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FIFA Ultimate Team of the week includes Barcelona and Chelsea Players

Players from the best clubs in the world get the most representation in this week's update.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Visual Analysis: PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. PSP

How does the current gen remaster stack up to its 2011 PSP build?

Atlus Having A Major Sale on PSN

Catch up on Persona before Persona 5 launches.

PSP Game Resistance Retribution Going Offline In May

And thus, the era of god Resistance games comes to an end.

Is Resistance Coming Back On The PS4?

Could a remaster happen on the PS4?

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD ‘Orience News: Combat Special Trailer

This video may just sell you on the game.

Square Enix Thanks Fans For Final Fantasy Type 0 HD

'Your voices are what made this possible.'

PlayStation Is 20 Years Old

Celebrate with this video celebrating 20 years of awesomeness.

PlayStation 4 Sales Aid Sony’s Profits

Keep it up guys, profits come soon enough.

PlayStation TV Launches in North America Today

PlayStation fans, this is a present to you.

New Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Trailer ‘Introduces The Magic’

If by magic you mean batshit insanity, then sure.

Here Are Some New Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy Type 0 HD Screenshots

It's Square Enix, so at least the games look pretty.

PlayStation Store Receiving Huge Discounts Starting Today

I'd buy that for a dollar! And I probably did.

PlayStation TV Launching In North America October 14

Rebranded PS Vita TV launching in US and Canada next month.

Sony Announces The UMD Passport Program for PS Vita in Japan

That's some great value, Sony!

Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Language Patch Removed Following Cease and Desist

Square Enix clamps down on fan translation.

FIFA 15 Release Date Revealed

No Wii U version, as expected.

PSP Slated For Discontinuation

Sony's first handheld slated to be discontinued next month.

Sony is expecting roughly a $487 million loss for this year too

That's because of the massive corporate overhaul still taking place.

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