Star Citizen Developer: More Features Mean More Developers

Modular development process means everything is still on track.

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A lot of people are getting a bit frustrated with the development of the highly anticipated PC exclusive open world space sim, Star Citizen because of the developers’ propensity to add more and more features.

This has led to many to call the game out as vaporware, even though pre alpha builds of the game are, in fact, publicly available. Speaking toTenTonHammer, lead developer Chris Roberts addressed this issue head on.

“Feature creep doesn’t mean quite the same with Star Citizen as it might in other games. In other games, it’s a concern because they have a hard release date and as you add new stuff it gets to a point where other things have to be rushed or dropped,” Roberts said. “We add new people to the team to cover the new features and because everything is so modular, it has minimum impact on the rest of the game.”

So… they’re still on track for an estimated 2015 release, and nothing is getting rushed or dropped. Good to know.

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  • Trufact

    “Keeps getting it’s release date delayed over and over”? Orly? Source?

    keeps getting its release date delayed over and over

  • apszgdl

    The first paragraph is such an outright lie. The release date has not been pushed back even once so far. Next time do some research before posting this garbage you call an article.

  • Doge

    Tru facts!

  • jim jim

    @Pramath – I am not sure where you are obtaining your information but I would suggest it is outright WRONG. There has not been any delay at all with the final release?

    Did you get this information from a publisher?? They are a little scared of the Star Citizen model from what I would expect and after having to experience BF4’s PC release issues, good. Publishers need to remember PC gamers expect more than just pretty pictures on the box.

    First paragraph;
    keeps getting its release date delayed over and over,

    Last paragraph;
    So… they’re still on track for a 2015 release, and nothing is getting rushed or dropped. Good to know.

  • Steve

    Not only can something that does not have a committed release date, and only a tentative date ‘in 2015’, not be delayed at this point you managed to get nearly anything approaching a fact wrong. Nearly all the funds came from direct Star Citizen website not kickstarter, unless you think 2 of 34 is ‘entirely’

    So a ‘story’ that recants itself within a paragraph, cannot be bothered to get funding story right, and then the lazy copy of TenTonHammers posts.

    Excellence all around.

  • Zonzai

    Wow, great smear job. Are all of your articles this stupid Pramath?

  • E

    Wow “Pramath” you sure displayed what a professional journalist you are, you surely must have done tons of research before writing this well informed article…

  • eminus

    maybe he is one of the people who did not get an idris lol

  • Nojan

    wow i cant begin to say what facts are wrong with this article, first of all the release date that was announced last year was 2015!! so no delay there, second just 2 million out of 34 million came out of kickstarter .

    @Pramath1605 please research what you are writing so you have to get embarrassed that so many people are correcting you!

  • Basecharacter

    Pramath you’re a twit mate…research your article before writing it, i’m an early backer of the game and can tell you they the release date HAS NOT been pushed forward over and over, what a load of bollocks, your research is vapourware and bordering on malicious lies….

  • Mark

    Is EA paying you to print inaccurate drivel?
    100% crowdfunded TRUE.
    100% kickstarter funded, not even close.

    Release date pushed back, nope, it’s the same date as they stated at the start of crowdfunding.

    A ten year old with access to Google could have produced a more in depth and accurate post.

    Uninstall whatever it is you are on.

  • ishtmail

    I would like to know what ‘release date delays’ is the article referring to? The game hasn’t been delayed.

    Also, the game is funded through crowdfunding, the Kickstarter campaign was responsible for only a fraction of the entire funds raised.

    • HeinMueck

      How about to write a REAL article about SC (research, summarize and finally rate it) or isnt this what you are supposed to do, to keep your readers updates and informed?

  • GamingBolt

    Sorry guys! The errors have been corrected.

    • six sigma

      you might want to give your writers a bit of a strong message. We’re not dumb! We DO get irritated really fast ! We dont need politics into the gaming spheres and tell your idiot writers to keep it out and stick to facts

    • GamingBolt

      Absolutely. Again our apologies for that mistake.

  • Veive TwoFiftySeven

    zero changes to the schedule since the kickstarter was announced. anyone who has become frustrated needs a reality check. so far we’ve only gotten more than promised earlier than scheduled…

  • Pramath Parijat

    Hi guys, this is Pramath here.
    I would like to apologize for all the errors. Generally I make sure that the things I am posting are accurate, I simply have no idea what happened here. Maybe it was just a lapse in judgement, I don’t know. Whatever it was, it was inexcusable, and I would like to, once again, apologize for all the errors. it should not have happened, and I feel terrible that it did.
    I would like to thank all of you who brought the errors to my attention, here and on other social media. Thank you so much. You should not have to do my research for me, it’s not your job, and I sincerely would like to apologize once again.
    I will strive to make sure that such errors never appear in any news that I post again. Thanks for your readership,

    • jim jim

      Good responses mate, very professional acknowledgement 🙂

  • six sigma

    no one is frustrated ..and Im the 147th backer of SC – these articles are more vaporware with their unsubstantiated insinuations!!

  • Ricardo Guerra

    Next time I would suggest your research to be done properly, since the article is very close to a slander. Cloud Imperium Games and Cris Roberts have been 100% fortright with the SC community, and is following the time table very closely, and so far there has been no delay in the game development. As for calling the game vaporware, you should remind yourself that Cris Roberts has a reputation, a real one where the game community trusts him and his word, unlike some media that will just blabber whatever comes to mind without the responsibility to do the work of a proper journalist. Last but now least, the Star Citizen community is over 300 thousand people, and we have invested over 34 million dollars. Do you
    honestly think we would do such a thing if we didn’t believe in CIG and in Cris Robert’s view for the game? Articles such as this do not damage the target of your misplaced opinions, only your reputation as a writer and journalist.

  • Ken

    So you may have changed all the facts you invented, yet the story you wanted to convey is the exact same. You’d think after losing the majority of your facts, that you’d have to reassess your viewpoint. But you didn’t. It’s obvious you had your mind made up about Star Citizen from the beginning, and you were going to write anything possible to support your claim.
    Bet you’re loving all these hits.

    • Pramath Parijat

      I do want to point out I am looking forward to the game a lot, and that I have no agenda against the game at all. I did not invent any facts, I had genuine errors. We all make them some times, and yes, mine happened to be more serious, and I should be held accountable for them. I have already accepted I made the errors, and I have apologized. I do not want to tamper with the original story, not because I want to convey the wrong message, but because I believe in editorial accountability- I goofed up, and I think it should be out there for all to see, unchanged. Editing the original story would be dishonest, and that is the only reason I have not changed the tone.
      Once again, I want to apologize for the original story. It was bad form on my part, and I wish it had not happened. But it did, and all I can do is pledge to ensure that it won’t happen again, which I have. I do hope you can understand and respect all of this.

  • Tinnueth

    It is a while since the last time I have read so much bullshit in one text.
    Pramath, are you unwilling or incapable to inform yourself properly before writing an article?

    • Pramath Parijat

      As I have stated below multiple times, I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have, I should have been more careful. I apologize, and I pledge to never let this happen again.


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