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Here’s What All You Will Get In Battlefield: Final Stand

Seems to be a pretty featured expansion.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Now Available on EA Access

All the DLC and customization items are accessible as well.

Battlefield: Hardline is “More of a Personal Kind of Setting”, Inspired by Films and TV

Visceral's Steve Papoutsis talks about the influences behind the upcoming shooter.

Dragon Age Inquisition PS4 is 1080p, Xbox One at 900p, PC System Requirements Revealed

PC players won't need to stress much when experiencing Bioware's next big open world RPG.

Bioware: Dragon Age: Inquisition Has 200 Hours’ Worth Of Content

Bioware, remember that talk we had about not overselling your games?

Battlefield 4’s Buggy Launch “Won’t be Repeated” – DICE LA Producer

David Sirland says the company has "changed the way we work".

Here’s How Your Past Choices Will Carry Over To Dragon Age: Inquisition

It's called Dragon Age Keep, and it's less than ideal in my opinion.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Video Showcases PC Max Settings

It's all in the details on PC.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Receiving Shadow of Revan Expansion on December 9th

The legend himself finally re-emerges in Star Wars.

FIFA 15 Review

Style and substance.

Dragon Age Inquisition Art Book Reveals New Details About Morrigan

Morrigan is and will always be, epic.

Bioware: Dragon Age: Inquisition Has Been Our Most Challenging Project Yet

"The work the team has done has been astronomical."

Dragon Age: Inquisition Video Details Weapon Crafting and Alchemy

You'll need to earn your powerful hardware.

Battlefield 4 Available Free on PS Plus for One Week

Currently live for PS3 users only though.

Ex DICE Designer: Don’t Buy Battlefield 4 At Launch, Wait For Reviews

'Don't throw money at promises that haven't been proven.'

New Battlefield 4 Update Seems to be Massive

Extensive list of fixes seems to finally make Battlefield 4 the game we should have gotten at launch.

Battlefield: Hardline Features 9 Maps, One Unconfirmed Game Mode

And no, Rush mode won't be making a return.

Battlefield: Hardline Will Work at Launch, Development Began One Year Before BF4

But no, seriously, it'll work according to creative director Ian Milham.

Dragon Age Inquisition Targeting 1080p on PS4, New Gameplay Footage Emerges

Bioware aiming to go as high as the PS4 can go in resolution terms.

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