Sony Looking To Include Microsoft’s DRM ‘PlayReady’ In PS4

For multimedia applications.

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Microsoft PlayReady

Editor’s Note: Since this is limited to multimedia applications only, we have amended the article by a bit to reflect the same.

For those of you who are unaware, PlayReady is a content protection solution from Microsoft. The technology enables encryption and Digital Rights Management. The technology was first launched by Microsoft in 2007 and is currently being used in several other services provided by the Redmond based company.

According to a job listing, Sony might be using the technology in all its platforms including the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Sony are currently looking for a Principal Engineer that has specialization in PlayReady and implement it in multimedia applications across its three consoles.

It seems that this technology will be limited to multimedia such as music and video and most likely won’t make its way across digital games. Having said that, it’s no surprise that Sony may be borrowing technology from its competitor. Microsoft is best at software applications and Xbox is only a small part of their business.

What are your thoughts on this build up? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Dirkster_Dude

    It isn’t a surprise. Sony is a business at heart and not a gaming company. They make the gaming consoles to make money NOT games. Of course they have to sell games to make money, but that is different because most of those Sony executives really aren’t gamers like the ones who will be using those consoles to play games. Most people don’t think about the fact that Blu-Ray is a Sony technology and they are part of the group companies that receives royalties and every Blu-Ray drive and disc produced. And… what type of drive is in Microsoft fancy but less powerful console?

    • XboxGamer33

      So instead of accepting that Sony is paying MS for their technology you’re trying to puff Sony’s chest with Blu-ray.. Cmon man, if you think Sony developed Blu-ray alone you’re mistaken. Yes they’re part of the Blu-ray group.. But that doesn’t mean they made it themselves. I.e. check up on how Philips helped them

      Also everything you said had nothing to do with this article

    • Dirkster_Dude

      Actually your comment tells me you didn’t actually read mine – maybe skimmed it? — From my original post: “Blu-Ray is a Sony technology and they are part of THE group companies
      that receives royalties and every Blu-Ray drive and disc produced.” — My only comment was related to the fact that it isn’t a surprise that even aggressive competitors use each others technology when necessary. I think that is quite relevant. The fact that you don’t think so doesn’t do anything for me though.

    • Reason Freeman

      and Sony used Microsoft windows for their PCs before they were forced to abandon supporting them since they are bleeding billions. But hey, maybe those blu-ray royalties will keep them afloat

    • Lacerz

      This is true. Apple uses Sony technology in the iPhone 6 models. That’s why you see companies being acquisitioned, not for their products, but for their patents.

    • Brian

      Sony doesn’t get that much…..Patent player MPEG LA today announced that the first meeting of essential Blu-ray disc patent owners, consisting of 17 companies, was held in Los Angeles earlier this month.

      The meeting’s purpose was to create a joint license providing fair, reasonable, non-discriminatory access to essential patents, as an alternative to negotiating separate licenses.

      Participating companies included CyberLink; Dell; Hewlett-Packard; Hitachi; Koninklijke Philips Electronics; LG Electronics; Matsushita Electric Industrial (Panasonic); Mitsubishi Electric; Pioneer; Samsung Electronics; Sanyo Electric; Sharp; Sony; TDK; Victor Company of Japan; and Warner Home Video.

    • Dirkster_Dude

      The amount of income derived is irrelevant. What is relevant to my point is Sony was part of that group and now Microsoft if they want to actually compete has to use technology Sony helped pioneer and Microsoft rejected. Just like now Sony may be considering using Microsoft technology.

    • Jhora Zakaryan

      What’s your point? Of course the goal of any business is generating profit. The thing is that in a competitive environment you actually have to care about your audience to sell your product. Sony executives do not have to sit and play games all day long to run the business. There are other people down the management hierarchy who have to care about games and gamers.

    • Dirkster_Dude

      My point really is it isn’t a surprise and it isn’t really news that Sony would do this yet we are all reading and commenting on the article or our opinions about it. I suppose that is my point if I actually have a point.

    • Jhora Zakaryan

      The article is about Sony using a patented technology from a competitor and your point is that Sony makes consoles to get money. Apparently your point is out of topic.

    • Dirkster_Dude

      Wow. I don’t agree.

    • Starman

      Sony’s BLURAY doesn’t work without MS codec , son…..’Toshiba’ , and Microsoft hold more shares in bluray than Sony. MS pay Sony $0.50 for each bluray they use in any of their devices but ,Sony then turns around and have to pay them $3.00 for every bluray sold … not sure where you get your info from son.

    • Dirkster_Dude

      First, I’m not your son. Second, you’re incorrect about the CODEC. Third, I might actually change my mind on the Second point, but you would need to cite sources as proof because your word means nothing to me since I don’t know you.

  • mazegilliam

    I thought they were not going to have DRM… smh

    • Guest

      Sony = lies and overhype.

    • The Wolf 47

      DRM means digital rights management.
      They are already included in every purchases of digital games you buy from their stores.
      For example, if you buy an Xbox Game, it is limited to 1 console at a time while Sony originally made it for 5 console now has 2 consoles on which you can put your games on.
      Think of DRM as a set of rules and regulation. They can be anything. Microsoft’s approach was over-zealous.
      In this case, it’s technology software that prevents hacking games.

    • //snupy//
    • Lacerz

      I like Sony’s DRM. I buy one digital copy of a game and it can be played on two separate consoles at the same time. My son and I play online together and it only takes one license. Now, it’s not as good as the 5 consoles being able to play together with one purchase, but at least I don’t have to buy two copies.

    • mazegilliam

      Yeah I just don’t want them to take that off and leave it to one, since they bought out share play they can use that as an excuse on the ps4 for they can cut it to one

    • Mark

      U actually can play 1 game on 2 consoles on X1. Set ur console as ur friends to “Home”. Two can play at the same time. Also, Microsoft originally had the “share digital games with up to 10 friends” feature in the works. But packpedalled after the removal of DRM. Now, I don’t know if u would be able to have 2 or more users playing the same game simultaneously, or more, but it probably so considering it’s being done now.

    • xbox1rules23

      i can share games with my friends on xbox one

    • Guest

      All of that sounds good but, I can play my hard copies on anyone’s XB1 .

    • Starman

      All of that sounds good but I have 3 XB1’s in my house and we all play from one console from one game and all share the same gold subscription, fanboy ..

    • JerkDaNERD7

      SDF Shields and batons are out, get ready for them rubber SDF imprinted bullets.

    • You can put your digital game on ANY Xbox One you log into. No limit.

    • EX+

      What lies are you talking about?

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      The ones that his mommy and daddy told him when they said he was a smart little boy.

    • demderp

      Sony is not lying. You are the one constantly lying, blind, and sick.

      Stop spreading fanboy lies, ignorance, trolling, and blind hate. All of your lies and blind hatred only make you look deranged and sick to normal, sane people. You are sick and need help.

    • MonoKarma

      That’s right,even when they are obviously lying we will still defend them. Demfax you are a boy after my own heart,I always defend Sony too!

    • Kilo

      Guest = a child that is too afraid to create a username along the lines of; xXI_take_everything_M$_gives_me_with_a_smileXx

    • HgGamer

      Lmfao they you don’t know Phonies well

    • demderp

      No, they never said that. Every console has some form of DRM. This is typical DRM for handling media playback. You are literally making things up.

    • mazegilliam

      I know that they have DRM for their unlimited things (music and video) but I just hope they don’t do it for games that’s all, just leave it at two copies for digital, I remember on the ps3 they used to yet your psn account on 5 ps3 (that was a lot) and then they bought it down to two, I’m just saying hopefully they don’t take that off

  • Brian


  • ineedgames

    This is going to be funny to watch.
    *Grabs popcorn*.

    • John Doe

      About as funny seeing Xbots react to the monthly sales reports LOL

  • EX+

    Click bait.

    • John Doe

      You’re right. Just because Sony is looking for someone who knows about PlayReady does not mean they are using PlayReady. They probably need someone who knows how to get around Microsoft’s DRM on PC. These journalists are so dumb and they love to make false claims or click bait articles.

  • d0x360

    First off all whoever said Sony wouldn’t have DRM? Every console they have ever made has DRM…what planet are you from? You people whining about DRM in relation to a console clearly have no friggen clue what you’re talking about.

    Now hopefully using Microsoft technology will allow Sony to relax on their ham fished approach to hdcp. The fact that you have to toggle it on and off is stupid and incredibly annoying for people who like to capture video from games.

    • //snupy//
    • Arcaenist

      The HDCP option is toggled for a reason as well as easily-disabled. At least we get the option this time around unlike the PS3.

    • d0x360

      Yes I know and I appreciate the option actually exists this time but its still a terrible implementation.

      For example on the 360 and x1 hdcp is automatically turned on when needed. If you rent a movie or show etc and its turned off when it isn’t needed like during gameplay or a YouTube video.

      The ps4 is the only device I’ve ever used where hdcp can’t dynamically turn itself on and off as needed and worse still it requires a reboot to do. They could easily make it a bit more graceful. I shouldn’t have to go into the menus and enable hdcp and reboot to watch a clip on YouTube then 2 min later go back in and shut it off and reboot again.

    • Arcaenist

      I do agree that it should be dynamic, yes. Though… when you say reboot, do you mean powering down the PS4 itself and turning it back on or the application off and on?

    • d0x360

      It does a soft reboot like putting it into rest mode but a little bit faster. Its odd because the hdcp protocol doesn’t require any difference in signal output it just sends a token and the device on the receiving end says “yup” and its done so turning on it should be instant and without interruption.

      Its just a weird implementation and don’t get me wrong its not a deal breaker by any means and it certainly won’t affect most people. It just bugs me because I capture just about everything I play so I turn it on and off constantly.

      Hdcp is pointless anyways. You can buy a $15 device on amazon that will strip it out and let you record protected content. Ahh well what can you do. Its a minor annoyance that I hope can be solved by Sony using this Microsoft software.

  • jacksjus

    Clearly this article lacks specific details which will lead to a fuss over something we know nothing about. All they see now is DRM.

  • //snupy//
  • SkinnyAssGamer

    it has nothing to do with games. Sony already had a digital drm thing in place last gen for only digital titles.

    And people are REALLY blowing this out of proportion Sony was talking about RETAIL GAMES not having DRM while Microsoft was planning on killing Retail games with its DRM. Don’t believe me? Re watch their conference where they confirmed it. “Across all Retail games will have no DRM” talking about disc based games. Not digital as digital games always had DRM, Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam of course.

    but also like i said they were discussing multimedia applications not video games.

    “well-known DRM solution to be used on PLAYSTATION®3, PlayStation®4 and PSVita™ for multimedia applications.”

    From the job listing site. This article is nothing but pure click bait bullshit and i wouldn’t be surprised if i saw some foaming at the mouth Xbox Fanboys who only just read the title and foamed at the mouth with joy. Anyway. Just thought i expose some stupidity of both the site and foaming at the mouth Xbox Fanboys.

    Learn to read. Do not use click bait titles to get people to come to your site. Very bad practice to use, ruins your credit ability.

  • Marc D

    It would be funny if MS gave the PS4 a console bricking virus..

    • Lacerz

      It would be funny to see the federal government break Microsoft up like they did Ma Bell for antitrust violations. I’d laugh at that.

    • Starman

      Then Sony should’v been locked up a long time ago … nothing but liars and crooks …who runs a dishonest campaign , every generation.

  • supersungin
    • Psionicinversion

      hahah Linus, thats one freaky gif though man

    • todd Wright

      that guy is really ugly

  • Richard Pitt

    Old news for clicks this was known years ago

  • xbox1rules23

    this is obviously no big deal. basically nothing, but i really wish sony fanboys would stop acting that the ps4 and sony is perfect. there are many flaws with them

  • supersungin
  • Toni D

    I like the fact I can share games on 2 Xbox One’s and not only for two consoles for an hour like in Sonys case.
    I only need 1 subscription and 1 game.
    I wish Sony good luck implementing even more DRM, got to milk that money!


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