Sony Prioritizing PS4 Features That Make Them Money, No Windows Phone App Planned & More

A anonymous Sony employee talks about PS4 applications and features.

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ps4 amdA supposedly verified Sony employee has revealed the reason why there is a delay in releasing new features for the PlayStation 4. The Sony employee who goes by the handle IWorkForSony revealed on Reddit that they are working on those features first which makes them money.

“Huge backlog of features; priority goes to features that make us money,” the employee stated on Reddit. He also dismissed rumors of a Windows Phone app for the PlayStation Store and also stated that they have no plans to develop one as the user base is too small.

He also revealed the reason why we may never see an in-app version of the PS Store instead of just a link to the web browser. “No, that probably won’t happen. Apple won’t allow any direct competitors to release apps that sell digital media,” he stated. This is obvious since Sony is offering digital music and video services on the PlayStation 4 which makes them a direct competitor to Apple.

As usual, all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Nothing new, Sony is a company.

  • HisDivineOrder

    They could always an Android “in-app version of the PS Store” since Google’s never had a problem with that sort of thing.

    • bardock5151

      Wont be long and they’ll have something, a small company will pop up and they’ll buy it. Then they’ll absorb the cost of undercutting other companies with invasive advertising through such a service, thereby removing the need to use Sony’s own offering, then eventually google will be involved in a monopoly case instigated by the other large companies such as Sony, Microsoft, Apple and pretty much any other company crucified for any invasion of privacy breach, then google will get a slap on the wrist like they have been with a couple hundred million dollar fine and just hide their practices even better next time. Sorry I don’t like google, I end up on a rant about them most times I see them mentioned.

  • Kamille

    what about the suspend/resume they announced at launch that is yet to be implemented? That doesn’t make them money but are they gonna keep breaking their promises?

    • Not_true

      A date wasn’t given.

  • You are flat out wrong’s mom

    what a broke company, luckily ps4 has the essential features but i am enjoying xbones monthly feature updates, pretty bored of stability updates

    • Not_true

      Not broke.

  • lassenwolf

    use all the reasons Sony wants they haven’t done anything for the ps4,

    • Not_true

      They’ve done plenty so far.

  • ilovegoogleglass

    I love my Xbox One!

  • Thinkaboutit

    Everyday i find out more things that the ps4 doesnt have. What a POS machine. How dumb would you have to be to buy something that doesnt even do half of what your last console did?

  • You are flat out wrong’s mom

    they don’t care until you throw money at it is basically what they are saying… oh wait you’re paying for online & not getting improvements still… yeah they just don’t care at all.

  • crizz1066

    Yet it still outsells the 80’s VCR!!!!!! Maybe it being the better more powerful machine is enough. Doesn’t need any apps, bells or whistles. Just plays games, its is a gaming machine 1st and foremost not a multimedia machine like the X1.

  • the real reason for not deploy an Windows Phone app is that Windows Phone has Xbox and it’s made by microsoft, that it is, nothing more, nothing less


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