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Titanfall Free to Play Version Coming to Asia

EA is partnering up with Nexon to create a free to play PC version of the shooter.

Mass Effect Andromeda Vs Mass Effect 3 Comparison Shows Big Jump In Visuals, New Dev Video Released

Still not much, but something *is* better than nothing, I guess.

Star Wars Battlefront: Game Changers Program, Customization And More Info Further Detailed

More information on EA and DICE's shooter, and the community programs around it.

EA Gamescom Press Event Taking Place on August 5th

Invitations making the rounds report a 9:30 AM starting time in Germany.

Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC to Include “Sweet New Game Mode”

Plenty of new stuff is on the way with the next DLC.

UK Game Charts: Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Enters at Top Spot

God of War 3: Remastered enters the charts at ninth place.

Star Wars Battlefront Features Imperial Specific Missions, Details on Other Modes Coming Soon

Now we will all get to feel the power of the dark side.

Mass Effect Andromeda: How Will it Handle the Paragon/Renegade System?

Will choices play more of a role than in past versions?

Customization Is Returning to Need for Speed

Custom game.

Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer Available for Free on Origin

Plus the first six hours of single player, free.

Star Wars Battlefront: Split-Screen Co-op Limited to Consoles, Vehicle Spawns Discussed

DICE shares a few new details on the upcoming multiplayer shooter.

Mass Effect Andromeda Secret Info at SDCC, New Lithograph Revealed

But that secret info isn't coming out just yet.

Star Wars Battlefront Dev Has “All the Ingredients” for Authentic Experience

How many game companies are going all the way to Finland for authenticity's sake?

EA: It Is Our Responsibility To Push the Industry Forward

"We can't just be a company that's only about gigantic big things."

Dragon Age Inquisition Future DLC Only Releasing on Current Gen

That means PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers will need to upgrade for new content.

Star Wars Battlefront Dev “Really Scared” in the Beginning

GM Patrick Bach believed the property to be "too intimidating".

Burnout Paradise May Soon Become Playable on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility

Now make Burnout Revenge playable, and I'll be sold.

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