Standard Nintendo Switch Game Cards Reportedly 16GB

Others think larger game cards could be coming soon.

Posted By | On 29th, Oct. 2016 Under News, Rumors


While the Nintendo Switch has been officially unveiled, there is still quite a bit we don’t know about the upcoming console. Some talk about the future of the console has centered around whether or not it will eventually have VR.

While that’s perhaps quite a bit in the future, there is talk that has to do with the device in the now. Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki took to Twitter earlier this week to divulge that he had been told the standard  size of the Nintendo Switch game card at launch is going to be 16 GB.

To further add credibility to this rumor, Nintendo insider Emily Rogers took to her own Twitter to explain she thought the 16 GB was standard but there was no preclusion to bigger cards in the very near future. She pointed to the Nintendo DS as proof this kind of thing is something Nintendo does often.

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  • d0x360

    So are they saying the new Zelda is only 16 gigs….cause if so that’s tiny for a supposed massive open world

    • Marcos Crill Colon

      Skyrim was less then 5 gigs on Xbox and 6 gigs on PC.. 16 gigs ain’t a problem if they compress the files right

    • Nestor Toy

      No one will notice 16 gigs of compress files if its an exclusive game… but i wonder if 3rd party games will suffer?. Big 3rd party games have been over 40gigs.. compressing those titles to 16gigs is probably going to hurt.

    • Dougdec92

      True but more info coming in January so we could wait till then for more details.

    • David Pechacek

      The system doesn’t have the power to drive high resolutions anyway which is the reason for the large files.

  • Orionsangel

    Standard? That means it can probably go higher? Why would Nintendo limit themselves when an SD Card can go to 1tb.

  • David Pechacek

    Seriously doubt the console can do VR. At least well anyway. I doubt that the Zelda game looks the way it does because that’s just the art style they wanted to go with. Likely the system can’t power a highly detailed open world game without making those kinds of graphical sacrifices. Even in some of the gameplay cutscenes shown so far you can see the framerate drop in combat.

    • Jovitajmurphy

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