Square Enix’s next generation tech demo looks breathtaking: 1080p shots and video

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Remember the Luminous engine? It’s Square Enix’s next generation engine and they have revealed what it is capable of in the most impressive way imaginable. All of what you are going to see is in real-time, i.e. it’s not a CG custcene.

The demo is titled Agni’s Philosophy and Square Enix wants to know whether you would want them to make a game based on this concept. You can fill the survey here, if you are interested in that.

Famitsu says that “Square Enix is developing this in conjunction with their CG studio Visual Works with target hardware which is next gen and they’re hoping in the near future games can be played in real time with such quality of graphics.

“The project is called “Philosophy”, and what was shown is a small part for everyone to see its potential.” Check out the video below.

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  • Jeffrey Anders

    Bull crap.

    That’s not gameplay. Some part of that is a cutscene, probably all of it. Unless you’re playing as random cameramen with Parkison’s, then that is nothing but cutscenes. Pretty ones sure, but that isn’t anything that we haven’t had for years.

    • wondersquare

      sure its not gameplay.
      a tech demo is to show graphically what they can do.

    • Dave

      Wow Jeff. Really? It is a cutscene, but it’s being rendered in real time. The traditional cutscenes take tons of CPU power to render one frame. Then they are stitched together frame by frame. Then the voices and music are added. Then it is compressed into a movie file and put in the game in between the gameplay.

      This is a TECH DEMO. It’s meant to demonstrate the technology. In this case, they made a movie that is rendered in real time. Which means the actual game will have graphics like this.

      I can’t believe I had to explain all that to you.

  • Joe Bunda

    I highly doubt those are realtime. If they are, I’m impressed. But despite that, I don’t know how interested I’d be. I haven’t played a Final Fantasy since 10, mostly because graphics seem to be the ONLY thing they focus on these days! The music isn’t as good, the map design has gone to crap (And in particular, they don’t know how to design final dungeons anymore… NO MORE ENDLESS TUNNELS), the stories have gotten boring and disjointed, and all of the characters look like women, even the men. All the graphics rendering power in the world won’t help them in these factors.


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