Sony Showing off Two Unannounced Games Behind Closed Doors At E3, New Indie Games Incoming

Industry insiders teasing new announcements.

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With E3 only a few weeks away, there is a lot of anticipation regarding what Sony and Microsoft will announced at the year’s biggest gaming expo. Trusted industry insiders shinobi602 and tidux have revealed some interesting information regarding what is in store for players in the coming weeks and E3. As usual, this piece of information should be taken with a grain of salt but both of these insiders have a solid track record.

shinobi602 claimed on Neogaf that Sony will be showing off two unnannounced games behind closed doors at E3. However he clarified that this does not mean that they won’t be shown off at Sony’s press conference or they have only 2 new games to announce. shinobi602 also confirmed that the next Mirror’s Edge will also be on the show. He also thinks that Sony and Microsoft will have great E3 press conferences and given that he is privy to inside information, this may come out to be true.

On a related note, tidux is teasing that a ton of indie games are incoming for the PS4 and PS Vita. Whether these will be announced at E3 or earlier is not made clear.

What are your thoughts on this rumor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. E3 begins this June. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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  • GHz

    Roll eyes*

    What makes this inside info? Every E3 some new games are shown behind closed doors & mirrors edge is an easy guess.

    & tidux “inside” info is even worse. Sony already told us since late last year that they will concentrate heavily on Indies because they couldn’t afford rising cost of AAA games. One thing for sure is that Sony will have tons of surprises in that space which make a great e3 for them.

    My guess. Grand tourismo showing to compete with XB1’s Forza Motorsport 6 & then Sony will shock the world by showing the last guardians running on the PS4.

    I can dream 🙂

    • XbotMK1

      There you go again. Sony never stated that they couldn’t afford AAA games. That is something you Xbox fan boys made up to cover the Xbox One’s lack of indies.

      Sony stated that indies are the future of the industry because AAA games are taking more money and time to make due to graphical expectations from consumers. Indies help plug the gaps. Microsoft, Nintendo, Valve, Square Enix, EA, Activision, and Ubisoft are all major publishers that utilize indie studios to make lower budget games. Some indie studios are talented and can push out large AAA games at lower costs.

      List of bigger budget AAA retail Xbox exclusives made, funded, or published by Microsoft since 2013:

      Dead Rising 3 (also on PC)
      Ryse (also on PC)
      Forza 5
      Forza Horizon 2
      Sunset Overdrive
      Project Spark (also on PC)
      Killer Instinct

      List of bigger budget AAA retail PlayStation exclusives made and published by Sony since 2013:

      God of War Ascension
      Tear Away
      Soul Sacrifice
      The Last of Us
      Beyond Two Souls
      Gran Turismo 6
      Killzone Shadowfall
      inFamous Second Son
      Little Big Planet 3
      The Order 1886

      Sony also employs more developers for AAA games and they incubate indie devs.

    • asok

      try this game i personali recomend it

  • Heartless12

    I have nothing against indies but I feel as if they should have their own separate gaming event…. It shouldn’t be apart of E3….Because indies take up almost 75% of the time during the press conference smh

    • tplarkin7

      I agree. Indies are like board games with rare exception. If the definition of ‘video game’ includes ‘something never done before’, than indie games are not video games.

    • jb227

      Seems to me that the AAA titles are the ones that rarely try anything different while the indies are the ones concerned w/ iteration & innovation. Not sure that definition defines video games either, it’d be more like “interactive fun” & all games can fit that if they are quality titles, their budget doesn’t factor in at all.

    • tplarkin7

      Most indie games do not use the full power of the hardware. They are fundamentally the same as an NES game. That was fine in 1990, but it’s 2015.

    • I personally would take creativity over technical prowess any day of the week. I understand your position though. To me indies work w/ their constraints to create innovative & unique environments, art styles & gameplay mechanics which are then recognized & utilized by the bigger devs, so its really a symbiotic relationship that works great for both parties, and though it is pretty intangible at times, for gamers themselves. Things like procedural generation were grown in the indie space but they will definitely find a unique place in AAA dev…Could definitely see one of the Star Wars titles utilizing that to a great degree, when you see a game like No Man’s Sky its pretty easy to think that those ideas could be utilized in any number of cool space traveling games. Games like Rime could potentially bring back the cel shaded art style to be used in a game like Rayman, so on & so forth. You may not dig indies for their experiences but I’d guess that you will eventually dig features on AAAs that may have never materialized w/o them.

    • tplarkin7

      There is nothing new about No Man’s Sky. It’s smoke and mirrors. All we’ve seen is some space flight and barren planets that you can name if you’re first. The promise of “billions of planets” is silly. It’s just a simple formula calculated by a computer. Have you genuinely seen something that looked fun in No Man’s Sky? Do you think flying in space, alone, and landing on a planet, alone, is fun?
      Procedural generation has been around for a while. Oblivion’s forests were procedurally generated. This is just good marketing by a weak developer.

    • I’m not a social gamer, don’t go in for online multiplayer & all that, so a solo exploration mission is fun by my standards, but its all relative really. I’m sure No Man’s Sky is far from the first procedurally generated title, but the recent trend of that technology has been married to indie titles like NMS, and we’ve already seen Bloodborne use it for its Chalice Dungeons. Oblivion was a long time ago & if indie devs didn’t dust off that mechanic chances are that it would’ve fallen by the wayside. That’s just one example though really. I personally don’t see Hello Games as a weak dev, the Joe Danger games were great fun for me. Sure they were derivative of Excite Bike just like a lot of indie games are derivative of past titles, its the iteration that makes them feel unique & new, and I rarely see any advancement in AAA titles whatsoever. The only recent one I could see would be the Nemesis System in Shadow of Mordor, then you’d have to look back to things like GoW’s Horde Mode & the invention of open world titles like GTA prior to that. Then its all a bunch of other devs piling on to those trends. At the end of the day its all relative and your opinion will differ from mine which will differ from someone else’s. I just think it’s difficult to make a blanket statement about indie titles when they are as varied as any other art form. If AAA’s are absolutely rocking your boat these days then more power to you, but I just keep getting disappointment after disappointment in that realm. Maybe it has to do w/ expectations, but when I crank up a game I wasn’t aware of on PS+, I typically have more memorable experiences there than most 60$ boxed retail titles.

    • tplarkin7

      AAA’s are not rocking my boat these days. I’m hoping Batman does next month.

    • Same here…the dual play stuff kinda threw me at first but seeing it in proper action it makes some sense. As long as they weren’t under the gun from WB I’m expecting some quality gameplay. Just wish Dini hadn’t left because those are some big shoes to fill story wise. It’s the only thing on the horizon for me for quite awhile, I’m still on the fence about all of the holiday stuff because even what little we’ve seen in action we can’t really trust to be indicative of the final product anymore.

    • tplarkin7

      I agree. We’re at a low point in AAA gaming. You can thank Nintendo Wii, and mobile gaming. However, people will pay good money for AAA, and they will learn that shovelware is not profitable.

    • Patrick

      Indies are great. I’m definitely looking forward to games like Rime, Alienation, and so on. Let’s be real though; these games could have ran on PS3 and Xbox 360. Most of us just spent $400+ upgrading our consoles to the PS4 and/or Xbox One (I, personally, have both so $750 for me). So far we’re getting mostly indie games announced that could have easily ran on our old PS3s and Xbox 360s though.

      PS4 and Xbox One really don’t bring anything to the table except improved graphics, so it makes total sense that people are irked that, so far, all that seems to be revealed at E3 this generation are pixel-art games,

      Call us “entitled gamers” all day, it doesn’t change the fact that I spent $750 supporting these two industry-leaders for their boxes, that offer little more than a graphical bump over last generation, and haven’t even gotten that to show for my support.

    • I definitely understand it in terms of upgrading consoles. I’m of the mind that the big console pushing titles will come, it typically just takes a couple years before you hit those genre defining titles, the only difference being in the past we didn’t have all of those great indies to pass the time while early adopters wait. I’d be the last person to call any gamer “entitled” I really hate that terminology, I think that dropping that much cash on a product most definitely entitles gamers to share their feedback & opinion. Kinda hate the apologist culture where certain people try to align their interests w/ huge corporate machines even if it makes no sense at all…there’s rational patience & there’s sheer backwards thinking & that always toes that line. For my personal experience I’m fine w/ the wait because gaming isn’t necessarily my primary hobby, but for those that really enjoy big AAA blowout experiences, I definitely agree we haven’t gotten there yet, but I still think it’s only a matter of time & by the holidays I think these marquee titles will start coming at a better rate hopefully.

    • Zarbor

      The whole indie scene this generation has been really annoying. I love all type of games and clearly see the need for smaller developers being able to given a platform where they can create games that don’t bankrupt their company while trying new things but limited in that innovation.

      Sony is the one that decided to put these games on the big stage. Partly because they were looking for an advantage which they got but now it appears that it mostly all they have when it comes to great exclusives.

      It amazes me since if all these games can run on the Vita and should be exclusive to that platform. The reality is that the Vita is failure though it has sold quite a bit. Most people I know rarely if ever use it and hardly ever mentions the platform. I see more people in public using their DS.

      Get ready to hear much more about indie games from Sony and don’t be surprised is MS follows. That seems to be the area where they have better opportunity for exclusives.

      I’m did not spend money on these boxes, a 55 inch top of the line LED and incredible surround sound system to play……indie games.

    • Heartless12

      I couldn’t agree with you more I to have both consoles and releasing these games are an insult….these indies can be played on the xbox, and the playstation 2! Smh

    • harriskatz

      Games like No Man’s Sky and Everybody is Going to the Rapture are indie games. Should those not be at E3?

      And if a company like Ubisoft releases a games like Child of Light, should that also not be at E3?

      People need to stop with the “indies are bad” nonsense.

    • Fweds

      There is a big difference between indie games that are made and funded by a small in house team than indie games that are backed up by the big money companys.

    • Heartless12

      You took the words right out of my mouth bro

    • Heartless12

      Those indies are backed up by big companies I’m refurring to the small indies made by small companies I did not spend $700 plus on both consoles to play games that are weak enough to be played on the Playstation 2 or a vita!

  • Poor PS Poor people

    Indie sh*tstorm more like it. All of them games better and cheaper on PC.

    • tplarkin7

      A big Sony exec walks on stage, announces new ‘exclusive IP’, a logo for “3-men-in-a-garage” appears. It’s a side-scrolling platformer!

    • XbotMK1

      No game is better on PC. May be in performance, only if you have a strong enough PC. Many don’t find that $400 extra dollars for 1080p at 60 fps to be worth the drawbacks. PC is an underutilized yet more expensive platform. Consoles deliver better performance and reliability per dollar. There are more broken components and hardware failures on PC. PC requires more maintenance and is prone to more problems that can be costly.

      The most played games on PC are Counter Strike, Minecraft, DOTA2, and League of Legends. These games have low graphical fidelity and could run at 1080p at 60 fps on consoles easily. That says a lot about the hypocrisy of the PC master race.

      Indie games are not cheaper on PC. Consoles also get discounts and deals. PC also doesn’t offer a service like PS+ which offers about 48 games (24 -30 games if you only have a PS4) for $50 a year.

    • XbotMK1

      No indie game is better on PC. Many don’t find that spending 400 dollars more than a console for a PC just to play indie games to be worth the drawbacks. PC is an underutilized yet more expensive platform. Consoles deliver better performance and reliability per dollar. There are more broken components and hardware failures on PC. PC requires more maintenance and is prone to more problems that can be costly.

      The most played games on PC are Counter Strike, Minecraft, DOTA2, and League of Legends. These games have low graphical fidelity and could run at 1080p at 60 fps on consoles easily. That says a lot about the hypocrisy of the PC master race.

      Indie games are not cheaper on PC. Consoles also get discounts and deals. PC also doesn’t offer a service like PS+ which offers about 48 games (24 -30 games if you only have a PS4) for $50 a year.

  • xbox1rules23

    i trust shinobi but i don’t believe a word of tidux

    • Anders

      That is why tidux make vague predictions like that. It is bound to come true and raise his credibility among those who follow him.

    • Æmæth Rex

      tidux and thuway are trash.

    • Mark

      Ur missing PeteDodd aka FamousMortimor.

    • Mark

      Shinobi does have the best record amongst these guys. He’s been right about ME4, and a host of others. When he speaks, I listen lol. Now these other guys r really paid by Sony shills imo. Seems Thuway/aka IsaParrot has been exposed as well as PeteDodd. Funny how 90% of insiders only speak of Sony….but no matter, the Xbox E3 will be darn good. I hope all conferences are strong (including PC).

  • PachterStation

    Fingers crossed they’re not quick time event games. Sony loves knocking out rubbish like that.

  • Dr.Ghettoblaster

    My top 5 Sony 2015 E3 wishlist:

    5). PS1 classics finally announced cross buy/play on PS4 (they’re cross buy/play on PSP, Vita, and PS3, but NOT the newest most powerful PS4)

    4). New Resistance, Wipeout, Twisted Metal, or Jet Moto/Splashdown reboot (water/wave racing genre is wide open completely empty for the taking!!!)

    3). New God of War(4) PS4 trailer + release date + GOW4 demo announced exclusive with upcoming GOW3 Remastered

    2). Last Guardian RE-reveal

    1). Uncharted Trilogy HD remaster (1-3, 1080p/60fps, maybe throw in Golden Abyss for good measure, OR U4 demo/beta access would be even better!!)

  • Fweds

    “Sony Showing off Two Unannounced Games Behind Closed Doors”

    Manic Miner and Chuckie Egg HD remaster’s confirmed.

  • Tezzer1985

    What solid info has shinobi602 and tidux ever gave us, that was real or came to light?

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