Sony Wants Its Games To Stand Out More Than It Wants To Make Money, Says Developer

Sony actually does care about the creativity that this medium can foster.

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Unlike a lot of other publishers, Sony doesn’t seem to rely on the franchise blockbuster model as much. Yes, it has its Uncharteds and its Ratchet and Clanks, but on the whole, Sony’s studios are free to try new things, push new and highly experimental IPs like The Last Guardian and Gravity Rush.

The reason for this is that Sony really does care about making its games unusual, and making them stand out from the crowd. This was recently confirmed by a studio that is currently working on a game for the PS4 with Sony. Giant Sparrow Creative Director Ian Dallas talked to OnlySP about the relationship between his studio and Sony, discussing Sony’s stance on creativity over pure profits.

“It’s a very symmetrical relationship too. I think a lot of times, the publisher and developer want very different things. The publisher wants to sell as much as possible and recoup their money, or at least that’s a very high priority. But with Sony, at least from what we’ve seen, their focus is much more on making a really great game – making something that stands out and is unusual. It’s nice that our goals as a developer are pretty closely aligned with Sony’s. There [are] definitely disagreements, but we’re definitely trying to get at the same goal,” Dallas said.

It certainly must be a reason for why Sony greenlights so many unusual indie games, and so many titles that are financially risky. In an industry where companies are increasingly moving towards extracting as much money from their products and their customers as possible, it’s nice to see a company that actually does care about the products it puts out, and the creativity that this medium fosters.

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  • Rodney Patrick

    LMFAO,care about the product they put out….WHAT!! with all the remaster games they have released on the ps4,yeah they care about milking a game for all it’s worth

    • XbotMK1

      Releasing remasters helps to create new fans for those franchises.

    • Truth™

      And they all flopped because the COD Dudebro audience isn’t interested. lol

    • Tech junkie

      It helps them make money, so funny you believe your delusions. Take your meds.

    • HyDrO

      I love the remastered PS4 games I didn’t play since I had an Xbox last gen. The Last Of Us especially was awesome. I’m not too sure most people would re-purchase a game they already played just because it’s remastered so I don’t really see how they are milking people for money. Many PS4 owners were on Xbox 360 last generation and that’s who it helps out the most.

  • Truth™

    Here comes the PR after another dreadful year for Sony and another one to come after Unsharted 4 and PSVR flop,

    Meanwhile PC has a new era of creativity. Reminder that an “Indie Pixel” game Sonycucks claim are the only thing on PC was the best rated exclusive on top of every AAA multiplat being 1080P 60FPS in 2015 and in 2016 the only high resolution VR headsets on the market with new GPU technology on the way

    Sonycucks about to be wiped off the planet for good 🙂

    • Jecht_Sin

      Do you get wet when you have this kind of fantasies? Sony wiped out. Yeah. With 40 million consoles sold. lol

    • Truth™

      No games and only COD. Sony will be wiped out once Samsung, Dell or Nvidia makes a better COD box 🙂

    • XbotMK1

      Sony is a video game publisher (Activision, EA, Take Two Interactive etc.) that funds and supports developers.

      PC is not a publisher that funds and supports developers.

      Your comparison is illogical. You’re an imbecile.

    • Truth™

      You are a person who unapologetically supports a company who charges $15 for games you already own, loses customer data to hackers and was convicted of spying on users. You don’t get the right to call anyone “Imbecile” you pathetic corporate choad.

    • XbotMK1

      So you’re a corporate choad, you’re a Valve slave, and ya Microsoft slave who is an angry compulsive liar and is just anti Sony for no valid reasons, is calling me a corporate choad.

      Pure comedy.

    • Truth™

      Calling a linux user a “Microsoft slave”. Kek

  • Riggybro

    I agree. PS has a very different “vibe” (that’s why I got one even tho I game on PC) It could be related to its more international popularity perhaps which creates more diverse titles (Europe/Japan/North America).

    XB’s dude-bro shooter image is changing though. Some good unique stuff coming up not just stale super soldier stuff.

  • Starman

    Aaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha … STFU !!!!!

  • XbotMK1

    This reflects some of the differences that I think are between Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.

    Sony is more about innovation and wanting to push the medium forward regardless if it’s third party or first party. That is why Sony tends to focus on new IP and why they are more open to taking financial risks. They’re also more consistant in the way they develop consoles.

    Nintendo is more about innovation but just wanting to push their own first party over third party. That is why Nintendo stated, “Third parties are a waste of time.”

    Microsoft is more about just feeding you enough scraps to keep you using their operating system. That is why Microsoft has always objectively had the weakest first party and why they focus so much on timed third party exclusives instead. That is also why Microsoft releases exclusives on PC. They just made Xbox to copy PlayStation and keep PlayStation from killing Windows. Microsoft doesn’t care about the medium or console.

    • Tech junkie

      Haha, that’s what I love about you. Sony feeds you BS and you love.

      They are simply using the we are cool we don’t care about money marketing plan.

      They care about money. Every company does.

      Too funny constantly on PS damage control.

      Real indie games are on PC, get over it fan boy

      Funny how Sony doesn’t care about money but they charge for broken online.

  • Kinect

    Yup, and that is one of the reasons why Xbox is dying and why Xbox fanboys are becoming extinct.

    • Tech junkie

      Does Sony pay you?


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