Switch Likely To Be Second Console Of Choice Over Scorpio For Most; Will Sell As Much As 3DS: Pachter

‘The standout developer is Nintendo.’

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The Nintendo Switch is out, and it is so far a huge success for Nintendo- but the question is, just how much of one can it be in the long run? With especially the extremely high end Xbox Scorpio launching later this year, does the Switch have much of a future as it gets left behind hopelessly again as far as tech goes?

According to Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter, the answer is yes- the Switch is going to sell, it will sell a lot, because it is essentially a fantastic, high end Nintendo handheld. While it will never likely become the first system of choice for most people, those same people who bought a 3DS to complement their PlayStation or Xbox will now look at picking up a Switch to do the same, and to play high end Nintendo games.

‘The Switch works really well- you’re essentially playing with a controller and screen right in front of your face,’ Pachter said on his web show (SIFTD Games). ‘It is a handheld- the cool thing about it is that your games work on the television as well, but the truth is, it’s a handheld, it’s a great handheld. So, I actually think the Switch is going to end up selling about as well as the 3DS. It’s at a higher price point- but ultimately if it comes down to $149, then ultimately, 3DS style 13 million units a year is possible.

‘If you are a PlayStation or an Xbox owner, and you don’t own the other one, there’s a reason why. And the reason is, you like the first party software better on the console you do own. The standout developer is Nintendo- and even though they aren’t significantly more productive at putting out titles than Microsoft or Sony, pretty much all of their games are giant superstars. So Zelda, you just can’t compare Gears of War to Zelda, it’s just- Zelda is among the highest rated games of all time, if not the highest rated game of all time. So the truth is, I think the Switch will always be the second console of choice.

‘And based on where we are in the console cycle, with Sony having announced 54 million PS4s sold, and Microsoft being around 27 million Xbox One units sold – they haven’t announced it, but the number is around there, since Sony is apparently outselling Xbox 2:1 – you have 80 million people out there who bought these, with not a lot of overlap. So Nintendo is 80 million households behind. For Nintendo to think they will beat out this lead and become the first console of choice- not so much. They are very highly likely- these 80 million people who bought a PS4 or an Xbox One are people who by definition had $300 or more to spend on a console. And odds are, the next $300 they have? Those go to the Switch.’

In the end, it sounds like the fact that the Scorpio has to compete with the existing Xbox One and PS4 may count against it- whereas the Switch is unique enough in its proposition, with an entirely separate set of games, that everyone looking to buy a second system might be tempted to look into it, to complement the PS4 or Xbox One as their primary system. In the long run, then- it seems as though the Switch is set to do well, and certainly better than the Scorpio.

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  • The truth-ier

    Dumb article, nobody sees the ps4 pro as separate from the ps4, why are you adding your opinion that the Scorpio is separate from the x1, its an extension, not a new console such as the switch.

    Nobody reports PS4 then PS4 Pro sales, because its apart of the same gen fam, same for x1 and scorpio… the switch is literally nintendo 2nd try at a whole new system this gen.
    DUMB DUMB DUMB idiotic article.

    • heavenshitman1

      Its Pachter..
      You weren’t expecting revelational remarks from him were you?

    • crazy_black_man-

      “why are you adding your opinion that the Scorpio is separate from the x1, its an extension of the—–continued failure of Xbox One”.

      “Nobody reports PS4 then PS4 Pro sales, because its apart of the same gen fam, same for x1 and scorpio”

      Well if MS decides to call it the Xbox One Pro whenever it releases, then you will have a credible argument. Until then, news of the Xbox One will soon be abandoned for the Scorpio in the gaming media. Console sales matter. That’s why the PS4 Pro gets lumped right in with the PS4 and nobody is talking about the Xbox One and Scorpio in the same context. The Scorpio is the last great hope for Xbox.



      because theres just a $100 price difference! and it has the same name.

      Do you believe the price difference between x1 and scorpio will be less than $200? do you see the xbox name in scorpio? maybe it will, but until it does there is no reason to catalogue it as the same.

      Well, the lack of exclusives is the same in both!

      dumb, dumb, dumb reply!

    • Gamez Rule

      So IF the Scorpio has a New CPU / New GPU / New RAM Type / More RAM / ( all different to Xbox One ) with completely new and updated hardware then couldn’t that be classed as a next gen console?


      It is a new console! That’s why they won’t name it xbox, they are ashamed of that name!

      Their mistake, it’s that unlike any other next gen console in history, this one will come without a single exclusive.

    • Gamez Rule

      “*exclusives* appear on PCs as well – part of a much-vaunted push towards device agnosticism that often feels like it’s more in the service of Windows 10 than Xbox” = Eurogamer.

      And I agree. We are in April now and still no full console exclusives as of yet for Xbone owners. I’m still …. waiting. And having a new console released by MS will not change the way games are not being released for the MS consoles.

      Some people really think that P-Scorpio will outsell PS4 and that it will be used by more people than PS4 when it comes to third party games, but truth is PS4-Pro isn’t selling as good as PS4 base model, so why do these people believe that P-Scorpio will sell better than Xbone base models? It’s crazy☺

    • Davey681

      Yup exactly…well stated.

  • Davey681

    And the gaming media continues to make a mockery of itself. Well done !


      still sore? no wonder, theres been nothing to play on the x1 right? keep waiting for anothe exclusiveless system while you pretend to laugh!

    • Davey681

      Errrrr PS4 has no exclusives.
      They are all coming to PC. Don’t be mad gimp. Why would anyone pay $60 for single player games with no replay value ? Play em on PC and they are worthless…trade em in. Scorpio looks gorgeous tho…hilarious watching the Sony peasants whining for parity now.


      lol how stupid can a person be that wites HAS no exclsusives(present) immediately followed by ARE COMING to PC (future).

      Novwonder you dont realize you got tricked into buying a worthless brick!

      you are so dumb that you cant even differentiate the present from future (forget about how false that future is).

      Keep waiting loser! its all you can do!

    • Davey681

      You seem really mad. I am an owner of Xbox and Sony consoles. I make fun of mental case fanboys like you. Hypocritical little plastic humpers that live on the internet hating one piece of plastic and making love to another. Your lover is an embarrassment in regards to power and it’s single player, one and done exclusives are all coming to PC gimp.
      Lololola !


      LOL you are terrible guessing people’s feelings! as you are at choosing systems!

      All your dumb comments don’t change the fact that the xbrick is underpowered and has no ex-clusives to play with!

      LOL keep using that soreness cream!

    • Davey681

      I see denial has set in and now rests firmly upon your mental problems. Sad. The worst multiplats and and it’s single player trade ins no longer exclusive. The peasanstation 4…perfect for you, mental case….lololo


      LOL keep rubbing loser!

      and keep waiting! no games to play on the xbrick!

      waiting for shitpio, waiting for ex-clusives, waiting for ps4 exclusives on ps now! lol you live waiting! your gaming life sucks TODAY!

      LOSER! lolololololo

    • Davey681

      Xbrick and peasantstation mental case. Some of us aren’t mentally disturbed like you and yours…so we have it all now ! And remember xbrick owners can play peasanstation single player games on PC very soon gimp. Your gaming life sucks now AND in the future cause you are mentally disturbed.


      Soon, soon all you can do is wait!

      LOL poor loser!
      months for any exclusive
      months for shitpio
      years for ps4 exclusives

      LOL keep waiting loser!

    • Davey681

      Inferior multiplats
      No exclusives
      Sad mental case limiting himself simply because he is a mental case plastic licker…..


      You finally understood what are the xbox problems!
      Oh and and yours as well!

      Congrats! There is still hope, you just have to….


      KEEP WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      LOL its all you can do!

    • Davey681

      “Microsoft will use Forza 7, Battlefront 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2 to showcase 4K on ‘Project Scorpio’ Xbox (exclusive)”
      Keep WAITING for a console that isn’t a potato and some games that aren’t worthless in 10-20 hours. 720p on the “pro”…bwahahahaa
      Poor mental case


      “Will use” again all waiting NOTHING TODAY! bwahahahaa

      Poor loser! all you can do is wait! LMAO

      With your no games 0 fps xbrick! YOLOLOLOL

    • Davey681

      Mental case is mad…back to your single player games on your potato “pro”….Lololo


      “back” as in TODAY

      You have NOTHING today! YOLOLO


    • Rebelox

      Hahah true.. xgimps can only wait and wait.. and then they get dissapointed but then.. they wait some more. All they get is lies and false promises while microsoft keeps ripping them off. Must be real nice to support a company who just uses you when they need you and discards you when they don’t. I hate microsoft and i will never go back to them after last gen, i’ll probably buy a modded xbox360 console when the scorpio comes out lol.

    • Gemmol Lewis

      @QUIMICOMORTAL:disqus @gmon471:disqus @rebelox:disqus @lunawolve:disqus

      To be honest, PC is the better choice, and if a system was needed it would be a Nintendo system, since both Xbox, and Sony games are coming to PC, even if Sony exclusives came a year or two after, it still get the game, so its not a big deal.

      To the other person, Sony exclusives are not that important to majority of Sony fans, look at Sony million seller list, and look at the 3rd party million seller list, if you compare the numbers most people buy 3rd party games on Sony, and if a Sony game sell well its mostly because it was bundle in with the system for free.

      Take a look at any website that put sales numbers together, the top 10 best selling games on a Sony system are from 3rd party where they take up the top 8 spot, leaving Sony with the 9th or 10th spot for best selling game on the system. This is why 3rd party games prefer to make games on Sony system over Nintendo system because there is no competition from Sony 1st party developers.

      Here are the words straight from Sony CEO mouth


      He said only 3 or 4 out of 10 Sony 1st party games sell to make money, which connects well with what I wrote that most people buy Sony for 3rd party and why 3rd party prefer Sony systems because there is no competition.

      This is why I said if people mostly prefer 3rd party games, then PC is the best option, and with PS Now and Xbox Game Pass, PC will now have everything and all you need is patience, so the only system worth getting is Nintendo system unless Nintendo plans on doing a Nintendo Now.


      Um, it’s true that pc and Nintendo would be the best combination. But if you have to judge a system by its own, xbox and switch just doesn’t cut it.

      Sure, a gaming pc has most of PS4 games, yet regarding AAA games these days ps4 outmatches pc easily!

      You all seem so sure ALL ps4 exclusives will be on ps now or that it will only take 1 of 2 years, who told you that? Also, who say there’s no problem waiting for 2 years? With what aaa pc games exactly will you be easing your 2year wait for horizon or persona?

      Also, a gaming pc will cost you more and it’s a lot less comfortable to play with. So I don’t see enough arguments to claim pc is the best system.

      And sure, 3rd party games do all better on ps4, but that’s not because Nintendo exclusives are better (sometimes they are) but because most Nintendo only buy Nintendo games.

      And how come horizon is the best selling game this year? Above Re7, for honor and Wildlans, and the game has not been bundled. So you are not exactly right.

    • Gemmol Lewis

      so you ignore what I said about million sellers, and still try to say Nintendo exclusives not better, after Nintendo prove if they sold as much consoles as the others, there games would sell more……

      lets use Grand Theft and MArio KArt wii as an example

      with 160 million consoles from ps3 and xbox 360 before it was bundle it sold 30 million

      Mario KArt Wii with 100 million systems sold had 32 million sold before it was bundle

      so not only did nintendo systems sold more games with less systems, they out beat any 3rd party

      and this is not opinion, this is based off sales numbers…..so your opinion is wrong…..Nintendo exclusives sell well and if the system sold more systems it will even sell better……look at Wii U first party…..the highest first party Wii U game outsold sony highest 1st party game and sony sold more ps4 than Wii U

    • Gamez Rule

      On all platforms games sell well or not so well, both in first party games and third party games. But what we know this gen is PS4 offers not only more games than any other console platform this gen but also offers more choice of gaming than most console platforms this gen too.

      Nintendo games are already on PC via emulation as are other games from Sega, Amiga, etc, but what we see in the here and now is MS not offering any first party games to people that already own the Xbone console that are full console exclusives that can only be played on the console and not other hardware.

      Meanwhile people are also seeing taht Sony is supplying game after game to PS4 owners that have bought into the Sony consoles without the need of hiding behind upcoming hardware.

    • Gemmol Lewis

      Yes Sony offer more choice, because

      1) Switch just came out and not everyone have a Dev Kit,

      2) Xbox sell horrible in Japan so the only place to get more Japan games are if you on Sony or Nintendo system, so it make no sense for Japan developers to bring their games to Xbox and since the Nintendo Switch just came out we have to wait for their games to come out on the Switch

      Now will things be the same in 2 to 3 years, the answer would be no, it would not, because Switch will build up a user base, so Japan developers will mostly focus on Switch after first two years where they support both PS4 and Switch……..now if Sony come out with a handheld in the next 2 years then things can go back in sony favor, but if they do not bring out a handheld…..then its expected that the Switch will take majority of Japan developers

      Western and European market is a different situation, Sony will rule those, but if Nintendo can change things, in one or both markets, then you can expect a lot of games made for ps4 will also come to Switch


      I ignored nothing! I just found your claims inaccurate! Other than Zelda that has just released no Nintendo exclusive in the last 5 years was better than uncharted 4 or the last of us.

      Again, that’s no secret, Nintendo fans buy Nintendo games and almost ONLY Nintendo games. But that’s it’s more a commentary about Nintendo fans than the quality of the games, also if you own a Nintendo system you barely have options, so if a game like splatoon is THE ONLY SHOOTER the system has in 3 years of course it will sell more than a any shooter on ps4 that has like other 10 to compete EACH YEAR!

      So your numbers are correct but your interpretation is wrong!

    • Gemmol Lewis

      wrong how


      Again? do you need me to tell you again?

      Its true that nintendo 1st party games sell more than the other companies 1st party and that 3rd party doesnt sell. But hat is not necesarily because of the quality of the games.

      Mario and sonic at the olimpcs or just dance games sold like gang busters but those are not really great games.

      And 3rd party games dont usually sell on nintendo not because they cant compete with the 1st party, but because nintendo fans almost play only nintendo games, that is why even nintendo exclusives not mane by nintendo like mad world, bayoneta or fatal frame fail to sell.

      Lastly, its easier for an nintendo 1st pary to sell more cause there are not much options to buy in the system, theres usually a handfull of games released the same month and almost never in the same genre, while you have dozens of games comming each month on the ps4 so obviously the sales are going to spread between the wider variety!

    • Gamez Rule

      Would also like to add that for PC gamers to play PS4 games via PS-Now they will need to *stream* them, and that will not be as good as downloading a game to a system or using physical media.


      Of course! Not to mention they’ll have to wait a couple of years to start receiving the good ones.

    • Gamez Rule

      Yep, and not all DLC content is available via PS-Now which is another reason why having the console is better than streaming

    • One With Shadows

      Idiot much? Lololololol. Thanks for making me laugh. Been a long week. Lol

    • Davey681

      Next week will be longer mental boy

    • One With Shadows

      You’re right about that, I have to work 5 days instead of 3 next week. Also, you seem to have a lot of mental in your posts. You certifiable or something?

    • Davey681

      Aren’t you the freak who lives on the internet hating on Xbox ?

      Yeah….then you have mental problems gimp

    • One With Shadows

      Aren’t you the moron who lives in your mommy’s basement and lives to hate the “peaseanstation 4”? I know…Stupid question. Of course it’s you. Lol

    • Rebelox

      Xbox sucks big time.. and i was the biggest xbox fanboy last gen.. i admit it. But deep in my heart i always knew Sony is the place to go when it comes to gaming.. audio and video.

    • Rebelox

      This davey dude is dumb as sh*t.. Sony got exclusives for 1000’s of years. Microsoft will never.. ever catch up with Sony.. and i really hope the xbox scorpio dies fast even if it is so called 6 teraflops.. the PS Pro makes gaming so smooth and beautifull.. specially on my Sony Xd8005 4k android tv with Motionflow set to max.. omg.. so beautifull.. i am glad i was born in the right time to witness the birth of the PS Pro.. i can die a happy man now.

    • lunawolve

      yes, you are right. ps4 exclusives are in fact all going to pee see you in the face

  • Mark

    Why wouldn’t a new games system that’s severely lower in cost, not outsell a much more costly one? Uggh. This is news?

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  • red2k

    Well just wait until they put a Pokemon game on the Switch and create a nexus between the mobile game and the switch unit. It could be amazing and very appealing. I’m happy because the success of Nintendo they deserves it and they will continue gaining more and more sales.

  • Mr Xrat

    Pretty much. Shitpio isn’t going to be an also-ran, it’ll be a non-starter.

    You can tell these facts are making Xgimps very unhappy.

    • Rebelox

      Xbox had its chance last gen but now it’s Sony 4 life. I dont understand why xbox owners cant see this.. Sony is specialized in making the best hardware and tech, they have been around longer than microsoft existed.. xgimps need to support Sony and drop the greedy.. uncustomer friendly sh*t microsoft xbullsh*tio..

  • KashIsKlay

    He’s never right.


    Once again he seems to be right!

  • JuneMas

    Scorpio won’t save Microsoft or help them much in console sales in the long run. Sony simply has them beat with better exclusive games.

    • Rebelox

      True.. Sony is already making big plans for new hardware while Micro$oft is playing “catch up”..

    • Gemmol Lewis

      Sony exclusives is not the reason it sell better, sony exclusives do not even sell well, most of all their game sales come from bundles so which ever game that is packed in free will always have its number rise……..look at Sony million sellers and look at the million sellers 3rd party announce for Sony systems and you will see that most people buy Sony systems for 3rd party games, you can even look at VG Chartz if you do not want to look up Sony million sellers, and you will see in the top 10 best selling games for ps4 you will see 3rd party games take up the top 8 or 9 spots, leaving Sony games all the way at the end. This is why they always making a new IP because their games do not sell well.

      Here is the words striaght from SONY CEO Mouth


      So do not get confuse, Sony as a company have a long way to reach Nintendo and Microsoft in 1st party sales, especially Nintendo, so they have easier chance out of all 3 to fail, if those 3rd party leave them…….this is why 3rd party do not like to put their games on Nintendo, its too much competition for them, if these 3rd party group together and make a system for themselves…..Sony would be the first to die out of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo

  • Edonus

    Jesus f^%king Christ!!!! There has been so many anti Scorpio articles released by the gaming media over the last 2 months that i dont even know what to call it. If its not Xbox doesnt know who they are, or there are no games, or its gonna probably cost too much, you wouldnt want it as a second console…. and on and on and on. I rememebr when the Ps3 cane out and had nothing and was performing low the Blu Ray player was mentioned in every article. I dont read these non sense articles anymore but I am pretty sure they didnt mention it in this article either. Because I am sure people cant wait to buy the 720p switch to go with their new 4kTVs /s.

    And these c^&ksuckers try to tell me there is no media bias.

  • Rebelox

    The PS pro is the warrior samurai under the consoles.. the xbox scorpio is like a big clumsy monstertruck that has raw power but no brains. Typical strategy of microsoft.. they think they can bully people into buying a xbox scorpio console.. by saying it’s the more powerfull console, conveniently not mentioning the lack of games and first party exclusives. Sony is always thinking 2 or 3 steps ahead of microsoft when it comes to gaming. Sony is genuinely trying to build something unique and special for gamers, while microsoft is only interested in playing “catch-up” with its competition.. so sad.

    • kma99

      How do you know whats in the scorpio? Thanks mr Microsoft for the heads up

    • Rebelox

      6 terraflops and 4k gaming is what defines the Xbox Scorpio really.. it has nothing else to offer.

      Honestly it’s better to just build a high end pc and buy a PS4 Pro for the Sony exclusives.

      This way you have all you need.. the best of Xbox on your pc through UWP (universal windows playform) and the best of what Sony has to offer.

      No need for an xbox Scorpio.. at all. Just like i said, the xbox brand got it’s feelings hurt and is now playing “catch-up” with Sony..

      Just think about it? Why did they release the Xbox One S in the first place and not the Scorpio? The reality is, when it comes to hardware and engineering.. microsoft will never be on the same level as Sony. Not even close.

      Sony was already making portable tv’s back in the 60’s. You can’t imagine the technology Sony has..

      Sony is more flexible and hardcore when it comes to gaming than microsoft. Microsoft is all about pure strength but with no real clear vision of where they want to go.

      Anyway.. microsoft has done nothing worthwhile this gen. I am still playing games on my xbox 360 and i own a PS4 Pro (offcourse) but no xbox one s or scorpio and i never will.

    • kma99

      You dont know what else it will offer because they haven’t even talked about it yet. I guess you were in secret meetings and got all this info.
      Dont see why you wrote all that extra bull because you are clueless from the start.

    • Rebelox

      There has been enough talk about the Scorpio.. i don’t know why you got so much faith in your “Scorpio”.

      Anyway it will be more powerfull than the PS4 Pro. At least i am sure you will agree that is true.. You happy now? You win.

    • kma99

      Why would i have faith in a man made product? Its just a console not the cure for aids.
      Did u see me make mention about power? Do u see me bragging about anything? Of course u don’t but u do.

    • Rebelox

      You keep responding to my posts as if you are a Scorpio fan.. and you sound like you have faith that the Scorpio will have more features that we haven’t heard about, besides the 4k and 6 tflops..

      This is why i ask why you have so much faith in the Scorpio.

    • kma99

      Thr only thing im a fan of is my family. I dont carr about a stupid console to thr degree where i needed to get online and bash a particular company all ehile praising another. These company’s have 1 thing in mind and thats thr bottom line yet you fanboys blindly follow behind them like they cured cancer.

    • Rebelox

      I’m not bashing any company.. just saying why Sony is better than Microsoft this generation when it comes to gaming and hardware.

      It’s just the pure truth. Sony sold more and has the better games.

      Maybe i am a little bit of a Sony fanboy.. lol i have to admit it. That’s because i grew up with the PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3.. so yeah, Sony has been a big part of my life.

      Blame Sony, not me.

      Maybe Sony should stop making such great products because it’s creating too much fanboys?

    • Rebelox

      I’m not bragging, don’t know where that came from?! But ok.. if someone says what they think about Sony then i guess you call it bragging.

    • Gemmol Lewis

      bro let it go, nothing you say is facts and with PS Now, there is no need to get a ps4 when you can play all those exclusives on your PC……at least Scorpio have somethings that are worth it…….4k bluray out the box, and 6 teraflops

    • Rebelox

      PS Now is nice but if you don’t have a good internet connection there is not much you can do. And people want to play offline as well..

      “there is no need to get a ps4 when you can play all those exclusives on your PC…”

      No PS4 exclusives will be available on PSN Now. Only PS3 games and from other Sony platforms but not PS4.

      You won’t find Uncharted 4, Bloodborne or Horizon Zero Dawn on PSN Now.. neither Gran Turismo sport or Tekken 7.

    • Gamez Rule

      PS-Now has hundreds of games, while console users get the choice from thousands of games. ( This shows that not all Sony games will be made possible to PC gamer via PS-Now )

      PS-Now is just a streaming service at 720p max ( IF you have a good connection ) while PS4 gamers can play up to 4k max in selected games..offline without data problems etc.

      PC gamers to use PS-Now will have to use an SEN account and pay a subscription to stream games, and in truth that offers income to Sony.

      Sony wins at the end of the day, as we have already seen while PS-Now was on other devices it didn’t stop PS4 sales, and it didn’t change gaming via a console. (
      Streaming games isn’t anywhere near as good as playing on a console ).

      I’ve posted this before, “Not ALL Sony games are on PS-Now, which means not ALL Sony games will be available to PC via PS-Now” this also means PC users will NOT be able to play ALL Sony exclusives. Hence why you’ll still need a PS4 console ( or PS3 for that matter ) to play the games that are not offered on the PS-Now service.

      But some people can’t see this☺

    • Rebelox

      Ur right dude! Sony is awesome.. they always have the last laugh ^_^..

      I really admire Sony for their ninja like cleverness in everything they do.

      Sony will dominate heavily in the gaming industry, which will only be good for gamers and games.

      Gran Turismo, Bloodborne and Tekken 7 alone will give me years and years of reasons to stick with and support Sony!

    • Rebelox

      You wouldn’t want Microsoft be in charge of anything regarding gaming.. ugh >_<.. just imagine if there was no Sony or Playstation!

      Now imagine a world where only the Xbox and Microsoft exists. See my point?!

    • Rebelox

      It’s hard to see anything when you got “Xbox-glasses” on :P..

    • Rebelox

      Why are we always bringing the PC into the console debate? Yes the PC is superior In regards to consoles.. nobody is disputing that.

      As soon as you bring in the PC into the discussion what’s the point in discussing anything?

      I am more interested in the whole console vs. console discussion. Pc should be left out.

      At a certain point in the future consoles will catch up with PC’s graphic wise anyway. But i think it’s more interesting to see how consoles evolve into a pc equivalent machine.

      We should stop calling consoles “consoles” then soon? They will just be small PC’s in a. Box.

      Consoles are dead if i look at it this way. But i am still impressed by what you get in the PS pro for the price you pay..

  • lunawolve

    is this for real? people are really buying that thing? what a joke. just call nintendo apple. expensive, worse than competitor, and ugly like sin

    • Gemmol Lewis

      you have horrible taste if you say the Nintendo Switch ugly and yes people buying it……for example i have a friend with kids and he barely get to play his PS4, everyone is using the TV’s when he home or they playing something else on it………with the Nintendo Switch he been able to play every day for the month of march and not have to share TV, even play on work breaks, and do not have to use any data play his game saving him on using his phone data plan,…….everyone have their own story how a system like the Switch comes in handy……another girl who is a cancer patient use it to be able to play and not be bored at the hospital

  • Xstream

    I think that instead of cutting the price of the Switch down to $150 like 3 years from now, that Nintendo would instead cut the price to $250 this holiday season and keep it there for the forseeable future, they’d be better off. 250 is what people were expecting, and so if it’s selling okay at 300, the cut should really put it through the roof.

    • Gemmol Lewis

      developers expected it to cost over 400 with all the tech put inside of it, joycon, nfc, long last battery and etc………only people who expected 250 were the consumers in america……….I doubt it would be 150 in 3 years from now….do you see the price of the 3ds XL it is 200………people are crazy anyway, anyone who think the Switch should be less than 300 is crazy, you get all that graphics in a handheld and you want to drop it to 250…….I can understand if it was gamecube graphics but its not, and we at a point where games look good, there are no ps2 graphic games

    • Xstream

      As someone who is a fan of the Switch, to be perfectly fair, the Switch is not impressive technology for our current date. It is by all means a slightly upgraded Nvidia Switch, which retails for $200 brand new currently.

      And the price of the console may EQUATE to 300 dollars, but that does not mean it’s “worth” 300 dollars in most peoples eyes. Nobody asked for “hd rumble”, and nobody asked for motion controls. If Nintendo would be willing to accept they’re uneccesary features and cut them, as they did with 3d for the 2ds, a price drop is more than reasonable.

    • Gemmol Lewis

      no need to put fan of Switch in your response, not a biased fan, so I would not judge you if you like other companies. Its not just updated motion controls, HD rumbles…..there is an IR reader on the bottom of the controller that can read your hand for example if you playing rock paper scissors……….I would agree with your response on unnecessary features but the example you gave fit more with my response then your response, the 2ds do not sell more hardware than the 3ds or new 3ds or new 3ds XL……so if we were to go by the example you used then it would show that very few people want a bare bones experience for their system, I would agree with it, I would not pick up the 2ds, i would go for which ever have more options to add to my gaming experience………

      The system is worth 300…….Nintendo did not cut back on controllers battery like Sony did…….for example someone on N4G website was one of the sony fans who kept complaining about Nintendo should of added the JoyCon grip that charge the controller, but now that he own the system he see it was not needed the Joycon battery last so long he do not need to be reminded to put it to charge like he do for his PS4 controller…….another person his Switch Pro Controller with 40 hour battery life just got charged up, he own it since March 3rd and played every day with it, he do not play in handheld mode as much as me, and even he realize as much as people want to say Nintendo cheap out……everything was made qith quality, the controllers, the battery for the controllers, the battery and screen for the system…….there is no other handheld that can play and do everything the Switch can for less than 300


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