Splinter Cell 6: 10 Things That Ubisoft Needs To Implement

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Splinter Cell is not only one of the hallmark stealth franchises, but also one of the best franchises we have ever seen ever in gaming, period. And while many fans have a problem with Splinter Cell: Conviction and the way it handled things for the series, and just how “less” hardcore it was when compared to other classic titles in the series- like Chaos Theory, for example-, it was, when all was said and done, an awesome game. Still, it did have a lot of problems.

We know, though, that there will eventually be a Splinter Cell 6, and when there will be, we want it to be awesome. Like, Chaos Theory level awesome. And for that, Ubisoft will need to make many changes to the formula, bring back several new things, retain some awesome features from Conviction, and make a few tweaks to others. So listed below are 10 things that might make Splinter Cell 6 the game we’ve been waiting for since Chaos Theory, and the ten things we definitely want it to have.

Enjoy the article, and be sure to give us your feedback, and what you want to see in Splinter Cell 6, via your comments below.

Better AI

Splinter Cell: Conviction had some really stupid AI. Enemies went past dead bodies of fellow guards and ignored them, raised no alarms. They did not see us even if we were directly in their line of vision, just because we were in a stupid shadow. They came to the sound of gunshots like stupid children. Have a look at that video, you might get an idea what I’m talking about. Maybe it’s just because I’ve played Deus Ex: Human Revolution recently, so I might be a little spoiled right now, but I expect stealth games to have awesome, very realistic AI. So I expect Splinter Cell 6 to work on this issue.

More hardcore stealth

Splinter Cell: Conviction’s stealth was very… light. It was not like previous Splinter Cell games, which had thousands of elements that came into play, multiple gadgets to use, hundreds of ways to outsmart your enemies. It was more like Splinter Cell Lite. As slick and focused the game became because of that, it disappointed us greatly to see one of the best stealth franchises ever letting go of so many great elements from previous installments in the franchise. We want the hardcore, deep, complex stealth gameplay from previous Splinter Cell games to make a return in SC6. It wouldn’t be too much to expect, would it?

More accessible story

Splinter Cell: Conviction’s story made perfect sense for hardcore, longtime fans of the series like myself, but for those who were new to the series (and a lot of people were), the story made simply no sense at all. A lot was going on in the game, and everything made tons of references to events and people from games that came before. Maybe making Splinter Cell 6, with some references to the franchise as a whole and also introducing a story that newcomers can get into will solve this problem.

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  • you miss to be basing the wishlist on Conviction.
    man Conviction was not a bad game.

    All the references you used to support your wishlist were all from Conviction as if it was a game that took a step back.

    I don’t really care about SC6, all I know is that if its like Conviction 2 then I’ll be interested. If its SC6 like old classic SC then I don’t have time for that sh*

    • clitter-tickler12345

      How can u say that? Conviction was comparative to chaos theory taking a shit. I can see how u find the old games to be boring but the new one wad just plain stupid. In my opinion the new game needs to be revamped in terms of excitement and drama. The game should return to it’s original mechanics but include some new tricks. Part of the beauty of the original games was the gamers ability to be creative. Something some of us lack. But for most of us it was very entertaining.

  • 4 things that Splinter Cell 6 must have:

    Ability to drag away and hide dead bodies. Unbelievable that it wasn’t in Conviction. This is a “stealth” game after all.

    The trident goggles (night vision, thermal, EMF) must come back. The all-in-one goggle in Conviction was horrible and very irritating to use. The tridents from Chaos Theory were so much fun.

    Amon Tobin to do the complete score again. Chaos Theory was a soundtrack masterpiece. And all of the great tracks from Conviction were done by Amon Tobin.


  • Scc was a great game it just lost to many good elements o just finished playing metal gear solid 4 on ps3 and first 3 sc games in hd and they all make scc look dreadfull co-op on chaos theory was amazing compared to scc aswell guards could hear your mics amazing idea. Bring back hacking and picking too.

  • Conviction was OK so was assassins creed, but there not splinter cell, patients and puzzles, not in conviction. just a child’s game that anyone can play. no skills, no modern day ninja antics, stupid a completely different game. i spit at it for even calling itself splinter cell, assassin cell would have been better. and even a civilian can get some pretty cool gadgets so what does he get… a broken mirror of a car. seriously i even have a snake cam. and its funny how the older he gets the faster and more bad ass he can move. they just need to get the team that did splintercell chaos theory back together and pay them more and give them more time. that will be a powerhouse game. DON’T FIX IT IF IT AINT BROKE.


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