Sunset Overdrive Has More Characters & Particles Due To Xbox One SDK Update, May Optimize Even Further

No wonder the game looks gorgeous.

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sunset overdrive

Sunset Overdrive is Xbox One’s big title for the holiday season. There is no doubt the game looks goregous and colorful, and it might look even better according to Insomniac Games. Gamingbolt got in touch with the game’s lead writer John Paquette and brand development director Ryan Schneider to know how they are utilizing the benefits of the June SDK update and GPU performance gain in Kinect-less Xbox One SKU.

As far as the SDK update is concerned, the developers will be using it for pushing more number of characters and particle effects on the screen. “For us it’s really more about pushing the number of characters on the screen and particles in the game. If you play the game you will see there are a lot of things that are happening on the screen. It really is great to be supported by Xbox. One really cool thing that the platform [Xbox One] enables us to do is seamless transition between single player to multiplayer. All you have to do is hop into the photo booth of the game and boom…you are in multiplayer. We are very grateful to be partners with Microsoft as an Xbox One exclusive,” Schneider explained.

Insomniac will also look into further optimizing the game for Kinect-less SKUs. “We are certainly going to be looking into that and ways to optimize but again the emphasis is on a big, grand spectacle along with unprecedented amount of stuff happening on screen and making sure frame rate does not suffer,” Schneider said.

It was earlier confirmed that the game will run at 900p at 30fps. Sunset Overdrive releases exclusively on Xbox One on October 28th.

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  • Brian Evans

    looks beautiful, day one buy for me!!….cant wait to play it

  • Mine

    This is 1 sweet looking exclusive. X1 ftw

  • True_Fan

    Can’t wait for Sunset Overdrive, the game looks fantastic.

    PS Gamingbolt is the master at trying to mislead, do you see how they are trying to make it seem like the kinectless sku will have more power than the sku with Kinect. Stop the crap!!!!

    • PS4 and X1

      I dont think you understand how the new June SDK is going to work. It is called a Software Development Kit (SDK) …. its NOT sku (stock keeping unit). You don’t need to get mad at Gamingbolt because they are right, the June SDK will improve ALL Xbox Ones … A lot of people are confused, hopefully this will help:

      “June #XboxOne software dev kit gives devs access to more GPU bandwidth. More performance, new tools and flexibility to make games better,” said Xbox Xboss Phil Spencer on Twitter.

      If a developer uses the Kinect-free option, their game is flagged as a non-gesture game. Not only will the game not be able to support gestures, but system gestures—such as reaching out with both hands and bringing them together to minimize a game and return to the dashboard—will not work. Visual recognition features won’t work, either, so, as Spencer told me, “If I sat down next to you, Kinect isn’t going to realize I’m now there until I quit the game.”

      On the other hand, voice commands will still work. You can still say “Xbox, record that” and grab clips even in non-gesture games, Spencer said, noting that the system’s verbal user interface will keep running. Since those voice commands are going through the Kinect, then the Kinect is doing something, just not anything visually intensive.

      And once you press the Xbox button on the controller to minimize the game? “All of the Kinect stuff comes back, because we’ve put the game in a suspend mode.”

      This Kinect-free option (technically, Kinect-light option, I guess) option will be available for developers using the June software development kit and beyond. Older games can be patched to support it, if developers so choose. And, as has been mentioned elsewhere, whether you have a Kinect plugged into the Xbox One or not won’t make a difference. It’s entirely down to how developers have programmed their Xbox One game.

    • Psionicinversion

      hes trying say the kinectless x1 will have the same power as an xbox with kinect cus it shifts the kinect resources into a background state and relieves all the GPU resources, prolly wakes up/activates some GPU power when needed rather than reserving it even if 0 resources are used

    • PS4 and X1

      That is what I’m saying, not sure if you read what I posted, or just posted to reply lol …. If thats what he was trying to say then great … Its just thats not how I read it, re-read, and re-read it again lol … Im just glad the June SDK is available

      Edit, might need to click the “See More” under my first comment to see what I really wrote 🙂

    • Psionicinversion

      i was replying to you i think at least anyway!! when you said to him i dont think you understand how the june sdk is going work… think i simplified it alot so if he read my post its small concise and is easy to understand 😀

    • Psionicinversion

      i looked under but theres still a massive problem with rendering power. im not a PS4 fan Btw cus im playing watchdogs 1080p ultra everything mainly for the new mod thats come out to enables most of the shaders from E3 2012 and tbh it loks absolutley GORGEOUS it so much better than even the release version. i think they gimped it so that consoles didnt look rubbish

    • GK15

      Good explanation. I don’t know why this is so confusing for some people.

    • PS4 and X1

      Thanks, yea Im not sure why it is confusing, but then again, its the Internet lol 🙂

  • Psionicinversion

    Beats infamous hands down every xboxer should by this itll be awesome

    • Gavin

      In what respect does this beat Infamous hands down? Have you played Infamous?

      I’m asking honestly. I’m going to pick this game up on day 1 either way but I’m interested to see how you got to that conclusion given that you probably haven’t played either game. So you’re aware, I own both consoles so don’t need any pathetic/weird fanboyism thrown my way. Please try to be concise and level-headed in your response. Thanks in advance.

    • Eagles83

      Yeah I’m not sure how he came to that conclusion either. Infamous is a pretty good game. I had fun with it but it does get really repetitive since you repeat the same five things for every area. I liked the first two infamous games a lot more but Second Son was good. I’m not sure how I feel about Sunset Overdrive. I guess I’ll wait for reviews but I didn’t like the Set/Grind Radio series but this looks better than that. I guess I’m on the fence.

    • Psionicinversion

      ive played it on the gifs!!! ill get to play it later this year but till then ill just have to do picture comparisons

    • ShowanW

      This game and inFamous are nothing alike. I’m both a PS4 and One owner as well. This game is more like someone threw Ratchet & Clank and Jet Set/Grind Radio into a blender and we ended up with Sunset:OD.

      2 way different types of games.

      But nevertheless; Sunset:OD is just another day 1 game that’s going to kill my wallet.

      Games on my radar for 2014. This is for the X1 alone (since this is a X1 article) I believe these are all exclusives as well.

      Halo: MCc
      Disney Fantasia (yep getting this)
      Ori and the Blind Forect

      there are a ton of 3rd party games on my radar as well. Just torn as to which console to get them on.

  • N2O1990

    More NPCs?nice to see developer choose to make the game play better first,not just look better


    Already “constantly” tweaking that SDK nipple……..! How much more “tweaking” can they do before the first year of this systems release?

    Take the fabled 10% gain from the loss that is the DIS-Kinect and ruuuuuuun with it.

    So sad.

    • Guest

      Paupers like you are what’s SAD!


      Sorry, but I am not poor since that seems to matter to people like you. And I don’t hide behind my “guest” account. Check the avatar pal it probably costs more than your life……

    • Psionicinversion

      you shouldnt post pictures of rigs youve found of the internet, its not good man!!


      Whatever you tell yourself at night, so you can lay your sad little head down and sleep…… Here’s another couple for you to see of the build and yeah there’s an build log if you want to check it out.

      But I downloaded the image of my build…..yeah people are so sad these days.

    • Psionicinversion

      hahah was just joking man. nice rig that must of cost you a pretty penny. i couldnt afford anything near that well unless i got 3 credit cards hahah.

      What do you think these new AMD CPU’s are going be like (K12 think they are) there supposed be really quick but we all know how bulldozer and piledriver turned out?


      That is up in the air to say the least…… Amd has a lot of ground to cover after their last fiasco as you mentioned already.

      Not sure how well their new lineup will fair as Intel has already spoken up about their mainstream 12 cores coming soon.

    • Psionicinversion

      Apparently AMD’s chips are pretty good at multithreaded performance weak at single so the more stuff thats multithreaded the better they should perform but is a 8 core CPU like AMD’s technically be better than 4 core 8 thread intel? do you mean 12 core a sin 12 core 24 thread?


      Yessir…… AMD’s 8 “physical cores do not stand up against properly threaded applications and intels 4 core 8 thread.

    • Psionicinversion

      i dont get the 4 core 8 threads they used be good but doesnt a 4 core cpu need to relax to havingh 2 threads on the same core or it it just as fast. Im not going be upgrading my main system till end of 2016 but keepiong up with tech is always interesting

    • Guest

      Nothing like the middle finger screenshot proof.

  • Illusive Man

    I thought Gamingbolt would be smarter enough to ask what does the SDK do in quantifiable terms.I mean was the game at 792p before the updates, less? It seems to me that the GPU boost and the new tool sets are a substantial upgrade.

    • GHz

      who cares, the game looks great! Art direction great! and it looks fun to play. Let the games ultimately do the talking.

  • ngunduhfiles

    Nice game

  • bigshynepo

    I have this game pre-ordered and can’t wait. This game, and others, are proof that the Kinect was NOT good for gamers and in fact, was drastically limiting even EXCLUSIVE games. One wonders how the early launch games would’ve benefited from that extra “10%” horsepower.

    • Psionicinversion

      tbh the whole console would of benefitted if they didnt plough money into something alot of ppl dont want

    • GHz

      Kinect had nothing to do with that. From the beginning they said that 10% was flexible. The only thing keeping XB1 from parity with the ps4 is outdated SDKs. The tools were just plain bad and horrible, and now that is being fixed. It was always a software issue and not hardware.

    • bigshynepo

      Umm, wasn’t the SDK update released to allow devs to take advantage of the newly re-allocated resources?
      I get that it’s software based but this SDK update wouldn’t have happened if not for re-tooling the Kinect resource requirements.

      Keeping Kinect mandatory was limited 1st and 3rd party games, there is no denying it. Now that the SDK is released, Devs can reach for that parity mark. He’s hoping they will hit it.

    • neozehn

      Kinect was never meant to have access to that 10% 100% of the time. MS had always said that 10% is to maximize its usage, but depending on your game you wouldn’t need Kinect to do so much. MS said at the time that future updates to SDKs will grant devs access to that 10% because was meant to be flexible. GHz is right.

    • bigshynepo

      I never said he wasn’t. As a PS4 and Xbox One owner, I think these excuses about “SDK and/or Kinect preventing graphical parity” are pretty sad for a company that did so many things right last generation.

    • Guest

      Wrong. 10% was a mandatory reserve until the June SDK.

    • neozehn

      Stop making up stuff. 10% was never mandatory. At the time of the consoles release, devs simply didn’t have the option to either maximize the use of the Kinect, or minimize its functions based on the games they wished to create. That 10% was just locked in because the SDKs @ the time haven’t yet improved. MS always said the day will come when that will be fixed and that time is now. Stop misinforming gamers

    • Guest


      Completely wrong and stupid.

    • neozehn

      2 October 2013

      “The current reservation provides strong isolation between the title and the system and simplifies game development – strong isolation means that the system workloads, which are variable, won’t perturb the performance of the game rendering. In the future, we plan to open up more options to developers to access this GPU reservation time while maintaining full system functionality.” – Microsoft technical fellow Andrew Goossen

      That’s the truth, You lying F@*%! Stop lying! Stop misinforming the public! Speak the truth and stop confusing gamers and the general public.

  • hiawa23

    Looking forward to it

  • GHz

    rather a more immersive experience over a sterile & empty one. Im glad they’re not forcing that 1080p in exchange for a more dynamic world. Smart move!

  • Daniel Lawson

    your wording is very poor in this article. the Kinect being connected doesn’t effect the performance of a game thus the kinect-less Xbox One wont be more powerful as your words insinuate

    • chuckyj

      The Kinect-less Development kit unlocks an additional 10% of the GPU, which in turn makes that Kinect-less Development kit more powerful. However, no you don’t need to unplug the Kinect from your X1 it’s all in the games code.

      Bungie has already been using the Kinect-less Kit to get destiny up to 1080p.

  • Rai

    Improving gameplay over res? I like it.

  • Failz

    One think I like how they make games on XB1 is they focus on the game and not 1080p. SO and DR3 are prime examples.
    Gameplay over Visuals. Looking forward to this beauty.

  • DLConspiracy//

    This is great to hear. They have the right direction for this game.


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