Sony Will Definitely Make A PS5, Sony America Boss Asserts

Not a world beyond generations.

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While Microsoft may have drawn a line in the sand with the Xbox One X, proclaiming that we are now in a world beyond traditional console generations, and Nintendo may have sidestepped the traditional generational progression entirely, Sony apparently still believes in the conventional understanding of what a console generation is.

Speaking to German outlet, PlayStation’s America boss Shawn Layden said that the company will definitely make a PlayStation 5, as it will represent the next step forward for Sony as a whole- though he did also add that it will be a while before PS5 does happen. So if anyone thought that the PS4 Pro meant Sony would be moving to a rolling hardware model, it doesn’t seem like the company has any interest in doing that just yet.

Layden also specifically noted that PS4 Pro exclusive games – games that run only on the PS4 Pro, but not on standard PS4 or PS4 Slim systems – will never happen, either. Both of these are in line with what Sony has previously said- so it should be clear now that even though Microsoft may be following its own trajectory, and Nintendo its own, Sony will continue to stick with what has worked for it so far. And there is nothing wrong with that.

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  • LifeOnMars

    4k 60fps on a handful of games. I think it will sell less than PS4 Pro world wide month by month with the exeption of the first few launch months.

  • Matty

    efnet, just a fact that high price consoles don’t sell well. What LifeOnMars is saying is true. Been around for every gen of console and seen it happen and know how it all works. Its not hard. Stats show that the majority of gamers think £250 to £350 is the right price for a new games console. And this mirrors why the Xbox 360 and PS4 sold so well. Xbox 360 launched at just £209 and the PS4 £349. The experts at Digital Foundry cover all this. They recently uploaded a video explaining the future of gaming and where it is headed. They can tell by the price of graphics cards, ram etc and how much the public are generally willing to spend. They predict no new consoles in the next few years as graphics cards and ram prices etc are too high to make a new console much more powerful than the ones we have now for a price the public are willing to pay. They have to wait till near 2019 to 2020 for prices to come down before they can deliver consoles that are a big leap ahead of what we have now for an affordable price point.

  • LifeOnMars

    Why would you think I’m hurting ?
    I’m comfortable with my choice of consoles. If Microsoft make a success of Xbos One X and gets plenty of exclusive IPs I may well purchase one if the price drops or if it gets a good bundle .
    Until that time I’m one happy bunny.
    The amount of windows 10 licences does not make microsoft a popular gaming machine (I own 4 PCs but I don’t bother with games on them).

    • Smart guy

      You’re hurting because your arguments aren’t doing well. The double “AND?” was pretty awful

    • LifeOnMars

      AND ?

  • Eddie Battikha

    Fall 2019 is Playstations 25th Anniversary and PS5 will launch, Sony is switching to 3 year hardware refresh cycles this way technology isn’t held back and evolution will continue. The PS4 and PS4 Pro trend will always continue every 3 years and be B/C and then a New Generation Console will be launch. 2019 from AMD is 7nm Ryzen, Navi and HBM3, The Last Of Us launched 2013 and PS4 launched Fall 2013. The Last Of Us 2 will launch 2019 and PS5 will launch Fall 2019, A True 4k Next Gen Gaming Console at 60 fps with Enhanced Graphics.

  • Eddie Battikha

    PS5 will easily launch Fall 2019 as that’s PlayStations 25th Anniversary, 7nm and Next Gen Tech will there for a 4k 60 fps Next Gen Gaming Console with Enhanced Graphics.

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