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Battlefield Hardline: How The Game Will Remain True To Series’ Theme

"It still has all the Battlefield fundamentals - like the things that make Battlefield Battlefield," says crea...

EA Wants to Release Star Wars Battlefront Close to Episode VII

Even though they're not directly linked.

Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC Out in Q4 2014

EA's FY Q1 2015 earnings call has revealed the release period of the final DLC.

PopCap Games Making New Peggle Game

Reportedly in testing and preparing for launch, according to EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Delayed Till November

Originally slated for October, Bioware wants an extra few weeks to further polish the experience.

Battlefield: Hardline Delayed Into 2015

And so it begins.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare PS4 “Looks Great” at 1080p and 60 FPS

PopCap's Owen Johnson talks about bringing the shooter to PS4.

The Sims 4 Premium Spotted, Promises Early Access to Content Packs

A brief ad in a recent gameplay video confirms the Premium service's existence.

Battlefield: Hardline Campaign is “More Personal and Relatable”

Creative director Ian Milham wants to do something the series hasn't attempted before.

Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge Receives New Dig Site Screenshots and Details

Check out the large mine you'll be waging war across in the new DLC map.

Battlefield: Hardline Receiving Rebalanced Mechanic Class, Longer Rounds and More

Plus you can drive safer knowing an assault rifle won't blow up your car (right away).

UFC President Approves of Chuck Norris, Mitsuyo Maeda for Next Game

Trinity, Genghis Khan and Kareem Abdul Jabbar are out though.

Former eBay VP Ken Moss is EA’s New CTO

Ken Moss will work to implement EA's "strategy and vision" for digital and IT.

DICE Wants to Listen to Player Feedback for Mirror’s Edge 2

Despite problems in the past, general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson is insistent on listening to fans.

Mass Effect 4 Panel Planned for San Diego Comic Con

Bioware will discuss working on the untitled sequel.

Battlefield Hardline Is Not A ‘No Choice Roller Coaster’, Will Be Fairly Non Linear

It won't be a 'no choice roller coaster.'

Bioware: Dragon Age Inquisition’s Combat Is ‘Bloody Complex’

'It's great fun, I'll tell you that!'

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