Sony XDEV Studio Producer: The Order 1886 Looks Great, Really Exciting To Imagine How It Can Evolve

Rogan Ogden on the potential of PlayStation 4.

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The Order 1886

Ready At Dawn’s The Order:1886 is no doubt a technical showcase for the PlayStation 4. Featuring high definition lighting, shadow effects and expensive anti-aliasing techniques, The Order: 1886 brings an intense cinematic feel to video games. GamingBolt got an opportunity to speak to Rogan Ogden who is the Associate Producer at Sony Computer Entertainment, WWS XDEV Studio Europe.

The interview was mainly focused on Dead Nation: Apocalypse but we also managed to ask his thoughts on The Order 1886 and whether it’s maxing out the PlayStation 4’s power.

“Personally, I think The Order looks great and when I think about what Naughty Dog have achieved on PS3 with the Uncharted games and The Last of Us, it’s really exciting to imagine how The Order can evolve,” Rogan said to GamingBolt.

Come to think of it, games like The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V were  running on consoles that had outdated hardware but with the right optimization and low level API access to consoles architecture can bring in some amazing results.

Stay tuned for our complete chat with the talented team at WWS XDEV Studio Europe and more on Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, including the reasons behind the 30fps and what they are possibly cooking at E3.

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  • You are flat out Xtreme Derp

    dodging the question like a boss i bet when its out it will either run bad or it wil be downgraded.

    • Psionicinversion

      its prolly delayed so they can spoon feed downgrades to ppl slowly

    • clasifi1 .

      Nah , that’s not it…Journalists have seen the game run for 90minutes already…so they have an idea of what it looks like at this stage….and none of’em are talking about a downgraded game….

    • Psionicinversion

      exactly they cant talk about a downgraded game

    • You are flat out Xtreme Derp

      actually from what i heard they said the game run quite bad.

    • Broj

      All these jealous trolls on this site makes me laugh. Even if they downgrade the game it will still look better then any farm simulator or Star Shitizen you have. Go comment on a PC article you virus.

    • Psionicinversion

      Your so jealous about Star Citizen, its pre-alpha and already looks better than any pile of garbage thats output by your failed consoles and the performance gap between consoles and PC will WIDEN not get smaller unlucky butthurt failed troll

    • Troll killer


    • You are flat out Xtreme Derp

      Lol you are pathetic. PC gaming is dead?

      Now cry some more.

      Whats that star citizen sucks? Ironicly it will be rated higher than inflopious and shadowfail

      Whats that goat simulators?

      PC has a ton more games than sims you braindamged muppet and goat similator is a JOKE it even says it on the game’s steam page “its a crap game, you should save money to buy a real goat, dont buy this”

      But you consoletards are mad that pc gaming is more popular than consoles according to analysts and the more populr games are on pc, cry some more f@ggot.

    • You are flat out Xtreme Derp

      lol you are pathetic butthurt muppet.

      The game isnt even 1080p and the game has pretty messed up visuals right now

      Actual ingame footage not promotional screenshots and ofcourse everyone who played it says it runs quite bad and needs alot of optimization…so much power on da ps4.

      You keep going on about simulators are you not aware that pc has ton of diffirent games you jealous sony troll?×1080.jpg?t=1395763914

      Or you are missing that witcher 3 on consoles will run under 1080p on low settings?

      Star citizen is a mmo, arma 3 has huge maps, your pathetic the order is a scripted cover based cinematic piece of trash with qtes, they couldnt achieve those graphics with 1080p big maps and good gameplay so they made it scripted as a movie in order to work on yout patheticstation 4.

      Also since when greaphics make the game good? Usually its the other way around the better the graphics the worse the gameplay.

      Oh look those “simulators” are actually fun and well rated
      pc exlusives are higher rated and pc has more exlusives than all consoles combined.

      and pc gaming is doing amazingly well even that sony dck riding site admited it

      pwnd keep on being pathetic.

    • Psionicinversion

      lol yeah true sometimes trying to make the game graphically amazing on low powered hardware eats away into dev time and the gameplay suffers as a result, obviiously Star Citizen is going to be AWESOME amazing visuals and amazing story and why is that? cus its on PC targetting a 780 for maxing 1080p which is substantially more power than patheticstation 4 and it can do cus it can allow the hardware to catch up to the game :d whereas consoletards stuck back in there 90’s, may as use cartridges in it its already out of date so much lol

    • Guy Brohski

      God, I forgot how terrible The Order 800p looks..

    • You are flat out Xtreme Derp

      downgrades is the new norm, prolly cuz next gen consoles are weaker than they expected, also checm my aweseome reply to brof@g

    • I hate trolls.

      Nobody with a brain agrees with you

    • You are flat out Xtreme Derp

      actually only those who have brains agree with me, the sony fantards dont have any brains whatsoever. Nice fake aacount by the way

    • Broj

      This is a Sony developer buddy not a Xflop developer.

    • You are flat out Xtreme Derp

      exactly why they are dodging the question like a boss. Typical sony lying hype and overhype.

  • Psionicinversion

    “Personally, I think The Order looks great”

    well hes not going to say it looks $hit is he…

  • Kevin Kirby

    The Order is a terrible QTE Gears knock off wanna be.

    • Broj

      So any game that has cover mechanics is a gears knock off. Lol. Great logic. You do know that every game copies off other games. There is not a lot of innovation these days if you have not noticed in the gaming industry. I’m gay n lick feet!

    • darren evans

      i dont think so some how, gears was a garbage load of crap. one simply does not compare the two

    • You are flat out Xtreme Derp
    • cozomel

      And TF on 360 scores an 88 making it better than the X1 version, according to your arguments bullsh*t logic. Also DR2 on 360 also scored higher at 79, making it also better than the X1 game. Oh and the PS3 version of DR2 scored a 80. Making it the best version. So stfu with stupid a$$ arguments like that. Oh and KZ and infamous sh*t all over Tearyfall and DR3

    • You are flat out Xtreme Derp

      Congratulations you just destroyed the last of us rating argumets, its rating is GARBAGE and nothing more than a overhyped movie, older games are much better than your crappy movie.

      Lol you must be r3tarded to think killzone shadowfail is better than titanfall, its ok sony pony, titanfall 2 will come on ps4 and you will be able to play some REAL GAMES for a change instead of blindly buying whatever sony passes at you. Now go fck a cactus dipsht.

    • Guy Brohski

      True. I really hope Titanfall 2’s online allows cross-platform play so we can laugh as all the XGods destroy the whiney PS-Plebs in deathmatch!

    • Guy Brohski

      The Whaaa-mbulance is coming for you, crybaby.

    • Guy Brohski

      LOL, Yup it’s funny how PS-Plebs forget that the Xbox One is destroying PS4 in ratings. LOL, Infamous: Skinny Jeans and Dillzone: ShadowFail.

    • You are flat out Xtreme Derp

      yup ps4 has no good games.

    • Guy Brohski

      PS-Plebs can’t stand when you use actual stats to prove their console has garbage games.

    • RJ

      Lol you were all “ps plebs” for like 2 months after this years e3. Talk about “sucky” games on playstation when you guys almost weren’t allowed to own your games XD

    • Guy Brohski

      Flower is the highest rated game on PS4 bro. Flower.

    • You are flat out Xtreme Derp

      They are flip flopers.

      X360 has triggers it sucks, ps4 has triggers they are now awesome.

      Psn is free ahhahaha now psn isnt free so they damage control and try to make it as if yoshida knows what he is doing when yoshida is banend on miiverse twice for promoting playstation.

      Games look worse on ps3, its about the exlusives, games look better on ps3, its about multiplats.

      Pc has indie crap exlusives, now they are on ps4, everyone is playing them, biggest hypocrties ever.

  • You are flat out wrong

    The Order is gonna slaughter the Xbone’s weak sauce line up. Magic 2015 and Soda Drinker Pro, oooh, get ’em Phil Sphincter!

    • Guy Brohski

      Because the Order 800p is so amazing, right? LOL Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Gears of War 4 are going to crush the Pleb-Station’s line up.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Wow, Gears of War 4 in 2016.


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