Sony Executive On ‘The Reinvention Of PS3’ And The PS4

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As you guys are already aware, I got an opportunity to have a pretty lengthy chat with Atindriya Bose, PlayStation India Country Manager, on various topics ranging from the PS3 and PSP to PSV and PS4.

The current generation of hardware is aging out real fast, especially when one compares it with PC gaming. I asked Atindriya about Sony’s plan to announce a PlayStation 4 to which I got the following reply:

Too speculative. I think, with me being as  a business head of a country, I will definitely not have an exposure to the development at such an early phase. Having said that I have a feeling that if you take a look at that the PlayStation 3 experience, the first four years have gone in to strengthening the  positioning the PS3 among the core gamers, who still remain the heart of PlayStation. So PS3 is vouched for by the core gamers and we have created a very strong relation with them. Then came the motion sensing Move platform, so the PS3 with the Move reinvented the PS3, adequately broadening the market. If you look at it, the PS3 with a Move is itself is a seperate avatar than a standalone PS3, in allowing us to target and address the market needs of two seperate segments.

He then talks about how the PlayStation 3 has basically reinvented itself over the years by the continuous firmware upgrades.

If you look at the PS2. It is perhaps in its 12th year and it is still going strong internationally and in India its still the largest selling platform. Looking at such a longevity, I think there is excitement about newer technologies that will always be there, but if you look at how the PS3 has been built and how through the network system it can continously get upgraded. So the original PS3 has already reinvented itself a number of times. To make us say that the  current PS3 is an entirely different avatar and has a pretty long cycle of being a core product. See, it started with a gaming device. It went in to a 3D playback device.  Now it has become a motion sensing device, so there is a continous sense of re-invention that in anyway is happening. But the PS3 is a brand name we have invested in, but its bit too early to start speculating but in terms of technology addition, its journey showcases it is a continous reinvention process.

Stay tuned with us for more tid-bits on PS3 development, PS Vita and new details on a PS3 exclusive that many of you are not aware of.

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  • im the man

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  • Is that what your mother keeps telling you ?

  • As Sony denies all faults on the PS3 and they suffer from poor sales. The PS4 will be full of faults. I would stay away from this out of date corrupt company.

    • shut up gay crapbox fanboy! ur xbox is obsolete already!

    • Daz

      Out of date huh? They are the only ones that went with new technology from the start. HDMI 1.3, 1080P, BD, 3D, bluetooth, motion etc. None of the companies had all this at launch, and neither have them all now aside from the PS3. The 360 finally has an HDMI port, it does not however support HD master audio or DTS HD. The Wii is still SD while 99% of everything these days is HD.

      They also don’t suffer from poor sales by any means. WW they continually outsell Microsoft. They are generally selling on par with or over the Wii now as well. Not bad for being the highest price console on the market.

    • Phil…tell Microsoft to pull out. You’re going to get a sexual disease.

  • I think PSV will be huge. Cross play between PS3ers & PC with Vita automatically creates a LARGE community in regards to online gaming. DUST 514 is a great example of what im talking about.

    My hopes are extremely high that in the near future, cross play will be a standard among PS3 & Vita.

  • Hm

    So basically he told you nothing useful at all. Clever man.

  • Who designed this controller.Colors are all wrong -_- i dont care about the article i love my ps3

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  • I think I speak for a lot of PS3 owners when I say I’m in no rush for a new console. I just got my PS3 about 6 months ago, and I think a lot of gamers are just now comming to it as well. The games are still improving and I’m still having fun playing it. I think most of us are happy with what we got.

    Sony understandably is in no rush either. They recieved skepticism from gamers and suffered poor sales the first couple years after launch, now it seems they’re finally hitting their stride. Why on earth would Sony want to go through all that again before tasting the fruits of their labor? This console’s life-span is supposed to be a bit longer usual. The PS2 was around for over 6 years before they came out with PS3, and the PS3 is only just turning 5 this November. I doubt we’ll see PS4 until the end of 2013.


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