Star Wars Battlefront is “A Complete Mess, Broken” – Rumour

An alleged alpha tester reports that the game is rife with major issues at this stage.

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Take this with a grain of salt but according to NeoGAF user Illucio, DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront is broken and rife with problems many weeks before its release.

Allegedly an alpha tester for the multiplayer shooter, he stated that, “I’ve been Alpha testing a few games and I can say Battlefront is a complete mess and is broken. Considering that their deadline for the game is in a few weeks and they still haven’t fixed the majority of the in game problems let alone the connection problem me and other testers were having, yes it’s going to be a mess.

“And even a day 1 patch won’t fix all of them, I don’t know too much outside what I played, but the game is indeed rushed and it’s all because of Episode 7 releasing this December. And in retrospect I also tested [Call of Duty] Black Ops 3 which even though it had many problems, it was no where as bad as Battlefront.”

It’s interesting to note all of this because EA has already faced severe backlash over rushing Battlefield 4’s launch, a disaster which took more than a year to iron out all the issues. The publisher had even denied releasing Star Wars: Battlefront so close to the release of Episode 7: A Force Awakens, stating that it was more important that the game worked at launch.

With an upcoming beta in October and a November release, is Star Wars: Battlefront in trouble? We’ll find out in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

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  • Hooligan1976

    Now that is complete and utter BS, I played the Alpha months ago and it felt like a beta, very small and few bugs and it worked really well and I had fun too.

    • SamRock

      Hey.. I heard Battlefront has no server browser and relies on Match Making!! Please tell me its not true 🙁

    • Hooligan1976

      That sadly seems to be the case. It will still have dedicated servers.
      That is the major annoying part for me. The game however was fun to play and it connected fast to a new game and it played pretty stable. Everyone else will find out come October 8th.

  • Aaron Gabbard

    His point became invalid one he said “I played Call of Duty and”

  • Chaorro

    Playing the beta at the moment he is 100% serious, you guys bag on call of duty, but thats all this is, it literally plays like call of duty, and its BEYOND broken, the Walker Assault is waaaayyyy unbalanced, have never seen a AT AT even come close to being destroyed not to mention the unavoidable spawn trap if you are on the rebels, also the pod drop is seriously messed up, if someone leaves you are screwed, it doesnt replace your teamates i literally had to play a match with only 1 teammate while the other team had 6 people also the shield powerup is broken, some people are glitching to be able to shoot while you are not supposed to be able to, so basically what was probably meant to be used for taking posisions and avoiding shots from a huge vehicle while you run to cover has become an op oh hey I’m invincable and killing everyone yayyyyy. Also shots half the time do not register for me (though seems fine for everyone else.) I will shoot a guy dead on and maybe one will register while he slaughters me. All in all you might as well just go play Call of Duty Ghost (Not in a good way either.). And knowing ea’s history of releasing unfinished and minimal content games dont expect anything to change before final release, people are all like “oh but but but but beta” and im just like, yeah alpha was better then beta, and you think final release is gonna get better? no. Nope this game is a must not buy.


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