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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Final Free DLC Is New Game + Mode

The last DLC brings things full circle.

PEGI Leaks ARMA Tactics for Xbox One

Xbox One about to get an ARMA game?

Badland Game of the Year Edition Interview: Mobile Development and Neutrality in the Console War

Frogmind talks development on current gen and caring about games more than platform differences.

Street Fighter V Beta Extended

Thankfully, everyone gets a second shot at the beta.

Blizzard Entertainment Announces Gamescom Press Conference for August 5th

Will the World of Warcraft developer be revealing something major?

Fallout 4 Doesn’t Use id Tech Because of Moveable Objects

Curious why Bethesda didn't opt for id Software's engine? Here's why.

Heroes of the Storm Review – Into the Nexus

Blizzard's first real MOBA is tons of fun but how does it compete with the genre's leaders?

The Elder Scrolls Online Planning Quarterly DLC Packs, Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild in 2016

ZeniMax Online Studios discusses future DLC plans for ESO at QuakeCon.

Doom to Feature Co-op Only in Custom Maps

Custom single-player campaigns to function more as playlists than true stories.

Rocket League Patch to Fix Crashes, News Ticker and More

It's also expected to correct an issue in the main menu's rendering which leads to PS4 fans triggering.

The Technomancer Interview: Returning to Mars on Current Gen Consoles

Spiders' Jehanne Rousseau talks about the upcoming sci-fi action RPG.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain – North Kabul Map Revealed

And this is "only" a portion of the final map.

Mass Effect Andromeda Vs Mass Effect 3 Comparison Shows Big Jump In Visuals, New Dev Video Released

Still not much, but something *is* better than nothing, I guess.

Star Wars Battlefront: Game Changers Program, Customization And More Info Further Detailed

More information on EA and DICE's shooter, and the community programs around it.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Treyarch Details Multiplayer’s “Guns Up” Philosophy

Treyarch is approaching the multiplayer of Call of Duty with a new mindset.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: 18 Minutes of PS4 Gameplay Footage Revealed

Check out Ubisoft's newest Assassin's Creed game in action.

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