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Battlefield: Hardline Will Work at Launch, Development Began One Year Before BF4

But no, seriously, it'll work according to creative director Ian Milham.

Dragon Age Inquisition Targeting 1080p on PS4, New Gameplay Footage Emerges

Bioware aiming to go as high as the PS4 can go in resolution terms.

Titanfall: IMC Rising DLC Now Available on Xbox One and PC

Three new maps available for fans of Respawn's shooter.

NHL 15 Visual Analysis: PS4 vs. Xbox One, PS3 vs Xbox 360

Another trenchant entry in the sports genre.

Battlefield 4 Upcoming Patch Features Sweeping Changes

Less boom, more fun.

FIFA 15 Demo is “Most Ever Played” in History of EA Sports

5.5 million people reportedly played the demo across "one or more" platforms.

Dragon Age Inquisition: NPC’s Intelligence And AI Won’t Be Dumbed Down

Dumb AI is dumb. Who would have guessed?

Titanfall IMC Rising’s Sand Trap Map Revealed

Sand dunes a lonely bunker define the final map in this DLC.

Battlefield: Hardline’s Hotwire Multiplayer Mode Revealed

Need for Speed: Hardline confirmed.

The Sims 4 Review

Where there's something new there's something missing.

Dragon Age Inquisition: Two-handed Abilities Includes Mighty Blow, Whirlwind And More

That's a big sword there, compensating for something?

Apple iPhone 6 Specs “On Par With Next-Gen Consoles” – EA

Frank Gibeau, ladies and gentlemen.

Battlefield 4′s Rorsch X1 Is INSANE

No, seriously, this is batshit crazy stuff.

FIFA 15 Continues Tradition of No Female Players

But really, who's surprised at this point?

SimCity BuildIt Announced for iOS and Android

Manage your own virtual city (or drive it into the ground) on the go.

EA Has Two Prototypes for Apple Watch

Frank Gibeau talks about certain Watch functions that could work with iPhone games.

EA Firemonkeys Forum Hacked Last Year, Member Information Stolen – Report

EA confirms that "small number of customer email addresses were potentially obtained".

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