SuperHot Will Run At 60fps On Xbox One, Otherwise The Game Feels Wrong – Developer

SUPERHOT Studios’ Piotr Iwanicki explains the advantages of 60 frames per second.

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SUPERHOT Team’s Piotr Iwanicki has revealed that SuperHot will be running at 60 frames per second on the Xbox One. “60 frames per second is the most important ingredient here. Fluidity of gameplay make the whole world of difference in SUPERHOT’s case,” he said to GamingBolt. “You should be able to see all the tiny movements in the game’s world very tightly tied to the movements of you controller.”

“Otherwise the game feels wrong. It’s funny thing because it happens on the edge of your attention. With lower framerate you don’t complain about lower frame rate, you complain about other things. The game doesn’t look as well, the controls seem unresponsive, bullets seem much faster. Things like that. When you once start playing in 60 fps you never want to go back, you just learn the difference.”

But what about obtaining 1080p resolution? “1080p and 60fps are the goal and we’re on a right track. Frames per second are the more important ingredient in this combo. Fluidity is the key to SUPERHOT’s gameplay.”

SuperHot will release this year on the Xbox One and PC.

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  • Psionicinversion

    A game developer that wants a piece of the master race pie, they know 30fps looks wrong in all situations. Other n00b developers can’t seem to get that

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      It’s a PC title in the first place. Them recognizing 60FPS is a standard is a good thing though since the console version won’t gimp the PC version as seen in numerous other titles.

    • Guest

      Peasant, 60fps is so decade ago 100+ for the real champs.

    • Psionicinversion

      hahah yeah good luck getting that at 4K

  • Mark

    Def take 60fps over higher resolution anyday. Fluidity means alot for GAMEPLAY.

    • coolgamer

      *just added 256mb of ram to my 1985 Zx Spectrum computer. i will now be able to play SIR FRED at +60fps, having only 4 colors displayed at the same time, or just 2 sprites, isn’t a problem* framerate is everything.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      OK. Give us some reasons why 30FPS is better than 60FPS then.

  • Guest

    Its a simple indie game, it better be 60fps. Its not a taxing game.

    • coolgamer

      just like sunset overdrive: there are no real life textures used, a la gta5, there are no thousands of complex shaders, perfect complex shadows, 10’000 different 2k textures, millions of particle effects, like realistic fire, sand, wind, snow, rain, etc, no need of super taxing smaa 4x AA, etc etc, basically, it’s just simple 1color, or 2-color-gradient textures, a la super mario/mario kart.
      of course, with such “light” textures, effects, etc etc, even the xbox one was easily capable of running sunset overdrive at 1080p.
      even the ps3 or x360 would be able to run sunset overdrive at 1080p, so it’s just natural the x1 could easily run it at 1080p resolution, without even sweating.

    • rodney patrick

      i don’t see anyone,well at least not the sonyfnboys saying it’s a simple indie game it better be 60fps. if i recall a lot of sonyfanboys are fine with 30fps when a indie or AAA game don’t hit 60fps.


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