Sony’s Andrew House Admits PS4 First Party Games Are Sparse, Says Exclusives Are Hard To Get

House said Sony will continue to work hard to support 3rd party in light of weak 1st party offerings.

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Andy House, Sony president, introducing PS4

While first party Sony games have been rather sparse since the PS4 first launched, fans of the console can take solace in the fact that at least CEO Andrew House is fully aware that the company’s offerings have fallen short. The executive added that the company is having a hard time getting 3rd party developers to make titles that are entirely exclusive to the PS4.

Speaking at the Electronics Investor Relations Day 2015, House said that he does believe that getting good third party content is key and that Sony has a leg up because of the market share of the PS4 as well as the momentum, according to new information. The executive also said that instead of going for “complete” exclusives when it comes to third party games, the company is working with developers in order to take advantage of the things the PS4 is able to do when compared to the other consoles on the market.

House did say that Sony hasn’t completely given up on getting third parties to produce complete exclusives for the PS4 and pointed to Street Fighter V as one of those games that are console exclusives. Naughty Dog is one group that has been pretty happy putting together exclusives for the PS4 as well. Though clearly one development company doing this isn’t going to produce enough titles to stand apart.

Rounding things out, House also mentioned that 2015 is going to be a year of investment for the PS4. That could mean big things for the console moving forward.

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  • XbotMK1

    At least Sony is willing to comply with consumers. Sony’s first party offers are still larger than Microsoft’s. That says something about Microsoft’s sparse line up over the past 3 years.

    • EFNET

      Give it a rest poor guy

    • renofnriggs

      Funniest thing I have read all day.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      This is most delusional thing I ever read from John Derp’s storied history of shilling. 0 multiplied by 0 is still zero games. And making excuses for the no games station 4 while PC is getting exclusives every day.

      10/10 Would laugh at John Derp over and over again.

    • artistofwar

      Everything he just stated is a fact and you’re the biggest shill here. lol

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Sony shills in tatters knowing their line up is sparse and PC has all the graphics, framerate and gameplay :^)

    • MuscledRMH

      Xbox One is having more exclusives right now than the PS4 with the 2015 exclusives.

  • Justin Schroeder

    You do realize that Naughty Dog isn’t a third party Dev right? So of course they are happy to make ps4 exclusives, because they’re owned by Sony….

  • You Are Flat Out Wrong

    Even Sony admits they have no games. Would be tragic, if it wasn’t so hilarious.

    PC already won E3. Don’t even try, console shills.

    • Fweds

      Well if it has then it’s a good job MS is integrating windows 10 into Xbox one then.

    • tommy walsh

      Pcmr! Star Citizen will make console gamers cry at a butter smooth 28ps lol

  • Modi Rage

    You’re twisting what he said by putting your words in his mouth. You think “sparse” means they have fallen short. You trolls keep moving goal posts. Driveclub came out in October, LBP3 in November, Guilty Gear Xrd in December, The Order 1886 came out in Feburary, Helldivers and Bloodborne in March, MLB The Show in April, Street Fighter lV in May. Sony has way more studios than Naughty Dog. Are you demanding that Sony release a AAA first party exclusive every week? lol

    And anyone who says the Xbox One has more first party exclusives needs to get slapped across the mouth.

    • EFNET

      Digusting poor fanboy

    • Starman

      thinly dispersed or scattered.
      “areas of sparse population”
      synonyms:scant, scanty, scattered, scarce, infrequent, few and far between

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      PS4 has no games :^)

    • Fweds

      The only exclusives Sony have are because the have dumped on millions of PS3 owners by not releasing PS4 games that could also be easily put over to the PS3.

      MS still support Xbox 360 users with new games AND release Xbox One exclusives.

    • artistofwar

      That is false and made absolutely no sense. Stop being a delusional fan boy.

  • Fweds

    Notice that when Sony admit they are trying to buy 3rd party titles the Sony fanboys stay quiet but when you mention Tomb Raider all of a sudden they tell you it’s wrong.

    • MuscledRMH

      They are hypocrites

    • tommy walsh

      Can’t wait for hellblade,sf5, no mans on pc!

      Getting xbox for scaleboubd if good but gears 4 will do it.

  • WhoFedKennen?

    And sony fanboys hope that they will get Black Ops 3 DLC content and updates first hahaha :'(

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