution forced into damage control mode, offering apologies left, right, and center, conciliatory free DLC, and even going so far as to suspend the PS+ version of DriveClub indefinitely– which was the very first thing that was ever promised to us about the PS4, way back in February 2013.

Well, Sony Worldwide Studios Shuehei Yoshida recently took the time to outline where exactly the game went wrong, and what the cause of all the issues was, in an interview with Kotaku.

“We are very embarrassed,” said Yoshida, “and we are sorry for that.”

“It’s just the number of people the server couldn’t handle,” he said. “The stress-testing was not designed correctly. So it was the oversight. So the team had to go back to the drawing board in terms of server code. And they have been re-factoring and re-engineering server-side to be able to have more people play the game at the same time.”

Essentially, then, this wasn’t just a coding error or a glitch- the very server architecture of the game, and of PSN at large, was revealed to be inadequate, and had to be redone. Yoshida claims that that has now been redone, and points to the successful launch of Bloodborne as proof.

Of course, this is punctuated by the fact that yesterday, DriveClub’s PS+ edition did go up on PSN for a while, before it was taken down again within a couple of hours (it now launches tomorrow, June 25). Evolution’s reason for pulling the game from the store yesterday? “The servers aren’t ready yet, so it’s been removed while we get them ready.”

… yeah.

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  • Psionicinversion

    Successful launch of blood borne omg reaching much.yoshida has no bounds to how pathetic he is. Blood borne is a single player game with a bit of co-op play. Far far different to an online game like drive club. Sony does just take the cake

    • Guest

      Why are you so angry and offended? What the heck is wrong with you? Did Sony and Yoshida do something to you personally? You gonna cry? And why is just 2 known bots in here hating as usual? Hates gonna hate.

    • Psionicinversion

      hes trying to redirect to a game with virtually no online component. 2 completely different games. Why cant he just say it sucked and there trying to get it back but no cant do that because it would seem like it shows weakness except we know sony servers suck

  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    Sony’s fans will praise it anyway and disagree anything was wrong.

    • Guest

      Because nothing really was wrong. You couldn’t barely connect to it for 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS!!! Big deal! Oh no, I cant connect to online on it, the sky is falling. Grow up kid and stop being such a pathetic loser. You could still play the game. There was nothing wrong with that. It just had a hard time connecting to online. Now get over it you pathetic fanboy. And how about MCC? That was broken for 6-7 months and its main point is playing on line.

    • Guest

      “Sony’s fans will praise it anyway and disagree anything was wrong.”
      Reeally? Where? where? Cuz all I see is just 2 pathetic MS fanboys bashing everything Sony. And yes its obvious that you and Also on PC are the same person. So whats this, account number 2 million? Talk about no life, dakan

  • *Also On PC

    Everything went wrong. Should have been cancelled.

    • Guest

      Oh look who it is. Its obsessed with Sony man. Still pretending to be a PC fanboy when he’s really just the most pathetic MS fanboy ever 9and that’s tough to do considering how horrible they are).

    • *Also On PC

      The xboner is so trash I don’t even have to mention it and you go into tinfoil conspiracies because I don’t mention it.

      This is how pathetic the POS4 is. Can’t even defend it without yelling “BUT XBONE IS WORSE”. Of course it’s worse. Both are still garbage :^)

    • Guest

      “Everything went wrong. Should have been cancelled.”
      How you liking Batman Arkham Knight?

    • *Also On PC

      PC Gamers don’t stand for low quality ports unlike Sony shills :^)

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