Star Ocean 3: Till The End of Time Is The Newest PS2 Classic Launching On PS4, On May 23

But the bad news is the price…

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Star Ocean may kind of suck now – Star Ocean 4 was pretty bad, and last year’s Star Ocean 5 was arguably even worse – but if you want to relive the glory days of the franchise, you can soon. At least, if you have a PS4. Square Enix has confirmed that Star Ocean 3: Till The End of Time will be launching on the PS4 via PS2 Classics on May 23 in the west.

That’s the good news- here comes the bad news. It’s $20.99, which is an obscene price for such an old game, and ensures that no one but the most dedicated fans of the original game will actually pick it up. It’s a shame, because this could have feasibly given the series more exposure to an audience that, after Nioh, NieR, and Persona, is probably more willing to play Japanese games.

In any case, if you want it, you know when to pick it up now. Stay tuned to GamingBolt for more coverage.

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  • Turniplord

    Why do sites like this one think that paying $21 for a 80-100 hour game is ‘obscene’?

    You praise game which come out for $60 that only have about 6-8 hours of gampleplay yet with this you look at the age and instantly shrug it off saying it is too much. I will happily pay this price on release and enjoy it all the way to the plat – $20 is cheap for the amount of gameplay you will get from it.

    I just don’t get people who think that just because a game was made a while back that this means the quality and gameplay are no longer worth a decent price.It’s not just you though – other sites have also made fun of the price – not one of the sites have gave an equivalent game for the same price from the last year which will give you as much as this one.

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  • The price will drop after a month.. and developers need to get paid for their effort of bringing that PS2 game to the PS4.. i don’t understand what the author in the article is saying?!

    Everything costs money and $20 for a game is not that much. It’s as pricey as the rest of the games on PS4.

    There are still some very old games on Xbox Live that cost over $30! Go look up ‘Crysis 1’ in the Xbox store and see how much that one costs..

    • Fweds

      Did you actually search the net to find a game on Xbox live that cost that price ? Why are you mentioning Xbox ? This article is about an old port being a ripoff price on the Playstation, are you trying to somehow justify the price ?

      I just bought two JRPGs, Blue Dragon and lost Odyssey for $11 for both on Xbox one, both games are far better than Star Ocean.


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