Sony Says It Still Believes In Console Generations

And yet….

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Ever since Sony announced the PS4 Pro and Microsoft announced the Xbox One Scorpio, people in the industry have been wondering whether or not we’ve seen the end of console generations. This was further fueled by all the talk from Microsoft about making all their games available on both the console and the PC.

Sony, for one at least, is claiming it still very much believes in console generations, such as the PS4 following the PS3. Talking with GamaSutra, PS4 architect Mark Cerny told the site “I believe in generations. Generations are a good thing. So, philosophically, we believe in them. We believe they continue, and this is a mid-generation release.”

“We don’t believe that generations are going away. They are truly healthy for the industry, and for the gaming community. It’s just that the objectives for PS4 Pro are quite different,” he said.

Of course, while Cerny is talking a good game about what the company is going to do, there is the PS4 and the approach the company has taken with it to make us wonder what is up their sleeves. It’s going to take until the next generation to get a really good look at that philosophy.

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  • Terminator

    Just like you believe 4.2 TeraFlops = 8.4 TeraFlops Mark? lol Well keep believing away you are just making the Xbox Scorpio that much stronger (6TF=12TF) 🙂

  • crazy_black_man-

    They have a strong user base for the PS4, so why not make it better? The PS5 will come when the time is right. We have yet to see the competition make any gains towards reducing the market share for the PS4, or even bring out a competitive product. The competition for so desperate that they were forced to this gen’s best exclusives on PC. Sony is controlling the console market with the PS4, and now providing console options for whatever particular type of tv resolution you own. That’s all. Outside of doing that and adding the number one VR console gaming device, ain’t nothing else changed but the people in the other tent crying louder about Sony getting more exclusive content than they are. Sony earned it, and is continuing to innovate while the competition is still selling the same old snake oil. Sony is killing it right now, as everybody else is waiting for a vaporware console that may never live up to its marketing. And if history is any indicator, it surely won’t. Its already far to late in coming to make any major difference. Sony will make the PS5 when it’s time. It ain’t needed anytime time soon though. Now, that Scorpio though, that thing needed to be here in 2013


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