Splinter Cell 6: 10 Things That Ubisoft Needs To Implement

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Longer campaign

The campaign in Splinter Cell: Conviction was ridiculously short. Average players could finish it in 6 hours, and skilled, stealth veterans in under 5. And that is on the hardest difficulty level. While that campaign was concise, tightly knit and very well paced, it left us wanting for more, and ended kind of abruptly- not in terms of story, just that you expected it to be longer. We hope Splinter Cell 6 will sport a much, much longer campaign, at least 8-10 hours long, if not longer. The developers should also make sure the pacing isn’t messed up because of that.

More co-op awesomeness

Co-op was one of the best additions in Splinter Cell: Conviction, and was what made it, above all, such a good game, a game worth spending your money on. I would go as far as saying, like many others would, that the co-op mode was even better than the single player campaign itself. Featuring its own story, its own characters, and an awesome ending, the co-op campaign in Conviction simply blew my mind. I’d very much like to see another co-op mode in SC6, maybe a direct follow up to the one in Conviction. Or just a standalone co-op campaign, if that cannot be done. Even that’d be great.

Better multiplayer modes

While Splinter Cell: Conviction had good multiplayer modes, they weren’t good enough, especially not enough to provide the game more longevity, or make it stand up against other heavyweights in the multiplayer crowd. It was merely a distraction. While Splinter Cell isn’t really about multiplayer, having a full fledged online component with a ton of modes, maps and maybe a ranking system might make Splinter Cell 6 much more worthy of the phrase “bang worth the buck.”

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