Ten Places In Skyrim That You Should Not Miss Visiting [PICS]

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Skyrim may not have the greatest visuals on a technical level, but Bethesda really outdid themselves when it comes to art design. So many of the game’s locations are just oozing with creativity, and the sheer size and depth of the game means you’re unlikely to see everything worth seeing in one playthrough. Here’s a handy gallery then of ten beautiful locations in Skyrim you should visit if you get the chance.

Viewable from almost anywhere in Skyrim on a clear night, this is probably the first "wow" moment most will experience. That's not to say it's anything less than spectacular though, as it defines part of the ethereal lighting that gives Skyrim so much of its beauty.

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  • charles2029

    Skyrim is such a beautiful game, on top of being such a time eating experience. It’s hard to stay away.

  • icemanjj27

    beutiful pics definetly will visit these places

  • Musser64

    Heh, hard to stay away.

  • Grammar Police

    “Foilage”? Really? I think you mean “foliage”. I thought spell check was pretty standard nowadays…

    • fuck your gramer

      fuck you stupid bitch

  • tamir

    I have a trauma because of blackreach

  • It’s “foliage,” morons! Don’t you watch The Simpsons? Or maybe you’ve been spending too much time at the “liberry”….

    • The_MOSEPH

      You watch The Simpsons, and even reference it to compare yourself to “morons”, while simultaneously questioning the intelligence and/grammatical abilities of others?

      Pot? Meet kettle.

  • Anon E Muss

    wow, i really thought whoever made this gallery would actually put time into searching out INTERESTING places to see, instead of cities and places we visit on the main fucking storyline

  • Imrpe

    blackreach is really awesome

  • Nord

    Sovngarde is a really unmissble place.

  • The_MOSEPH

    The Rift: Beware of spiders!

  • The_MOSEPH

    Wow, Anon E. Muss, I really thought other people would find this as interesting as I have whether they’ve been there or not. I’ve been to all of the locations in the list and still found it enjoyable to view. I’m sure there are many out there who have not visited every place mentioned and appreciate the time and effort of the writer. And as for visiting them on the “main storyline”, that is untrue with regards to some of those places mentioned.

    And if you don’t mind a little advice from experience….switch to decaf, my friend. You’ll be a much more relaxed and happy person.

    • Will Davis

      You’re forced to visit most of the places on this list, though. The northern lights? Yep, it’s bound to happen to 99% of players at least once. Throat of the World? Yep, main story. Rift? Yep. Sea of Ghosts? Yep – to reach Septimus Signus. Sovngarde? Yep. Blackreach? Yep. Solitude? Yep – remember, you have to complete civil war to continue the main plot, which means visiting solitude to collect quests or kill Tullius.

      7 out of the 10 places are pretty much mandatory if you want to beat the game and are practically impossible to miss unless a player gives up and quits before actually defeating Alduin.

      I have to agree with the other poster; not their attitude, but their point. ‘Must See’ lists are far more useful to people in general when they highlight fantastic places that are easy to miss, rather than hard to miss – for otherwise, the information is reduced in usefulness.

  • Martha Perez

    Can you imagine! nice.


  • Mike

    Im only on page 3 and I am leaving the site right after this comment. Between the horrible pagination, and the ads, I stop giving a sh*t right about now.

  • SadDude

    i dont see anything special about these locations they are all boring and so generic
    the guy really has to much time that he must be this bored to put stuf like this up

  • Fallon

    i cried when i saw blackreach and sovenguarde i swear.

  • jenlbrotherhood

    Volskyyge (think that’s how it’s spelt) is really cool but there’s is some cool stuff like dragonscale armour, third word of whirlwind sprint, and a load of other loot. The hate ghost enemy is a draugur death overlord. But this place is completely worth it. Volskyyge is near Solitude going West.


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