Sony Pushing To Improve PlayStation Now; Working On New Features, Security And Debugging Tools

Sony enhancing their cloud gaming solution.

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ps4 cloud gaikai

It seems that Sony are working around the clock on Gaikai, their cloud streaming technology for games. According to a number of job listings, Sony are working on improving the security and providing better management/debugging tools for the Gaikai framework.

First of all, Sony are looking for a Service Reliability Engineer who will work on state of the Gaikai network, new features and will have a say in when new features are ready for production. The candidate will also require to work alongside other teams to fasten up production cycles.

Next up is the Principal Security Infrastructure Engineer, who will primarily focus on “geographically disperse network infrastructures and understands the complexities of protecting stateless sessions streams.” This position might indicate that Sony are working to remove any kind of lag while streaming games.

Finally, a Senior Java Engineer will focus on making better tools for debugging and management of Gaikai. Furthermore, the candidate will also need to work on “libraries, frameworks, or toolkits used by multiple projects.”

Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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  • You_Are_Flat_Out_Peasant


    lol Consoles.

  • Virdin Barzey

    Sony should be putting most of their time in getting AAA titles out for a $400 dollar system. I have no problem with PSNow if they drop some massive exclusive titles at E3 and we aren’t counting idie games, multiplatform or games on the PS3 and Vita.

    E3 show should be all PS4 exclusives and if you want any of the other stuff go to the floor booths and check it out. Anything less than that is a failure IMO.

    • ME3X12

      LMFAO if you want the best and most big budget first party exclusives this gen get an X1. Sorry to break it to you Sony is BROKE!!! You will see far less first party from them this gen why do you think Sony is praising indies for POS4

    • Agent_Blade

      It’s really funny how people say that X1 has better exclusives when no one has even played half of them and more then half of them ate not even out yet. . Typical Xbox fanboy propaganda. You obviously have no idea how many AAA exclusives coming to PS4. And no not just Driveclub and Order 1886.

      Sony have always had bigger, better, more varied exclusives and history has shown that since the very first PS. And just because Sony is praising indies does not mean anything but a bigger gaming library for PS. Ryse was not all that good. Titanfall is not a XB1 exclusive ( its on 360 as well, and didn’t even fully live up to the hype), Kinect Sports was a flop, and the only meal tickets you guys have (for now) is Halo and just maybe Sunset Overdrive. Maybe Quantum Break also we will see.

    • Virdin Barzey

      Sure hope your right about the XB1 because as bad as they have been with that ridiculous reveal, and the system being difficult for developers compared to the PS4, E3 is make or break for that system. One more goof up and your system will be going away for good. They actually have to win E3.

      I’m looking for a reason to get an XB1 to go with my PS4 and dropping the price was cool and removing Kinect should have been done at launch. So without Kinect, what does the XB1 give over the PS4? I’ll answer that. Nothing. Granted the PS4 hasn’t given us anything yet besides silly idie games, lets see what E3 brings for both these consoles in terms of exclusives before you start making idiotic statements.

      Yes. Sony is broke but so was Apple and look at them now. Get a grip, the PS4 is selling like hotcakes and developers always makes games for the bigger userbase. Until MS shaves that 2-3 million gap guess which will be the lead platform.


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