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EA Teases Major Battlefield 4 Announcement via Twitter

Get hyped for Battlefield 4

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag New Gameplay Trailer Released

Edward Kenway talks about his pirate life

Rumour: Next-Gen Xbox called ‘Surface’ Data Sheet leaked

Since everything is leaking anyway, fake or real, I figured I'll post the one that at least makes sense. So ap... Read More

Report: Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox already in production stage

According to a report it is confirmed that Microsoft's next-gen system is indeed under development at Flextr... Read More

Can next-gen games look like this?

Check out these impressive renders; if this doesn’t make you want next gen hardware, nothing will. Please... Read More

Crytek employee: Ryse moved to the next-gen Xbox

One eagle eyed member from GAF has found the Linkedlin profile of a Crytek employee who revealed that, RYSE... Read More

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