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DICE: We Wanted Star Wars Battlefront To Have A Heart And Soul of Its Own

May the force be with this one.

VIsceral’s Star Wars Game Will Apparently Be A Lot Like Uncharted and the Cancelled Star Wars 1313

You can take Hennig out of Uncharted, but you can never take Uncharted out of Hennig.

Mass Effect Andromeda – Player Character Not Featured In Announcement Video

We know it won't be someone from the original trilogy, beyond that it's anyone's guess.

Star Wars: Battlefront Test Requirements Clarified, Alpha Won’t Have Death Star Map,

PC Specs are the min for the Alpha only and could change in the future.

Mass Effect Andromeda To Have Dynamic Weather Effects On Objects/Characters, Dev Reacts To Fan Videos

Chris Wynn seems to think development of the game is moving right along.

Star Wars Battlefront: “Single-Player Was Never the Plan”

DICE's Patrick Bach talks about the emphasis on multiplayer only in the upcoming shooter.

Check Your Inbox: You May Have An Invite to the Alpha for Star Wars: Battlefront

Strike the empire before it strikes back.

EA Has “No Hesitation” Delaying Star Wars Battlefront if Issues Arise

However, that won't happen since it's "rock solid" right now with 40 players.

Star Wars Battlefront PC Gameplay Teased in Short Clip

Check out some brief snippets of gameplay from the upcoming PC version.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Offer Tons Of Characters To Bond With

Bioware is excited to finally be talking about the game.

Top 5 Questions from E3 That Need to be Answered

E3 2015 got us hyped but there are still some nitpicks we have.

New Mass Effect Andromeda Screens Give Us Another Taste Of The Upcoming Game

The screens shed a little more light on the impending game.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Won’t Have Any Gun Play

The awkwardness of gun battles in the first game played a role in the decision to do away with guns in Catalys...

E3 2015: The Good, The Bad and The “What the Hell Happened?”

Sony, Microsoft and Bethesda scored at E3. The others? Not so much.

EA Access Looking To Bring Better Value In 2015 And Beyond

In its second year, it appears EA Access is hitting its stride.

EA Sports E3 2015 Trailers: FIFA 16, NBA Live 16 and Madden NFL 16

As is per the course for Electronic Arts' E3 conferences, it talked at length about its yearly sports titl... Read More

Star Wars Battlefront First Gameplay Footage Arrives, Battle of Hoth Showcased

It's chaos and devastation as Rebels and Imperials collide.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Releasing on February 23rd 2016, In-Engine Footage Released

Faith's rise will be the story of DICE's reboot.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Gameplay Showcased, Single Player Confirmed

The sequel sees plants go on the offensive as zombies defend.

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