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Titanfall Producer “Doesn’t Know If It’s Meeting Sales Expectations”, Doesn’t Care

Drew McCoy wants Titanfall to inspire devs to "try new things".

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Now Available to Non-Premium Players

Partake in four new maps and Carrier Assault today.

EA Working On Keeping Old Online Games Active

Transition for games such as Battlefield 1942 is in progress.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Feature Kinect Voice Commands

Creative director Mike Laidlaw is expecting such a feature like with Mass Effect 3.

EA E3 2014 Conference Date and Time Confirmed

EA will return to the big stage on June 9th for its press conference.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Won’t Get Any DLC Characters

Because of the on disc DLC controversy.

Titanfall: Respawn Still Working on Resolution/Performance, DirectX 12 Not Necessary for Fixes

Programmer Jon Shiring says screen-tearing and frame rate issue on the X1 are "on our list".

Titanfall Update Rolls Out Today, Add Private Matches and Gooser Challenge Change

Good news for those who've yet to reach Gen 5.

Titanfall Matchmaking Update Toned Down Following Complaints

Respawn will focus on fixing bugs and implementing improvements in the meantime.

EA Sports UFC Gameplay Trailer Released: Enter the Dragon

That is a Bruce Lee reference, FYI.

Titanfall Xbox 360 Gameplay Footage Emerges Ahead of Release

Some gamers already have their hands on Bluepoint's port.

New Dragon Age: Inquisition Screenshot Is Beautiful

Check out the Dales: Exalted Plains.

Titanfall Matchmaking Update Releases Today, Balances Out Skill Levels Between Rounds

Teams will finally be mixed up if one side is too dominant.

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Bug Kills Attack Boat Pilots Indirectly

Aka how to kill Attack Boat pilots with a simple glitch.

Titanfall Xbox 360 Delay Due to EA Maximizing Next Gen Sales, Not Quality Issues – Pachter

Wedbush Morgan analysts believe the shift means less execution risk for EA in fiscal 2015.

Battlefield 4: DICE Upgrading Servers to Solve Rubber-Banding Issues

Read: DICE continues to patch Battlefield 4 more than four months later.

EA COO Apologizes for Frostbite Wii U April Fool’s Joke

Peter Moore apologizes for tweets sent out yesterday that cut a little too deep.

Titanfall PC Review

Come for the giant hulking Titans, stay for the multiplayer experience of 2014.

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